TOKOIN. Support small and medium businesses.

TOKOIN. Support small and medium businesses.


TOKOIN. Support small and medium businesses.

As we know, the world of cryptocurrency is developing and many projects and ecosystems are developed based on blockchain technology. Today I will introduce you to a project to promote the growth of micro, small and medium businesses in emerging markets using Tokoin blockchain technology.

Tokoin is a platform of blockchain technology to help small businesses to reach their potential by utilizing data. With members who have joined TOKOIN, it is possible for tokoin users to build a trustworthy profile for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

This project aims to use blockchain technology in building the true identity and reputation of MSMEs. Tokoin uses a blockchain based solution that enables customers of a given platform to create credible profiles for all parties involved in the ecosystem.

The purpose of Tokoin

  • Building MSME profiles to ensure the integrity of their data.
  • Make a virtual ledger for each MSME transaction.
  • Reducing barriers to financial inclusion by providing reputation assessments.
  • A sustainable business model that allows MSMEs to appear on a higher scale.
  • Improving the economic capability of the entire MSME ecosystem.

Tokoin will build a digital identity for MSMEs that represents a valid reputation.

With the aim of establishing a business credit rating that is in accordance with the standards for implementing business loans.

With a very good Tokoin mission it will be very useful and helpful for MSME entrepreneurs. Especially in Indonesia because Tokoin will educate the MSME market about the importance of correct data so that they can be trusted by large industry owners to get better bargaining power.

MSME, if you want to be elaborated, is a term that includes micro, small and medium enterprises, which is important where the world economy is not underestimated. This sector faces many problems for its existence. So if this economic aspect disappears, it will have very negative consequences. Don't forget that this economic sector provides a large percentage of employment. Therefore we cannot ignore the contribution of these companies in terms of manufacture, export or completion in the state budget.

What problems are you having:

  • There is a financial support program for beginner projects. Because all these companies lack financial support, guarantees, and adequate cash flow, this makes it impossible for them to get loans from banks.
  • Lack of efficiency in data usage. It is assumed that the data generated by many small and medium micro companies will be used effectively for business development, but in reality most of them do not understand the information generated, do not talk about its efficient use.

What is the solution :

  • Tokoin is an on-line platform, which works on a blockcain network, which is designed to create a credible profile for micro and small businesses, which will be made possible through the integration of non-financial business data in digital identification.
  • Furthermore, the problem of financial support for newly created microbusinesses will be resolved by building a business reputation, using data registered in the blockchain network, which has been verified. This valuable data can be used by businesses as a tool to meet loan requirements, thereby gaining access to financial services needed for business development.

Then, Tokoin intends to organize business partnerships for micro companies through collaboration with various institutions. Based on this fact, micro businesses can easily achieve their reputation and credibility, because the platform monitors their behavior to provide conditions for their partnerships with financial institutions.

How it works SHOP

  • For buyers:TOKO token flow starts based on trustworthy values ​​from retailer input data and information: basic profile and product value request.
  • For sellers: reseller data will be valued to redeem the appropriate discount and the manufacturer will benefit from the action of risking the token.

How are the benefits of MSME from TOKOIN?

  • Create a credible business profile for them, by processing the user's non-financial data to build a credit rating
  • Enable easy access to funding applications
  • Able to get lower prices through aggregate purchases
  • Earning points for making transactions, which can be exchanged for discounts or services.

Why is TOKOIN useful for MSME entrepreneurs?

Because of the negative problems of business development through credit, it is not channeled properly, thus hampering the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia. So we at TOKOIN will educate the MSME market about the importance of correct data so that they can be trusted by large industry owners to get better bargaining power.

What's in it for Brands and service providers?

  • They can easily access user profiles
  • They can see real-time business transactions
  • They can see the reputation of the business and
  • They can also see the affiliate network.
  • The store utility token will function as an original token on this platform and will be used as a form of interaction between participants.

Initially, tokens must be based on ERC-20, which will be converted if the team decides to move to another main net.

Token Details

Token Name: STORE

ICO Token Type: ERC-20

Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 STORES

Sales Tokens: 700,000,000 STORES (Supply 35% Tokens)

Hardcap: $ 25,000,000

Softcap: $ 8,000,000


Q4 2018

● Selling Tokoin Tokens through Personal Sales and Pre-Sales

● Development & distribution of Tokoin Wallet

Q1 2019

● Grand Launching Tokoin

● Selling Tokoin Tokens through crowd sales

Q2 2019

● On-board Blockchain Advisor for the Tokoin ecosystem

● Launch of POC on TestNet

Q3 2019

● On-board Warehousing Partners for the Tokoin ecosystem

● On-board Financial Partner for the Tokoin ecosystem

● Expansion of local operations to 10 first-level cities in Indonesia

Q4 2019

● Launch of the Data Reputation engine

● Launch of the Data Visualization platform

● Launch of the Partner Suite platform

● On the whiteboard of 50,000 users in the Tokoin ecosystem

Q1 2020

● Launching dApps on MainNet

● Launch of the Tokoin POS system

● Launch of the Data Exchange platform for the Token buildup and loyalty program

● Expansion of local operations to all capital cities in Indonesia

● 10,000 users in the integrated Tokoin POS system

Q2 2020

● Launch of the Tokoin POS System

● Expansion of the hyper-local pilot operation to Thailand

● On-board 1000 users in the Tokoin ecosystem in regional hyper-local markets

● Development of AI Solutions for Tokoin to improve Operations

Q3 2020

● Expansion of hyper-local operations to Vietnam and the Philippines

● Over 500,000 users in the Tokoin ecosystem on the Indonesian market

● Expansion of local operations to the top 10 cities in Indonesia

● On board 50,000 users in the Tokoin ecosystem

Q4 2020

● Placement of AI as part of Business Intelligence Capability

● Introduction of the Forecast & Prediction platform to the Tokoin ecosystem

Q1 2021

● Integration of AI solutions for Financing and Logistics partners

Q2 2021

● Expansion of hyper-local operations to other potential emerging markets

● Over 10,000 users in the Tokoin hyper-local ecosystem


MSMEs will enjoy Tokoin innovations and will bridge the social gap. I am very confident that this project is likely to be great because their focus is on well-identified problems. Also the team and the advisors behind it are also a plus and this is not seen in their way about everything and the trust that their investors have in them which is evident in the price of tokens.

Detailed Information:

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