Surprised By My Wife’s Knowledge

  Surprised By My Wife’s Knowledge


I thought she was beautiful as I stood there peeking

in through the window.Yes, she was beautiful as

she stood there in front of the mirror naked,

fondling her small firm breasts, pinching her cute

stiff nipples with one hand, her other hand rubbing

her hot pussy slit, tickling her clitoris and

slipping her small finger up into her tight pussy


I stood there watching as she took herself to a peak

then over the edge, her body spasming and jerking

as she took herself to orgasm.

I knew right then and there I was going to fuck that

girl and give her the real pleasure

I was sure she was fantasizing about when she

finger fucked herself to an orgasm.

Yes, I was going to slip my large stiff cock right up

into that little, I believed, virginal cunt of hers

taking her virginity and fucking her until she

orgasmed like I was sure she was dreaming of.

I slipped into the house and going to her bedroom

door which was also open just a crack.She was

home alone her mother having gone to a meeting

with a friend of hers, and would be gone until

almost midnight.I was sure that would give me

the time to enjoy her cunt giving

her the pleasure that she would keep coming back

to me for.

She was still standing there with an almost vacant

stare in her sexually glazed eyes.

She didnt move when I walked in behind her, she

didnt even notice me at first.Hell she didnt notice

me until I put my arms around her naked body and

cupped her small, I was thinking virgin tits in my

hands.She didnt move at first, the suddenly she

realized I was there holding her naked body and

bare breasts, squeezing and fondling them.

She suddenly gasp and glanced back.Seeing me,

she just kind of wilted back into my arms with out

saying a word.

I carried her over to her bed and lay her down.She

lay there watching me as I stripped and let her see

my big stiff hard cock.She stared at it then reached

out and wrapped herhand around it.She

didnt say anything as she stared at it, slowly

rubbing her hand up and down it from tip to bottom.

She then even reached over with her other hand and

rubbed her finger around the head of my cock,

spreading my precum, coating my entire cock head

with it and herfinger.She looked at it, then

she sucked the finger into her mouth tasting my


She sucked on her finger for and minute then she

repeated it again tasting my precum.She then

looked at me, finally she leaned over and began

licking her tongue around my cock head cleaning

it of my precum.

She then opened her mouth and filled it with

my big cock head, sucking it as deep into her mouth

as she could get it.There she was sucking my cock

in and out of hermouth, deep enough it was

pressing the back of her throat but she just couldnt

get it down her throat.I didnt push it, I was sure

she would learn how to do as she sucked my cock

more and more and I was sure she would be doing


I finally pulled my cock out of her mouth, lay her

back and lay down beside her pulling her naked

body against mine, kissing her sweet lips, tasting

my own precum.

My tongue slipped into her mouth and played with

her tongue.She was pressing her naked body

against mine as hard as she could.As we kissed,

she let my hands roam her entire young body as

she kissed me, actually groaning with pleasure

as her tongue learned to pleasure me.

Holding her tight, my hand slipped down to tickle

her small sensitive clitoris, causing her to whimper

and moan.Yes, it was already sensitive from her

own fingers when she finger fucked herself through

an orgasm.

I finally pulled away and kissed and licked my way

down to her small firm breasts finally getting to

lick her nipples and suck her small tits and nipples

into my mouth.Yes, I even bit them until my teeth

left a bite mark on each of them.

I then licked and kissed my way down her sensitive

stomach until I was kissing and licking her

pubic bone right above her sensitive clitoris.

She cried out with pleasure when my licking tongue

did finally lick across her sensitive swollen clit,

and I began sucking on it.

She wiggled and squirmed at the feeling she had

never felt before. Her moans and groans of pleasure

filled her bedroom.We didnt worry about her

cries of pleasure because she was home alone.

She almost went berserk when I began licking and

sucking her pussy lips and slit to slip my tongue up

into her tight cunt and tongue fuck her.

She was right on the edge of orgasm when I moved

up to rub my cock up and down her tight hot wet

sensitive pussy slit and the pressed it against her

openingOh yes, I had slipped my finger

up inside of her tight opening while I was licking

and sucking her pussy lips and yes, she was very tight

which delighted me beyond believe.

She held my cock as I rubbed it up and down her

cunt lips and slit and her clitoris, then back down

to her tight opening.

She was wiggling and squirming when I pressed

my cock head against heropening,.She

cried out with pain when I actually drove my cock

up into her tight cunt and filling her

cunt stretching her wide and deep.Yes, deep my

cock head was pressing hard against her deepest

vaginal wall and hercervix.

I held still for just a minute letting hercunt

adjust to my big cock shaft.It felt like her cunt

muscles were going to squeezed my cock off.

She quickly wrapped her legs around my waist

and began fucking her no longer tightcunt back

at my cock as I slowly slipped it in and out of her

sending waves of pleasure through her young body.

Yes, she used her legs to pull her own cunt up at

my cock as I slipped it into her as deep as I


We lay there on her bed her legs wrapped around

my waist fucking her cunt right back at my

stiff cock every time I drove it up inside of her.

On and on we fucked, I gave her pleasure she never

dreamed of.Of course she gave me pleasure with

her cunt that I had never felt before, the

virginity of a girl.

Well I finally left her room just before her mother

came home from her meeting.We burned some

candles and sprayed her room with her favorite

aroma to cover the aroma of sex, then she went

to bed with four huge helpings of my sperm filling

her womb.

I went into my bedroom and cleaned myself up

delighted I had fucked her through five intense

orgasms giving her the pleasure she seemed to

be craving.

She went to bed with all four of my helpings of

hot fertile sperm filling her body.

When her mother did come home she didnt

seem to notice anything out of the ordinary.No

she didnt seem to realize that I, our daughters

father, had fucked our virgin


After that, every time her mother, my wife went

to one of her church meetings, yes she was very

religious, we were quickly in bed with my cock

in her mouth and tight young cunt.

I was sure glad she had those meeting at least

once or twice and sometimes three times a week.

We fucked ever chance we got for almost three

months, one, two or three times a week for that

three months.

Then one night when I came in late, about ten

that night, I got the shock and surprise of my


The light in my daughters bedroom was out, so

I thought she was already asleep.I slowly made

my way to my and her mothers bedroom in the

darkened house.I thought my wife was also in

bed asleep, she usually was.

When I slowly opened the door to keep from

waking my wife up, I stood there in shock staring

at our bed.

Yes, there they were, mama and daughter in our

bed. Both of them naked, mama slowly playing

with her daughters bared breasts and her

daughter fondling and sucking her mothers stiff

nipples and tits.

I stood there staring until my wife looked at me

grinning and told me not to just stand there to

hurry up and strip and come to bed so that

she could watch our daughter suck my

cock and me lick and suck her tight

cunt and fuck her like I had been doing for the

last three months.She told me that she wanted

to see our girls cunt stretched wide by my cock

as I fucked her and cum in her.

That was when I found out that all along my wife,

our daughters mother, knew that I was fucking her

ever time she was at one of her meetings.

She told me that she knew it all of the time because

they had actually planned the entire thing.She

knew that our daughter wanted to be fucked and that

she wanted to fuck her daddy.She also knew that

me her daddy, if I saw her naked playing with

herself like she had done that first night, that I

would want to and try to fuck her.She had been

right.How she knew that I never did find out.

Well that night her mother got to watch her

daughter no longer virgin tosuck her daddys big

thick cock and her daddy lick and suck and tongue

fuck her tight cunt, then plunge his cock

all of the way up inside of her girl and fuck

her until she orgasmed and her daddy cum in her


Oh yes, before I did fuck our daughter, her mother

enjoyed licking and sucking and tongue fucking

hergirls tight cunt and the joy and excitement

of her daughter licking, sucking and tongue fucking

her own tight hot wet cunt with daddy watching.

Yes that night I fucked our daughterwith mama

watching and then fucked mama with daughter

watching her cunt and womb full of daddys

hot sperm.

I also had the excitement of watching mama and

daughter lick and suck each other cunts clean of

daddys sperm, after daddy had fucked both of


Believe me the sex life of our family has sure

jumped to a pleasure never enjoyed before between


Oh yeh, since our daughter loves

having sex so much with her mama and daddy, her

mother told me that it was time to also bring out

other daughter to bed with us and let

her experience her daddys stiff cock being slipped

up into her tightcunt so she could also

join the family in our large king sized bed every

night just like her older sister does.

Her mother told me that she had already talked to

our other daughter and she wanted to join us in

our family pleasures and feel her daddys cock in

her tightcunt also.

School is out this Friday afternoon and her mother

told me that Friday night our daughters will be in bed with us.

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