Tau Farsight Enclave Pdf 18

Tau Farsight Enclave Pdf 18


Tau Farsight Enclave Pdf 18


Signature Systems of the Farsight Enclaves (opposite), at the points costs shown, in addition to the Signature Systems from Codex: Tau Empire.

Farsights BACK New Codex Enclaves . Farsight Enclaves. This codex has all the . This revised and updated supplement to Codex: Tau Empire allows you to .

Rant: Five Reasons Why Tau are No . Downloads/Product/PDF/X/Tau . two or three Imperial Knights with Tau fire support.

Cyclic Ion Blaster: A cross between a Burst cannon and a Missile pod, this is a 18" range, . Allies: Farsight Enclaves and Tau Empire are Battle Brothers. Yep, .

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