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10 May 2014 Gear: Tascam m-3700 32ch. No jl cooper. Sorry for the confusion. It's the screen on the automation computer itself. When bypassing the automation on the console the dip switches are in manual mode. Even though it's in manual mode the LCD is stuck in a transition time (xition time) at 6.5 msec with signal Support :: Downloads. Click on a category below to download manuals, software updates and other documents for your TASCAM product. Click Here to check the OS compatibility of your product. 12 Jul 2011 Does anyone have an M3700 manual & service manual available on PDF they can send me? I can pay you for your troubles,..and / or I have several Tascam manuals on my computer available for exchange. 28 Feb 2010 Tascam M-3500 refurbishment. User Name . It has been said the a Tascam M3700 is sonically similar to the Neve V. But how about a Toft atb ? Ie: ATB= 80b. It's .. because he mentioned he wanted to sell his M3500 with manual and such and I asked him if he would part with the manual if it is an original Related Manuals for Tascam M-3500 series. Music Mixer Tascam M-300 Series Operation & Maintenance Manual. Music Mixer Tascam M-30 Operation & Maintenance Manual. Hey there Folks; Apparently the Tascam M-3700 has automation built in, but I cannot find a manual or any reference to the software involved. Can. Using the manual: This manual is a reference book. If you read it thoroughly at least once, you will know where to turn when you need answers. Not all of this informa- tion will necessarily apply to your studio, but under- standing all the options will help improve your sound. The M-3700 IS available in either a 24 or a 32 input. 6 Jan 2011 2.) The M3700 is the automated version of the M3500 but this M3700 has the optional JL Cooper 'M3700 Pro' automation addon. This will no doubt lead to a series of posts all on it's own. 3.) The seller had both the original Tascam manual in it's binder as well as the JL Cooper manual for the expanded 5 May 2009 M-3700 question : Tascam M-3700. Tascam M-3700. M-3700, Analog Mixer from Tascam. This is a very basic explanation of how to get sound through the M3700 - you should really think about contacting Tascam directly (tascam.com) and ordering the Operation and Service Manual. Without it you'll

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