Corona Speak

Corona Speak

We stand with everyone who work on the front lines.

Psst: Here's our Telegram group, join ONLY if you wish to contribute.


Any on or off field activity, which is beyond digital interaction, by any of the group members is strongly discouraged and condemned. Always stay safe and follow the instructions of your local authorities.

Any such activity done by any group members, should be taken up at their own discretion. We, admins of this group, are not responsible for any mishap or damage done to and by these volunteers.

Hey there! Welcome aboard! :)

House Rules

- Share verified content only. Links to be reported via Google Form.

- No spamming, arguments, fights, forwards, or inducing panic among other users.

- Any general discussion not related to CoVID-19 will lead to ban.

- Be Nice, Be Respectful: We all are here for a common cause, so be your excellent.

- No politics, no religion. Period.

We have a bot in place to monitor you. So beware of that fact that, breaking of any of the above rules will earn you a warning and 3 warnings will lead to ban.

Current volunteering opportunities

1. Help us Crowdsource: We need to collect real-time reliable information coming from different states. We'll use the main group for this. Ping use #report command in chat to report a new confirmed case via Google Form, no direct links permitted in the group chat.

2. Data Operations: To validate and add the best information to our database. This team will be invited into the closed group once they can pick up news from a certain region or if they can pick up a certain data task. We will call for more volunteers based on need and your activity in the main group.

3. Development and Data Science:

 - Frontend and Backend development of the current website, add new features that will provide extra information, work on the existing issues in GitHub. You can find the Github repository of the current website, other projects and start working on issues. Pull Requests welcome!

 - Integrated Patient Surveillance System for Medical Staff: We are on a mission to create an integrated patient surveillance system which can be used by officials, as well as medical professionals. 

 - Crowd-Sourced Survival Logistics for Resource Management : This is just in ideation - to create a smooth communication and resource matching platform for authorities and general public. If you have more ideas, please do discuss in the Ops group.

4. Science/Research: People who have interest in protein folding and Virology, DNA sequencing, Medicine, Logistics and Operations Research, Economics and any field that will support the cause, please fill out this form with your ideas : and join the Ops general group. We will add you to more focused groups based on your responses.

5. Awareness and Marketing: If you are a social media influencer or not, this is how you can help:

 - Spread the word about this website and CoVID-19 in general

 - Myth busting for fake news

 - PR activities to promote personal hygiene (TitTok, Twitter, Instagram, Coronavirus Challenges...?)

6. Mindfulness and Emotional Support: If you are feeling low during this crisis and seek emotional support, use #alliswell in chat to talk to one of our volunteers.

Pick your team and join the clan. Let's fight this together.

About Us & Our Vision

We are an Open Source community driven project run by enthusiastic folks like yourself who are volunteering selflessly to support Tamilnadu through this crisis. Request you to please maintain the decorum of this group.

We are building a strong community to collaborate and support our nation during this crisis. 

For this, we have built a website to provide real time and accurate data of CoVID-19 spread in Tamilnadu from various reliable sources.

Rather than just the few numbers on the website, we are trying to create a rich data-set of the patients that will be helpful during containment and mitigation efforts.

We, volunteers, are running this show purely pro-bono. That said, if you wish to donate us, donate your time.


How to use Rose Bot

We have a bot in place for your help. Rosy is a sweetheart and will listen to all your commands. You interact with the project using notes. These notes are case insensitive.

To fetch the list of all the notes, use #notes in chat.

Use <hashtag><note> to interact with particular note. For example, #mangoes.

Any other concerns? Tag one of our admins and they shall assist you. Thank you and stay safe.

- Admins.