Tankardstown House Wedding

Tankardstown House Wedding

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Tankardstown House Wedding - A Classic Venue Guide for Wedding Couples

Picture a place where your wedding turns into an enchanting tale. Welcome to Tankardstown House in Meath, a magical spot that brings dreams to life. This isn't just any wedding at a house; it's a journey wrapped in luxury and rich history.

Tankardstown House, dating back to the 18th century, is in Slane. It stands out as one of the top wedding spots. Its grand main house and beautiful walled garden are breathtaking. The drawing rooms are bright and airy, perfect for a family meal or a peaceful break.

The Orangery at Tankardstown is truly unique. It's a graceful area for your ceremony or a celebratory drink. Its big windows and lovely views make your wedding photos look like fairytales.

Every detail of your wedding day at Tankardstown House is carefully planned. From the fancy bridal suite to the cozy guest cottages, the stay is first-class. Everyone feels cared for and important.

Tankardstown is more than just a venue. It's a piece of Slane's rich past, in the stunning Boyne Valley. This country house is ideal for intimate or summer weddings. It provides a beautiful scene for your big day.

The Brabazon Restaurant at Tankardstown has won awards. Your wedding meal will be an adventure in taste, with each dish perfectly made. This dining experience adds to the magic of your day.

Choosing Tankardstown means picking a place that's luxurious, detailed, and magical for your wedding. It's where your special day is the start of your new story together. If you want a venue that's beautiful, historic, and perfect in every way, Tankardstown is ready to make your wedding dream a reality.

Tankardstown House - A Unique and Elegant Country House Wedding Destination in Ireland

Tankardstown House is a top wedding spot in Ireland. It's a special place for weddings, making each one feel unique. Located near Navan, it's famous for its lovely look and charm.

The house and its gardens are great for weddings outside. Picture yourself saying "I do" in a place full of nature and old stories. This setting will make your wedding day one to remember forever.

At Tankardstown, the Brabazon Restaurant, which has won awards, will make your wedding meal. The food is so tasty that it has earned prizes! Your guests will always remember how good it was.

The Conyngham Arms Hotel is also part of Tankardstown. It brings extra beauty to your wedding stay. Every little thing there is done to make your wedding just right.

When you choose Tankardstown, you're choosing a place that's special, pretty, and all about making your wedding wonderful. It's more than just a place to get married. It's where you start your new life together in a beautiful way.

Bridal Preparations at Boyne House in Slane

Taking photos at Kathy and Jason's wedding at Boyne House was great fun. Even when it rained, the place looked lovely. Kathy got ready there, with her friends who were bridesmaids. Everyone was really excited and happy.

Boyne House is a pretty place with lots of photo spots. I took pictures of the special things Kathy picked for her wedding. The house is charming and made these moments really nice.

The people who helped with the wedding were awesome. They did a lot to make the day just right. The person in charge of the wedding knew just what to do. The team was always there to help out. They made sure Kathy's wedding day went smoothly.

As a photographer, I loved Boyne House. It has so many pretty places for photos. It's a wonderful place that makes weddings feel like a story from a book. Kathy and Jason's wedding was beautiful. The nice place and the great team made their day special.

Tankardstown House Wedding Ceremony

This place is famous for its pretty Orangery. It's great for weddings. But Kathy and Jason wanted something else. They chose to get married in a church.

Their wedding was at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Dillonsland, Navan. This church is really nice and calm. It was the perfect spot for them to get married.

Getting married in a church is special. It's old-fashioned and full of history. Kathy and Jason thought this was just right for them. They wanted to begin their day in a place that was important and special.

Tankardstown House - Wedding Reception and Wedding Dinner

After their wedding at the church, Kathy and Jason went to Tankardstown House. I was there to take photos as they got out of the car. The people at Tankardstown were ready with champagne to welcome them.

They entered the big house to claps and smiles. The Tankardstown team made sure everything was just right. When the guests came, they were greeted warmly too. Everyone was happy and excited.

Tankardstown is a great place for parties like this. It's fancy and pretty, perfect for a night to remember. The staff paid attention to every little thing. This made Kathy and Jason's party as lovely as their own love story.

Tankardstown House Wedding Photography

After the drinks, I took the bride and groom to the garden. We began taking real and fun wedding photos. I like to take photos that tell a story, so I made sure they were comfy.

The wedding felt stylish and modern but also chill. The bride's dress was really pretty. It was made by Eve of Milady and bought in Belfast. It made the day even more special.

The couple was super relaxed, which made taking photos fun. We then went to the big house. The dining room looked great and was perfect for more photos.

We took pictures of the bride and groom and their families. We also took photos with the friends in the wedding. Each photo showed how beautiful the day was and how happy everyone was. It's a nice way to remember the wedding.

Tankardstown House Guest Accommodation

Tankardstown House has great places for guests to stay. The big house and its lovely garden are really special. The rooms in the big house are pretty and comfy. They are great for resting after a fun day.

Tankardstown is more than a wedding place. It's a whole amazing experience. People who stay here love the fancy feel and attention to every little thing. The beds are soft, and the views are pretty.

Tankardstown House also takes care of what you need. They have wedding deals with yummy food. Every mouthful is delicious!

When you stay at Tankardstown, you're around beauty and comfort. Whether you're getting married or just joining the party, your time here will be one to remember. It's not just a place to sleep; it's a big part of the wedding happiness.

Tankardstown House Wedding Prices

Tankardstown House is a beautiful place for weddings. It's not far from Dublin, only a 40-minute drive. This place can have up to 250 people for the wedding and party. It's not just where it is that's great; the things they offer are too.

I found out that wedding deals at Tankardstown House start at €89 in the off-season. Or €118 during the rest of the year. These prices change depending on when and what you need. The deals usually have a fancy meal with choices of 4, 5, or 6 courses.

They ask for a certain number of guests. It's 50 from Sunday to Wednesday and 140 on Saturdays. This makes sure every wedding gets special care.

To know the exact prices, it's best to talk to Tankardstown House. They can give you a price that fits your wedding plans.

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