✅Svadba.com For the first time for you! [🇷🇺 Русская версия]

✅Svadba.com For the first time for you! [🇷🇺 Русская версия]

🇷🇺 Русская версия здесь

New tool for Fans in the extension for chats.

🔹What it is

Ability to create not only comments, but also Notes about Fans.

let's find out in details. This is a very convenient and useful update!

🔹What has changed

Now you can create not only a comment about your Fan (general information about him, which is always important), but also notes (short-term notes which have a little period of existence)

🔹How it looks - in the pictures

🔹How to create notes.

There are 2 ways:

▪️ First way

1. In the Fans section click on the "note" icon

2. Text a note in the appropriate field and click +

Done. Your note has been added with the time when it was created.

▪️ The second way:

Open a chat window with the Fan

There is an information about the fan at the top of the chat window. Full information will be shown when the cursor comes to the field for notes.

Text a note in the corresponding field and click + or Enter

Note has been added.

To delete an irrelevant note just click on the basket.

All created / deleted notes in the Fans section and in the chat window are synchronized (added / deleted in the general information about a specific fan)

Also, there is quick way to add notes for you.

Highlight the desired text and press the hot keys Alt+ N. That's all! Info is in the Note! Just push Enter

Moreover there is quick searching by text in the field for creating notes. Just start typing a word or text and all notes about it to your attention.

🔹If not use

That is not the best prospect

First of all, you will forget something important about the Fan, will not ask him about it during the next chat, he will be offended and will think that you are indifferent to his life. Well, there is a big question if he stays your Fan.

And even if you prudently enter important and not important information, long-term and short-term data using the Comments field only, it is unlikely that you will quickly find the info you need.

Use the quick and useful Notes tool and "remember" all the little things about your Fan

Have a nice and long communication💚