I quickly learnt just how much she enjoyed being licked and teased and thrived on the challenge of pleasuring her with my tongue and lips.

She appeared to have more erogenous zones than three other women combined.

Licking and kissing her nipples her rock hard nipples would have her moaning with pleasure instantly.

When driving in the motor car she often wore tight slacks and just a light touch from me between her legs would have her moaning and telling me, That is turning me on.

The first time we made love was after an alcohol affected lunch and the sex was below par.

The next time was awe inspiring.

I was determined to give Sarah mind blowing sexual pleasure.

She was naked in my bed thriving on alternating tongue kissing me having her nipples licked.

You told me you love being licked and teased, I told her as I started licking her cunt lips.

Show me how much you love it. Better still tell me how much you love it.

Love you licking my cunt, love it, dont stop, she purred as she orgasmed in what seemed less than two minutes.

After that I lost count of her orgasms but there must have been ten or twelve.

Did I tell you I am multi-orgasmic? And I love the size of your long thick cock in me, right up to your balls, love it, she smiled as she orgasmed again.

A few weeks later we went on short holiday together to a distant tropical location.

Sarah was an awesome lover for me and I thrived on giving her oral sex before we fucked, even though she had never given me oral sex.

One night laying on the bed together in light dressing gowns watching television Sarah opened my gown and started playing with my very flaccid cock.

Baby you have my full attention.

When she expertly took my cock between her lips for the first time and my cock responded I was in sexual heaven.

What a blow job! The slow teasing build-up to orgasm was incredible and Sarah almost had me screaming with pleasure.

So good baby, I am so close, you are so good, so fucking good.

I was about to learn just how very good as Sarah demonstrated her technique on my throbbing erection.

With just the tip of my cock in her mouth Sarah was applying pressure with her tongue while stroked the rest of my throbbing erection between her thumb and forefinger.

So good baby, I am so close, you are so good, so fucking good.

Magnificent mind blowing orgasm and Sarah took great delight in her sexual prowess as she smiled while swallowing my load.

As time went on Sarah proved to have a very strong sex drive and I learnt she expected to have a second man on a regular basis.

No intercourse, outer sex only, that still leaves lots of interesting options to explore. And you will still be the only man who is fucking me.

Younger than us, must be physically attractive and well hung, very well hung for preference.

Fine by me baby, as long as I can watch naked and masturbate, I told her.

Some of the men were sourced by Sarah and I managed to source some men through the local gym.

After a while it became obvious that some of Sarahs second men were also interested in me and enjoyed watching me masturbate and making flirtatious comments about my body and my throbbing erection.

Despite Sarahs warning that I could only watch it was inevitable that one of her men would want to blow me.

The first time it happened was very exciting for me.

Your man is magnificent, awesome, fucking awesome. I want him now, right now.

At first I could see Sarah was very miffed at the attention her current second man was giving my very erect cock. However, the look on her face completely changed as he took most of my throbbing eight-inch cock between his lips.

Sarah was watching his technique fascinated.

He released my cock from his mouth, then licked the bottom of it and both sides of it while he scratched my balls.

Then he took my cock back into his very wet mouth and swirled his very strong tongue and it while sliding my cock in and out of his mouth and lips.

The eye contact between Sarah and I was sexually charged.

I like watching this much more than I thought I would, much more. He is very good. I am watching and learning.

Afterwards I told Sarah that was not supposed to happen, but I would make it up to her.

What do you propose doing then?

There is a twenty-five year old man at the Gym with a huge cock. He loves flaunting it in the shower and tells us it is ten-inches when aroused.

Good, I am aroused thinking about it, I want to blow him while you watch. Organise it for me, or is it us?

A few weeks later on a lazy Saturday afternoon I am watching Sarah feasting on Bens ten-inch erection as she works to bring him to orgasm with her lips, mouth and hands.

An hour earlier Sarah was somewhat agitated as we waited for Ben to arrive.

What would you like me to wear today? Do you think I will turn Ben on? What if he wants to fuck me?

Your rules baby, no intercourse, outer sex only.

But ten-inches might be very tempting for me?

I have never had a ten-inch fuck, never ever.

Wear your heels and that very short black silk dressing gown. And dont do it up. You always look sensational when you dress like that for me. And I will do the same.

Or better still heels and your tiny black g-string with your glorious arse cheeks hanging out of it and a very short shirt undone so he can see your tits and nipples.

I didnt sight Sarah again until after Ben arrived. As promised I was wearing very a short black silk dressing gown and I hadnt closed it. I felt good almost naked with just a gown over my shoulders, the exhibitionist in me flaunting myself for Ben even though he had seen me naked in the showers at the gym.

You must be Sarah, I have been looking forward to this moment, very much, he smiled as he looked at Sarah for the first time when she made her entrance with great aplomb.

Just I had suggested Sarah is wearing her heels and a tiny black g-string with her glorious arse cheeks hanging out of it and a very short shirt undone so we can see her tits and nipples.

You look sensational, absolutely fucking sensational, Ben smiles and I have to agree as I feel my cock growing as Sarah flaunts her almost naked body for two men.

I am to please and be pleased, did my man explain the rules for you? Sarah asks she almost tears his shirt off, then his shoes and shorts, no other clothing.

No intercourse and my man wants to watch and enjoy.

I can hear her gasp as she puts her hand on his raging erection.

Ben is enjoying the moment and thriving on the attention as he stands with his hands on his hips, in full exhibitionist mode, for both Sarah and me.

Never ever had ten-inches before, that is very impressive, I am going to enjoy blowing you. My man told me he told you I was without peer at blow jobs. You will find out soon.

First I want you to lick me to orgasm while my man watches. Take my shirt off for me and lick my nipples.

Love that while I am admiring your ten-inch erection, love it.

Now kiss and lick my arse cheeks, love that as well.

Now take my g-string off with your teeth.

My man is watching and enjoying this, he has a raging erection but not as big as yours.

Like my bald cunt lips?

I love being licked, love it while looking at your ten-inch erection, Sarah smiles as she stands with her legs apart leaning against the wall for support.

Give me two orgasms with your tongue and I will blow your ten-inch cock. Never had a cock that big before. You are a very exciting man and twenty years younger than me.

That is very good, very, very good the way you are licking me.

Do you like watching another man licking my cunt? Sarah asks she looks me in the eye while I stroke and tease my erection.

To heighten my sexual pleasure and enjoyment I am determined not to cum until Sarah is blowing Ben.

Do you like watching another man licking my cunt? Sarah asks again.

I do, I really do while you watch and I am very close.

Ben is good, but not as good as you, though he has a bigger cock.

So close baby, so close, so fucking good, Sarah groans as her whole body shakes and trembles as she orgasms.

Then almost immediately she orgasms again but even louder.

Now my turn to pleasure you Ben, been looking forward to it for days. And I love my man watching.

My man says I am the blow job queen, Sarah boasts as she licks Bens nipples while he is standing upright.

How badly do want a blow job from the blow job queen while my man watches? Sarah teases as she sits on chair in front of him and licks both sides of his ten-inch erection.

You need to tell me.

I am absolutely hanging out for it. Ever since I walked in the door my cock was aching for you. You really know how to turn a man on, Ben moans as he takes Sarahs head and guides his cock into her mouth.

You are a very exciting woman, my cock loves what you are doing, he groans as Sarah wraps her very moist lips around his cock while he is moving his cock in a fucking motion.

Love watching that baby, you are a turn on, I cant wait to fuck your brains out tomorrow after you blow me, I tell her as I start masturbating very seriously after teasing my cock for what seems like twenty or thirty minutes.

I watched fascinated as my lover Sarah had just the tip of Bens ten-inch cock in her mouth as she applied pressure with her tongue she stroked the rest of Bens throbbing erection between her thumb and forefinger.

Then she pushed him back slightly while she blew on the tip of his cock.

Ben is almost screaming with pleasure as his body shakes.

So good baby, I am so close, you are so good, so fucking good.

Then just to show two men how good she is, she took Bens erection back into her mouth and stroked the full length of Bens throbbing erection between her thumb and forefinger.

Ben did the right thing and pushed Sarah away just before he blew in great streams, screaming, You are so good, so fucking good.

Despite masturbating for the whole time these two had been going at it I still had a raging erection.

I dont know if Sarah had picked up that Ben was bisexual but I knew he was from the gym.

Unknown to Sarah part of the deal I had made with Ben was that after he had her and she had him I expected him to pleasure me with a full on blow job.

My pleasure, would love to, as long as you deliver your lady for my pleasure, he told me at the time.

Five minutes later after he and Sarah had recovered and cleaned up my cock was deep in his mouth begging for relief while Sarah watched.

Bens technique is heaven on my cock. He stops, blows, licks both sides and then sucks as only a man can. You are very talented Ben, very, Sarah says. I am learning while I enjoy watching.

Do you think he is talented sweetheart? Are you enjoying this?

Is that good baby? Your turn on is my turn on, and this really is turning me on. Can you hold out for another five minutes? I dont think so. What else what you like me to do for your pleasure?

Kiss me. Kiss me.

And Sarah does with the best, deepest tongue kisses she has ever given me.

He is very close Ben. Fuck him with your mouth like never before. Pleasure both of us. Show us how good you are. I love watching you fuck my man with your lips and mouth. Make him scream.

Ben now has his hands on my hips, pulling and pushing so my cock is sliding all the way down his throat.

Kiss me baby, kiss me, kiss me, I cant hold out much longer, I am groaning as my cock is begging for sexual relief.

Sarah is an extremely good kisser while having sex and her deep tongue kisses, while another man she has just pleasured and he pleasured her is blowing me has me screaming, So good, so fucking good, as he squeezes my balls and I have a glorious orgasm.

That will be a very hard act to follow, Sarah smiles.

But I am sure we will.











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