TV show Game of Thrones

TV show Game of Thrones


Actress Maisie Williams has shared her regret regarding the character Arya Stark's journey in Game of Thrones final season. Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows around the world which is based on the hugely popular books by George R.R. Martin. Game of Thrones debuted on HBO in 2011. Quickly becoming a worldwide popularity, the 123 movies TV show ran for eight seasons before officially concluding with their final episode last Sunday night. As Maisie Williams one of the show's original cast members she has been with the show since the outset. She was also considered as one of the show's most beloved characters - which made this more pleasant when she lived through to the very end. Across the eight-season of the series run,

Arya accumulated a whole list of people she wanted to kill. Before she went to sleep every night she would repeat those names to herself. In some of the show's best and most brutal moments the young Stark would cross many of them off. Before she could officially stick her with the pointy end, Arya went to travel back to King's Landing to be dissuaded from pursuing vengeance by The Hound. Williams revealed that one thing she laments Arya not getting to do was kill Cersei Lannister while speaking to EW. The Red Keep to collapse upon them causes death to Cersei alongside her twin brother Jaime as Daenerys' rampage. Maisie Williams wished that things played out differently in that regard.

Lena Headey played Cersei in the show. She also hoped for a scene between her character and Arya. Williams elaborated further that the Hound says, ‘You want to be like me? You want to live your life like me?’ “In my head, the answer was: ‘Yeah.'" It was a shock for me because that wasn’t how I envisioned her arc going this year, however the young actress came around to the idea for 123 movies . ". Then I came to realized there were also other things that I could play. Like bringing Arya back to being a 16-year-old again. The final words of her bring in line with Sophie Turner. Sophie Turner also stood by her character's fate.

Maisie Williams' words are sure to resonate with fans. The fans who also feel that season 8 didn't deliver on character's arcs and journeys they also could have. Many who loved to see Arya confront Cersei. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as Arya sitting on the Iron Throne clearly. No amount of petitions is going to change the characters' ultimate fates whatever people's view on the final season. Fans will just have to be pleased that Arya got a rare happy ending barring a potential 123 movies Game of Thrones spinoff, as she set sail to explore unchartered regions. And keep hoping that the still to be released books will bring Arya and Cersei back onto a collision course.