TEMPLATE #43 - Extended reply to ISSUE #3

TEMPLATE #43 - Extended reply to ISSUE #3

Giovanni M.


This is an 8 year old article, which I guess nobody wants to share anymore.

Here the author made some mistakes with headings. Instead of using the appropriate tags, he used <span> and set the font style to bold. Marco's template associates the font style bold to the html tag <strong>. This is not a good practice because CSS follows different inheritance rules respect to HTML, in fact in case of nested nodes this approach leads to errors.

For example, with:

the result of Marco's template will be "Foo bar" all in bold instead of "Foo bar". Of course there are many unpredictable combinations.

Conclusion. In my opinion, the safest solution is to avoid correcting these types of errors. Fortunately I haven't found any of them in the more recent articles.