"Would you like to masturbate for me while you watch me blow Shane?," I ask Roger as Shane follows me back into the room.

"Hello Sarah, Roger invited me in, you have often told me I could watch you in action. I hope you don’t mind if I watch today?," our neighbour Mary smiles. She is dressed in a very short tight skirt, sitting with her legs crossed and looking very pleased with herself.

I love sex with an audience and performing for my man and another woman will be a real buzz and a challenge for me today.

"Would you like to masturbate for me and Mary as well while you watch me blow Shane?," I ask Roger as I tease and scratch Shane’s balls and lick the length of his now fully erect cock as I sit in front of a wall length mirror with Shane standing.

"Then I want Mary and I to watch Shane blow you while I masturbate, I might even squirt for you.

"You are going to have to wait a little to watch me blow Shane, I want to be pleasured first and you can watch," I tease very aroused as I stand and motion for Roger to stand be behind me and lock his arms around mine.

"I love to be licked to orgasm while standing up Shane with my man holding me from behind and kissing me and I am multi-orgasmic. Make it happen for me while Mary and Roger watch," I tell three people as Shane kneels and teases my cunt lips with the tip of his tongue as I ogle his nine-inch erection.

"Show all three of us how good you are Shane, you were very good in your video clip, very very good, don’t stop," I moan as I cum, very much enjoying Mary watching a hung man pleasure me with his tongue.

"Like watching Mary? He is very good and you can watch me blow him soon, very soon," I whisper as I orgasm again.

"I love watching Sarah and you have two really well hung men in your thrall."

"Your tongue is magic Shane, fucking magic on my cunt lips, I have wanted this ever since I saw your video clip," I moan as I orgasm again while I watch my man Roger teasing his erection as he watches Shane pleasure me.

"Lay on your back on the bed for me Shane, I want to sit on your face so I can watch you lick me in the mirror.

"Would you like to masturbate for me and Mary as well while you watch me blow Shane?," I ask Roger again as I watch him teasing his roaring erection as Mary watches fascinated.

"I am going to have him soon, very soon," I groan as I have a very strong orgasm that has my whole body trembling as Roger is almost screaming, "Watch me cum, watch me cum," as he shoots a huge load.

"I love a challenge and a blowing a hung fifteen-year younger bisexual man right now is a challenge I am going to enjoy, especially while Mary and my man watch," I tell Shane as I tease his roaring erection with my finger tips.

"Do you like my arse Shane?, most men do and I love having it licked and kissed before I blow a man, especially with two people watching, do it for me now before I have you.

"So good," I moan as he kisses my arse with gusto.

"I love a challenge and a blowing a hung fifteen-year younger bisexual man right now is a new challenge for me," I tell him again as I take just the tip of his cock between my eager lips and glance sideways in the mirror to ogle his rock hard erection.

"Looking at your nine-inch cock with just the tip of it in my mouth is a real turn on for me," I whisper as I scratch his balls and start sucking. I can see Roger and Mary in the mirrors watching very intently and I am determined to provide pleasure for them they watch as well as show Shane what a fifteen-year older woman can do.

"Do you like a mixture of pleasure and pain?," I tease as let his erection slip out of my mouth and tease his nipples with my finger tips, then pinch them hard, really hard as I suck half his very erect cock.

"Do you like a mixture of pleasure and pain? You haven’t told me," I repeat as I let his his erection slip out of my mouth, then rake my nails over his arse cheeks as I take his erection between my lips again.

"Yes I do, do it harder," he moans.

"Do you like me licking your balls," I ask as I run the tips of a finger and my thumb along his erection and blow on it.

"I want to pleasure you, and really turn on our audience," I whisper as I kneel behind him, reach between his legs and slowly slide my closed hand along the full length of his erection as I bite his arse cheeks in turn.

"I think you are getting close for me," I whisper as I bite even harder aware of the pleasure my audience have watching me.

"I have something special for you, and I want Mary and Roger to watch," I tell them as I lead him to the bathroom and motion for him to sit on the stool in the large shower area.

"Guess what I have for you?" I tease as I sit on his lap with his erection pressing flat on my stomach.

"Have you guessed?" I ask as kneel and take the tip of his erection into my mouth and run the tips of a finger and my thumb along his erection and blow on it.

"You are very tense, are you ready for me?" I ask after a couple of minutes and resume sitting on his lap with his erection pressing flat on my stomach.

"Are you ready for me?" I tease again as I pinch his nipples knowing he is right on the edge as I feel his erection twitching on my stomach.

"If you are ready count to three for me, your turn on is my turn on.

He has a look of agony-ecstasy on his face as he slowly moans, "One, two, three, now Sarah now," as my golden shower starts as a trickle, then a torrent as I direct it on to his erection, all the while pinching his nipples as he shudders and groans and blows.

"That really was something, and I loved a male and a female watching," he tells me in the afterglow, feeling very pleased with myself.

"When I recover you and Mary can watch me blow your man, what a buzz two women watching me blow a hung man with a thick cock," Shane smiles eying off my mans semi-erection.

I always enjoy watching my man being pleased by another man and this time around is special, the other man gets paid for being photographed providing blow jobs. And he is much younger than us, very attractive and has a longer cock than my man.

Roger has his second erection for the afternoon, not sure how. Was it me, Shane or a combination? He is standing in front of the wall length mirror wearing his tiny crotchless g-string and his black cock ring.

"Your cock is rock hard baby, enjoy for me, I love watching another man blowing you and the thought of me blowing you, maybe tomorrow? Shane should be very good, he usually gets paid for this," I whisper as I tongue kiss him and tease, then pinch his nipples to heighten his enjoyment as Shane emerges from another shower.

"Anything special you would like? How long can you last?," Shane asks as he flaunts his flaccid cock for both of us.

"Get a hard on for me, I want to ogle it while you give me a really good blow job with me standing up for at least ten-minutes, part of my turn on."

"So do I," I chime in as I tease Shane’s balls with my fingers then the full length of his now semi-erection as I tongue kiss Roger.

"Lick my cunt for me while Shane watches baby.

"Like watching that Shane? I like you and Mary watching, Roger loves licking me to orgasm.

"Now kiss my arse before you blow my man Shane."

"I want to watch you pleasure my man. He loves me watching another man blow him and I love watching," I smile very aroused at the thought of what Mary and I are about to watch.

As I stand behind Roger with my arms locked around his, Shane kneels and licks the underside of Roger’s erection, then both sides.

"Not many people can last ten-minutes with me, let’s see if you can," Shane teases as he takes the tip of Roger’s erection between his pursed lips.

"Sarah was right, you are not as long as me, but you are thicker, a real mouthful for me," Shane tells us before he takes half of Roger’s erection back into his mouth as he teases his balls.

I watch fascinated and very aroused as Shane slowly slides Roger’s erection into his mouth and releases it, then takes little more each time until he is swallowing his full erection.

His technique is a lot different to mine, his mouth is very wet and as he lets Roger’s erection slip out of his mouth he blows on it, then licks it as he tickles his balls, before sucking on it again with tight, pursed lips. Then releasing it again and teasing with his finger tips.

"Did you enjoy watching Sarah blow me? She is very good. She promised to squirt for us if she liked watching the way I blow you. Do you think she likes watching me sucking your big thick cock?" Shane teases as he takes all of Roger’s cock, then releases again.

"Not many people can last ten-minutes with me," Shane teases and it seems Roger won’t.

I can feel Roger tensing as his breathing becomes very agitated, "My arse scratch my arse, hurt me.

"Finger baby, I want your finger," Roger is moaning as I insert my middle finger into his arse, something I do as a special treat for him occasionally. "Happy to oblige baby," I whisper as I do as he asked.He is incredibly tense and breathing very heavily.

"Squirt for us Sarah, now, right now, so we can all watch," Shane manages to mutter as he has Roger ready to blow.

Little did he know I had been fighting the urge to squirt for five minutes, as I stand legs apart and tease my cunt lips with a finger tip as I watch one hung man pleasuring another with Mary watching.

At this moment I am in my sexual element, pleasuring my myself with an audience of two hung men with roaring erections and a clothed female.

"Now baby now, now" Roger is groaning as Shane brings him off sliding his clenched hand wrapped around Roger’s erection.

"Watch me Sarah, this is for you watch," Shane moans as he masturbates.

"That was awesome, just awesome, would you like to have me join you soon," Mary smiles in the afterglow.

"Why not?, I owe Roger after that lot," I smile back.������������������&goto=

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