TON Nominators requirements

TON Nominators requirements

TON Foundation


Validator's hardware: 8 vCPUs, 64gb memory, 1TB SSD, Fixed IP address, 1Gb/s.

Please be sure to run the validator on the specified hardware or better. Validators on weak hardware have a negative impact on the network and will be fined.

Datacenter and region

TON is a decentralized network and its nodes must be located in different data centers and different geographical zones.

Please do not run new validators in the following data centers and regions:

❌ - Hetzner, OVH;

❌ - Germany, Finland;

At the moment there are already enough nodes.


All validator operators should subscribe to and follow the network announcements closely. Failure to comply with urgent announcements and version updates may result in fines.

Enable telemetry

Nominated validators should contribute to network stability by sending telemetry data. To do that please execute set sendTelemetry true in mytonctrl console.

Pool nominator configuration

One validator has two pools (for odd and even rounds of validation).

Recommended configuration for each pool:

  • Max nominators - up to 40;
  • Min validator deposit - 10K TON for each pool or higher;
  • Min nominator deposit - 10K TON for each pool or higher;
  • Validator reward share - 40% (a low share provokes validators to rent servers in cheap data centers, but it is better for the network that validators are located in different data centers);