Online Job

 UPWORK— Upwork, previously Odesk, extend something to every type of freelancer. It satisfies both long and short-term agreements or projects, hourly or project-based employment, it has different level engagements from entry-level to expert-level. Whether you are a writer or an engineer, you can always expect that Upwork will always have something in store for you.

ELANCE–Elance recently joined Upwork but has retained a spot of their own in the system. They have easier processes, from creating a profile from scratch, hassle-free and immediate as well. What makes it better is it has its payment protection tool for both clients and freelancers’ security and assurance that you are being paid for the hours you worked and overtimes, the clients can have or opt for tracking records and many more.

FREELANCER–fun in the system and it is not just fun fun but fun ways of attracting more clients by showcasing your skills and talents by joining skill & expertise-competitions with other freelancers like you.

CRAIGSLIST–What’s beautiful about Craigslist is how large their network began and continues to grow considering that they are also open for buying and selling sundries. They’ve become great spring for freelance jobs. They have very simple navigation system if you favor for local offers, office-based and you can even look for major cities or locations too if you want to work remotely.

PEOPLEPERHOUR–This is a perfect platform for web projects. If you’re a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, etc., peopleperhour is definitely worth exploring.

DEMAND MEDIA–is a manifesto for creative races including film-writers or directors, producers, photographers, writers and more. You will actually work on this site to create a distinctive matter, audience’s engagement and talent promotions.

iFREELANCE–This platform assists the conventional workers in the world of freelancing especially for writers, editors, coders and a few for marketers too. The best part in iFreelance that most freelance sites do not have is, with this site, they let you keep your earnings at 100 percent, surely no deductions.

PROJECT FOR HIRE–I can say that it has the easiest navigation system for easier searches and skill-set matches without scanning through a large bulk of posts. This site is great for consultants, designers and more.

SIMPLY HIRED–With an extensive range than other freelance platforms offer, SimplyHired is perfect for everyone from salespeople to construction workers. It includes a blog with hiring tips, a company directory, and location-based search.

GURU-This site lets you smoothly showcase your previous work experiences and offers a day-to-day job-matching quirk to make sure you don’t miss out on any fine breaks. The Guru Work Room lets you easily manage all your work.