Tales of Viveria - A woman's farmhand

Tales of Viveria - A woman's farmhand


He allowed to to happen, embracing her courtesy by tightening his grip.

"So very willing, and ravishing, you are the man we need. Please, come" she then shifted to begin walking, still allowing his hand to pinch her rear as they walked into town. Soon they passed many in awe, many men with mouth agape as the farmboy strode through the streets as a king. The two eventually found themselves in a bathhouse, a luxury he never had the opportunity to see. Much less the chance to be led by such a striking woman.

They continued on towards a door, the house suspiciously quiet. The woman placed her hand on the entrance, graciously holding the door for the young man, and he entered now cautious, it was such an odd feeling.

He entered for the pleasant giggles to hit his ears, before him two women in thin cloth talking about small pleasantries. "Ladies, I've found quite the piece of work" the two women turned their gazes to look at him in glee, quickly walking towards him.

They too had a similar complexion to their beautiful skin, the two much smaller to the woman that brought him here, clearly to the boy it was the first one who led the group. He was then taken out of thought as they raised him arms and looked him over, feeling along his shoulders "my the boy is so tense and rigid, he's built like an ox!" "You'd swear he could carry a mountain on those shoulders."

The larger woman spoke again "I know, he's also got a lustful tenacity that should be fun." The two look at the leader in a pout and said in unison "you didn't already have a shot with him?" She laughed "no no, I knew he would be an experience we'd all have to share."

The boy couldn't even find the space to speak.

"Though where are our manners? Ladies?" The two took the hands of the boy, guiding to the bench against the wall and sitting him down. "If you would introduce yourselves?" The one with green eyes went first "Lauren Zander, it is so very nice to have a man like you here" The other woman with yellow eyes followed "Jade Zander, I do hope you really don't mind coming here on shirt notice like this" "you don't have to be so shy, the boy wanted to be here didn't he?" The other quipped back.

It was only then he had the clarity to realize the first two were sisters, twins even. "-and I'm Katherine Bloom, a top trader you've might have heard of~"

Now that name rang bells in the boy's head, she was singlehadnedly responsible for most of the south-western trade and what allured many to trade with this area. So the boy could only ponder what he was needed for, with such lavish people surrounding a mere farmer.

Katherine began to walk towards the steaming pool of water, beginning to undress herself from what seemed like royal cloth. "Do share while I wash myself, alright?" She then dipped in as the others began to take their own clothes off. Lauren was hurriedly taking her garments off while Jade was more hesitant "should we be going so fast? Shouldn't we maybe tease him first?" Lauren sighed at the comment.

She quickly turned to him and asked "you want this right?" The boy could only nod eagerly "see? Besides, we've teased him enough with bringing him in here, I bet he's peaked like a mountaintop by now." Lauren then sat beside him as she finished taking her clothes off, a very petite and slim body, now bare for him to look upon. Her hand quickly landed and clutched at his crotch, caressing it as she matched lips with the young stud. Her left hand soon entered her hole and she moaned away into his mouth.

The other sister sat naked for a small while, just standing around nervously, so Lauren turned from the kiss "sit down! You want to show this man a good time, right?" Jade nodded as the boy could get a better look at her, breast and ass giving her much more of a hourglass figure. She sat beside them watching with a small smile as they paired lips yet again, Lauren getting a true taste of this tenacity.

The young man spared a hand out towards Jade's shoulder beginning to rub it deeply, as her sister took notice "see? He's such a gentleman and would love your attention, he won't bite.. will you?" The boy gave her a warm smile, nodding no. "If you say so.." she slowly began to undo his pants, letting his manhood spring out with pulsing life.

The sisters had to take a moment to watch it in awe "The height on it isn't bad, but that girth.. Katherine was right about you, stud." Lauren's hand was the first to grasp it, firmly gripping it and jerking it around to her delight. "Grab it Jade, it's like a damn stone." The sister soon held it, in awe of the beauty she beheld.

Lauren drew a fringer towards her sister's mouth, lightly dragging along her lip to extract some fluid on it. "You certainly love the man, you're even drooling for him." It snapped Jade our of her trance, shaking her head with blush running along her cheeks. The young man looked on the two with a smile, particularly looking at Jade. "Oh, it seems he's taken a good interest in you as well, so I think you should be first."

"First in what?" Her body was rigid and alert, nearly off the edge of her seat. "First to take the man in your mouth, we shouldn't let opportunities pass us by.. especially a guy as willing and hungry as this." She could only sit for a bit, looking eagerly at the thick member in pondering thought. "Ok, just give me a second."

Her sister smiled as the man let his legs spread wide, Jade soon leaning over on the bench to place her arm in his lap, kissing the tip of his cock to his surprise, and making his body tremble. Jade began to take on the challenge that was his cock, slowly taking it into her maw, the boy placing a hand upon her hair and encouraging her to go further. Jade tried and just barely succeeded in fitting it in, the tip held at her throat's opening.

She then popped off the mighty pole to her sister's clapping "well done, I didn't think you could fit the entire thing down." Lauren got upon the ground between his legs, taking into her mouth the sack as she lightly stroked the man's base. Lauren patted her sister's head, and she understood what she silently said, placing her head on the tip and working the eager appendage.

The young man alternated from quick breaths to biting his lip as the ladies toyed with the tool, making him squirm and shake in his seat. The girls eventually allowed the cock to get a moment to breathe, and shared a smile between themselves. "Now I believe it's time to really put this to the test" Lauren stood to shove her pussy upon the unsuspecting man, but he appreciated it all the same, letting his tongue begin to rummage her depths.

She panted and moaned, shoving his head deeper between her legs, and the boy allowed his tongue to go deeper and deeper. Jade saw that there lay an opportunity, so while the boy was preoccupied, she slid her throat over the twitching member and make him gasp into Lauren's quavering lips.

The three sat in each other's embraces, sensually putting each other closer and closer to the edge. Lauren soon felt pressure build deep, an urge that had to be quelled, and soon it did. With a hefty cry and groan, she felt her liquids spill out of her, around the boy's lips, and onto the tiled floor where it would pool. Lauren could barely stand, and quickly swung to sit beside the boy yet again with heavy breath plungung in and out of her lungs.

Jade stopped to stare at her sister, watching as she sat a hot mess spilling out on the bench. The boy lightly tapped her head for her to rise off his cock, looking at the lust deep in his eyes, it was captivating. He got and stood before her, placing his hands on her legs, and obediently she spread them wide. The man with his lubricated cock plunged into Jade's depths, planting deep inside of her as she moaned out and screamed in pleasure, his hips quick to pound the little hole with passion as she sat at his mercy.

Minutes rolled by as the man pounded the hole that barely recieved any treatment, and made sure to pay it in kind. Soon the payment was enough, as Jade too screamed over the edge, creaming over the cock and dripping down his balls onto the floor. He pulled out slowly, allowing the poor girl to breathe and relax after ramming into her like a lightning paced wagon. He turned to see Katherine, slowly striding towards him with her bare body, a marvelously thick body indeed.

"You were the right choice indeed, a young stud to satisfy our desires, so speaking of.." she grasped his slippery cock and matched his lips, lapping away at the cum as she descended and paired her lips with his cock, swallowing every drop she could get off of the skin. Katherine rised with a smile on her face, that lustful look matching his as they sat in silence.

With a grasp of her hand, she led him to the warm embrace tagg was the body of water, reaching from behind him to grip his member as it sat under the water, kissing and licking at his neck. He tunred to meet the heat of her lips, and the two stood devouring each others mouth for what felt like millennia.

Katherine walked out of the water and sat upon her legs and hands, ass sat high for him to view. He smiled as he too left the water, cick and body now clean and ready to pair with her plump behind. So taking his cock in hand he slowly entered the backside of the beautiful woman, her throat letting loose a growl as he entered.

"Make doubly sure you finish deep you handsome man, I want to remember the beast you are and how fucking amazing you make me feel." He didn't even say a word, his hips slamming in the battering ram deep and fast as he let loose his own growls, his hands gripped around her waist for dear life as his skin slapped against hers. Her tongue lay out and her eyes rolled deep into the back of her head, her body at this creature's mercy.

Out his tool went as his hands rolled the woman over on her back, pounding his way back in between her legs. He placed his head on her chest as he panted and huffed, quickly slamming deep into her as she could only hold him dearly as he finished her off. "Fuck me!" she cried, feeling herself and this beast of a farmhand unleash torrents of their liquids together, it clashing in her womb and filling her up.

It was so the that Katherine had a beautiful young stud well between her legs and pumping seed deep within her, she knew that this man would be the one for her.. and her associates.