Taking Care of Kara

Taking Care of Kara

Hello all! This is my first story here, so please take an easy on me. I keep getting stuck while writing my fantasy novel, so I started this shorter story to keep my creative juices flowing. Originally I planned for this to be just for me, but the further I went I felt like it could be something worth sharing. I already went back and wrote this mini prologue to add some background. If anyone likes the story, let me know and I can start brainstorming a part two! I hope you enjoy!

With love, ObviousNoodle

Disclaimer - Everyone mentioned in the story is over 18 years old. Potential triggers include the prologue mentioning the death of a loved one, and the main story focuses on heavier sexual bondage.



I sat still in my car after arriving home from a stressful job interview and listened to music as tears slipped down my face. Unable to find the will to go inside, I sat and contemplated the hell of my life these past few months. I considered texting someone to let me come over but I already had couch surfed too many times and was starting to infringe on my friends' lives.

My husband was gone. The love of my life taken from me before we had gotten to spend our lives together. I felt like my heart had been ripped out and I could no longer function. I was a hollow shell of who I once was trying to piece my life back together and find a way to support myself on my own.

An hour passed by and my stomach began to growl. I considered finding a drive-thru to pick something up. However, pulling myself together enough to be around other people felt like too much. The thought threatened to push me back over the edge and into the hysterics I had been pushing back all day.

I took a deep breath and steeled myself enough to step out before I spent the night in the car again. I opened the backseat to grab my bags and heard some footsteps behind me. I turned around, but before I could see who it was I felt a needle slip into my arm and I knew no more.


I woke up blind, disoriented, covered in my own drool, and unable to move. Panic immediately began to set as I tried to change my position. I could feel I was tied naked, with my legs were agonizingly crossed and bound behind my head. My arms were wrapped around the back of my tightly stretched thighs and secured behind my back. A large open gag spread my lips wide and was allowing my drool to slide over my lips and down my chin into my chest where some of it was already pooled.

I forced my focus away from my body and began to try and make out my surroundings. The room was mostly dark, but bright light shone through a crack in what appeared to be the door. Through the light I could make out strange shapes of slightly shifting forms on raised platforms.

The form nearest to me shifted again and my eye caught the motion of hair slightly swinging from the head of the figure.

"Hey!" I tried to shout, but only distorted sound escaped through my gag.

I received no response so I continued to cry out despite knowing most of my words were unintelligible. I was rewarded with more movement from all of the figures, but no other reaction. My bellows became more and more desperate. However, silence was all that greeted my cries.

Suddenly the door opened and bright light shone through to reveal the silhouette of hulking man. He lazily stepped forward and flipped on the lights momentarily blinding me.

"Finally awake I see" he drawled. 

Blinking to adjust my eyes I began my begging again this time directing my efforts towards the man. Pausing next to the door for a moment he gazed at me with a predacious smile. In a few short strides he was directly in front of me. Stooping down to bring his face close to mine he whispered "Oh Kara, now that just won't due".

He looked down and to stare at my open sex and I realized how exposed I was. He gave my sex a sharp slap that brought tears to my eyes and promptly walked away.

As he walked away I took advantage of the light and took in what I couldn't make out in the dark. The from my limited view I saw 10-15 people on pedestals and secured in some sort of bondage.

The woman closest to me was slightly suspended above her platform with painful looking breast binds and a wicked looking hook inserted in her anus. Her hair was impossibly long and swung slightly with her stared straight ahead and hung limp in her bondage.

On my other side I saw a woman laying on her back with her knees tied to her chest around an impossibly large pregnant belly and her feet cuffed to a long bar which spread her wide open.

I took in the men and women in the room and forced the panic back down my throat and instead focused back on the man. He was rummaging through some drawers. I watched him for a moment until he found what he wanted and turned around to strut back to my platform.

I stared him down keeping the fear out of my eyes and resisted looking at what he held in his hands. He smiled slightly but his eyes remained cold. He brought up a hand next to his face and shook what he held. My focus shifted to a slightly pointed phallus shaped object with flat wide handle on the other end and three clear tubes that resembled syringes without their needles.

"A few things" he paused. "You're mine now Kara. I've watched you for quite some time. I couldn't stand to watch you anymore now that you're not taking proper care of yourself. I had to intervene. I will take care of you where you failed." 

He pocketed the phallus object and stepped closer with the syringe things. "Let me take care of you." He palmed one of my breasts and tightly pinched one of my nipples, which I loudly protested. He pulled my nipple harder and stared into my eyes. "None of that. If you can't be polite and use your indoor voice I will bring out my other friend." He patted his pocket where the phallus object was hidden for emphasis.

Breathing hard but remaining silent I resorted back to staring him down again but this time with all of the hate I could muster. He chuckled for a moment, then quicker than I could follow he released my nipple and placed the cylinder over it. Confusion laced my my stare until he pulled back the plunger sucking my nipple into the tube. Pain shot through my breast and I let out a loud wail.

"This is your last warning" he growled before pulling on my other nipple making me forget about the pain in my other breast.

Whimpering I quietly began to beg as best I could "Please, I'll do anything. Please stop." After an extra tweak he released it and pulled the plunger to match the other side. It took all I had to not cry out again, but silent tears began to slide down my face instead. He gave each cylinder a small flick then looked down at my sex his predacious smile back.

One of his hands slid into my folds and I was surprised to feel the wetness there. "I always take the liberty of preparing my girls before our first session." He laughed answering my questioning look. His fingers quickly found my clit as he began lazy circles around and around several times before sliding further down and pushing a finger inside me for a moment. The angle of the way I was tied gave myself a front and center view of every lap he made around my folds.

I found my voice again and between pants told him "No, please no. Just stop." He continued his prodding. Circling then gentle penetration, each time he pushed his finger deeper and deeper until he was buried to the hilt. After several excruciating minutes he lifted his hand to show me his fingers covered in more than just the lubricant he had applied before I woke up.

Using two fingers to spread open my lips he brought out the third cylinder. Before I could protest he deftly placed it on my clit and pulled back the plunger in one smooth motion. The feeling was so much more extreme than the pain I had felt in my nipples. I screamed in pain and frustration at being unable to move and defend myself against his torture. 

"I told you to use your indoor voice. We don't want to disturb our neighbors." His presence and ministrations on my body had demanded my full attention making me forget we were not alone in the room. I looked over to find over to find my neighbor still gently swinging in her own bonds. 

A large shadow passed over my face. He had pulled the phallus item out of his pocket and held it in front of my face. "I told you." He repeated before pushing it into my open mouth and clicking something into place to hold it there in my gag.

It was uncomfortable but thankfully not large enough to to make me choke. I pushed my tongue against the rubbery intrusion trying to push it from my mouth. Finding no give I shrieked at him in anger, but found my cries to be greatly dampened by his "friend" as he had dubbed it.

He stood back for a moment before reaching down and beginning his circles again. This time he pulled and smacked the cylinder before sliding in with two fingers. After a few passes I was panting hard trying I breath through my nose. Suddenly he slipped lower and spread my juices down to tight bud of my anus. "Easy girl." He laughed as I let out a surprised yelp and began my begging again. 

He ran his fingers back and forth a few times before plunging his fingers deep into my pussy a few times in short succession. My unintelligible begging started to sound more like moans than anything else. He slid his fingers out slowly the last time bringing a small whine from my open lips. He moved down to my anus again. This time he slowly he eased one of his sopping fingers in bit by bit. While his eyes intently watched my face.

"Relax!" He demanded. 

The only reply he received was for me to let out a long but feeble "No."

Once his finger couldn't go any further he began to pump it slowly in and out. After a few agonizing minutes I finally began to relax and feel some of the pleasure his invasion produced. I watched his finger disappear again and again driving me slowly insane. He began pumping faster and my whole body began to shake in reaction to his drilling. I was close. The onslaught of the penetration overwhelmed my senses to focus on anything else.

Without warning he gave one final probe and pulled out his finger with a small pop. The balloon of bliss slowly began to deflate taking me further from the orgasm I hadn't wanted when this began. 

With nimble fingers he clicked something in my gag and pulled out the wicked plug. He gently rubbed it down my face then my chin before settling it down in the drool that had been accumulating on my chest. Further and further he slid down, tweaking the clit pump as he reached my sex. Slipping through my folds he finally brought it down and rested the tip against my asshole. I still felt the loss of the fullness his fingers had given me, but it went away as he began to ease the gag plug in.

I had no strength to fight as I watched the plug push in and disappear. My balloon of pleasure began to inflate again as I stretched further than I knew was possible. "You may get as loud as you like." He winked before pulling off the pumps on my nipples. A groan on both pain and relief shook my body as the feeling come back. My swollen nipples seemed to pulse in tune with my all too fast heartbeat. 

Two of his fingers joined the song as they plunged deep into my sex and created a pace that matched the beat of my heart and nipples. My begging began again but this time begging for more as I felt an orgasm begin to build and build inside. He picked up the pace right as I began to flow over and with a wicked look in his eye he pulled off the final pump from my clit. Pleasure exploded from every nerve in my body as pain and blood rushed to my sensitive and swollen sex. 

Wave after wave rolled over me as I screamed through my release. Gasping for air I bucked in my bonds as my muscles contracted over and over. Finally when I did not think I could take it anymore he eased his pace and gently pulled out. I looked at his face to find him looking thrilled and covered in my cum.

"That went exceptionally well for a first session I think." I was still breathing heavy in my bonds when he waved his hand and the ropes, gag, and toys disappeared allowing me to uncurl and collapse fully on the platform. Another wave and everyone disappeared revealing a much smaller room and flickering screens for a moment before they turned off completely.

"I told you I would take care of you." He told me with a gentle smile.

He reached a large hand to pull a strand of hair stuck on my face, tucking it behind my ear. He leaned over and gave my forehead a gentle kiss. "Rest." He demanded as he stepped away. Exhaustion lead me to start closing my eyes. At the door he lowered the lights and as he shut the door, he half turned and smiled. "Good girl."