Welcome to my blog and today we will have a project in our review that is ready to unite the business of companies that operate in small, medium and large businesses into a single shell.

The principle of Tokoin platform operation consists of several factors, and in order to make it clearer, I will tell you in detail about each of these points.

What is the purpose of Tokoin?

It is worth mentioning that Tokoin is based in the East of Asia in Indonesia, where the company is registered, as this country has been showing a dynamic growth of the economy in recent years.

  1. Possibility of obtaining credit funds. This is a fundamental factor that hinders the development of companies and ecommerce, as banking institutions are not sure that MSME Group will be able to return the funds.
  2. High competitiveness. Each segment of the market has companies of monopolists, which are quite difficult and in some cases impossible to compete with. In B2B and B2C industry this problem is especially acute.
  3. lack of trust in a young startup. Since a project is only at the stage of its development, it cannot provide guarantees for the development of its business - this contributes to the fact that potential investors lose all confidence in such a project.

Lack of marketing. Since the project does not have a large amount of funds at the start, respectively, the level of brand promotion falls and the company remains unrecognizable.


The Tokoin project intends to use all the best in blockchain technology to create the ideal tool for the Indonesian market, and in the future to spread its idea all over the world.

Tokoin's platform will provide a list of MSME companies, which will contain all the information about them, which will help investors to make their choice regarding the new startup. This list will include the following aspects:

  • A brief summary of the owner of the company;
  • The procedure for passing the identification of the person;
  • Transparency of the funds raised;
  • Availability of products, etc.

This will provide an opportunity for institutional and financial companies to constructively approach the selection of a suitable project.

  1. Banks will receive a card with all necessary information about MSME groups - company turnover, products, project promotion, income or loss. All these factors will contribute to whether or not the project is being borrowed.
  2. It will also be a plus for government institutions, as it will enable them to establish partnerships in the B2B and B2C sectors. This will benefit both small and large companies. Partnerships allow the project to create a product and become populated much faster.
  3. The existence of Tokoin's own register will provide an opportunity for trustworthy and young companies, which, in turn, will have a positive impact on the country's economy as a whole.

In order to promote its product, Tokoin is working hard to establish new partnership relations that promote small, medium and large businesses in the development of such areas as marketing and logistics on more attractive terms.

This model of blockchain functioning is ideal, as all information will be fully transparent and available to every member of the network. Having its own token of the TOKO site - each user will take an active part in the development of the project ecosystem.

The project token is already successfully traded on the Kucoin exchange. It is there that you can buy this token and become a happy owner of such a cool project.

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