SuperTuxKart Frankfurt servers

SuperTuxKart Frankfurt servers

Frankfurt STK servers

Last update: March 17, 2020.

To get more information, you can use STK website or github. If you have questions about STK, you can ask on irc or join the discord server. Please be respectful there.

Hello. This text contains the information about Frankfurt STK servers.

List of Frankfurt STK servers

  1. Frankfurt One - a server with free entry, allows to play any mode with any difficulty. Currently with bots!
  2. Frankfurt Two - a server with restricted entry (you need to have 30 add-on tracks available on the server), allows to play any mode with any difficulty.
  3. Frankfurt Soccer - a server for soccer mode only with SuperTux difficulty, has free entry.
  4. Frankfurt Extreme - a server for playing extreme tracks only. Refer to Specific info section for more details as there are some. Tracks are updated regularly!
  5. Frankfurt Chat - a server without racing, you can chat there or wait for someone. It also contains information about other Frankfurt servers. It is guaranteed to have no bots.
  6. Frankfurt 100 Laps - a server for endurance racing or training a particular track, or having marathon races. The number of laps is 100 independently of choice.

Server-specific information is listed in Specific info section.


STK version of these servers is modified 1.1. In particular, this means one can use server commands. Frankfurt servers use commands widely to introduce new functionality.


To use commands, you need to upgrade to STK 1.1 using the link or installing STK from github. If you want to tell someone about the command, you can insert a space before it, so it doesn't get interpreted (like "_/command").

Standard commands (available on each 1.1 server):

/music volume - change the music volume, volume can be between 0 and 10.

/kick username - kick a player. Requires you to be server host (marked with a crown πŸ‘‘ in the server lobby, there can be no host). You can do this with user interface, though.

/installaddon addon_id - installs an add-on addon_id from STK official site. Note that addon_id is not add-on's name.

/installaddon http(s):// - installs add-ons available on the Web in some zip archive. Be careful with those as they are not official, and archives can contain literally anything.

/uninstalladdon addon_id - uninstalls add-on by id.

/liststkaddon [option] string, /listlocaladdon [option] string, /listserveraddon [option] string - search add-ons in STK official site, locally or on a current server by a string that is a prefix of its id (which is still not name). Option can be either empty or -track, -arena, or -kart which means searching among certain add-ons category.

/playerhasaddon addon_id username - check whether a player has a certain add-on.

/serverhasaddon addon_id - check whether this server has a certain add-on.

/playeraddonscore username - print the percentage of server add-ons that are installed for a certain player, by category. This can, for example, help determining who has no add-ons.

Frankfurt-only commands:

/help - display server help. If it helps you.

/commands - display all usable commands on this server.

/to username_1 username_2 ... username_n - sends all your subsequent messages on this server only to specified users. This setting keeps even if you re-enter the server later. Refer to Private Chat section for details.

/public - resets all /to modifiers, now everyone present receive your messages.

/gnu [kart_name] - starts Gnu elimination with Gnu kart or any other kart if specified. Usable only by server host πŸ‘‘. Refer to Gnu Elimination section for details.

/nognu - cancels the current Gnu elimination. Usable only by server host πŸ‘‘.

/standings - display Gnu elimination standings.

/record track_id (normal|time-trial) (normal|reverse) laps - display the Frankfurt servers' record for a specified track, mode, direction and number of laps. Refer to Records section for details.


All servers share a common storage which should have all approved add-on karts, tracks, arenas and soccer fields. If an add-on is not present, this is probably because the current server is not supposed to run it, or this add-on crashes online. If this is not the case, please report.

Add-ons are only available when the server and all players have them (you can use /installaddon to install them in lobby). If you cannot use any add-on karts, this means that the possibility of spectating/live joining is available on this server (which blocks usage of add-on karts for now). Most servers require all official karts and 70% of official tracks installed, as any default server requires.


Q: There is no such server in the server list!

A: Sometimes servers need to be restarted/upgraded, so they may be absent from server list for a while. If the server is absent for a long time, it's either off (which is intended) or crashed (which is not).

Q: There is an annoying player on the same server, what should I do?

A: If you find a player too annoying, you can report him clicking on his username and using the menu from there (available from 1.1).

Q: Is it ok to kick other players from a server?

A: Yes. But I kindly ask you to be nice and don't kick just any player you don't like. Kick only when it's really really necessary (for example, if the player is very rude and you have already reported him/her). If you want to play with a group of friends and you are sure that strangers are not welcome, please consider making a private server with password.

Tech details

Connecting to servers directly

You can connect to servers via entering IPv4 ( and server port. This means you don't need a STK online account to play, though in this case you won't be shown in the list of players inside the STK app in server choosing menu.

Ports for the respective servers are:

  • 19991 for Frankfurt One;
  • 19992 for Frankfurt Two;
  • 19993 for Frankfurt Extreme;
  • 19994 for Frankfurt Soccer;
  • 19995 for Frankfurt Chat.
  • 19996 for Frankfurt 100 Laps.

That IP is blocked in my country!

If you cannot connect to Frankfurt servers (mostly a problem for Russian players), you can try to connect directly (like described above) but with IP Probably this can help. Not sure about that.

If you have any other unsolved problems, please report.

Private chat usage

Usually the messages you send into the chat box (or using pause menu in-game) are visible to all players (either present on a server or in-game). On Frankfurt servers, you can use the following commands to change that (without quotes):

  • "/to" : tells the server that the following messages should be visible only to users with specified usernames. Users that are not present right now can also be mentioned, and a leaving player doesn't lose the right to view messages later, after coming back.
  • "/public" : tells the server that the following messages should be visible to all present players, as usual.

This is obviously useful when one doesn't want to share some information with all present users. Note that users with the same names are considered as one user for now, so beware of fakes.

All messages are encrypted, so server cannot know what's written there (even if it needs to decide whom to send your message; for this reason, the message itself cannot be placed in /to or /public commands). Bots are usual clients though and can see your messages, so if you are on a server with bots and don't trust the server owner (better don't) you can restrict your messages to present players. This works but isn't convenient though. Or you can move to Frankfurt Chat which is guaranteed to have no bots.

Extended functionality can probably be introduced later.

Gnu Elimination

Default Gnu Elimination

Gnu Elimination is a tournament for several players (suppose there are N of them), consisting of at most N - 1 races. The first race is a usual race without limitations, and no players are considered eliminated. However, once the race ends, the last non-eliminated player becomes eliminated and should use Gnu kart in all subsequent races of the tournament (though still should participate). (Gnu is chosen because it's not comfortable to play with.) The last non-eliminated player wins.

Gnu Elimination is implemented on Frankfurt servers. To start it, the server owner (marked with crown) should type /gnu into chat box. This player can also cancel the tournament using /nognu. Anyone can see the current standings using /standings. Note that:

  1. standings appear after the first race finishes;
  2. all non-eliminated players who quit will be eliminated at once, and no other players will be eliminated in this case;
  3. this mode enforces eliminated players to use Gnu, moreover, the players who joined after the first race finish are also required to use Gnu;
  4. "A. Player" means that Player has now rank A and is not eliminated; on contrast, "[A]. Player" also means that Player is eliminated;
  5. running /gnu in non-racing game modes can produce unexpected results, don't use this until fixed! (We'll know who does that anyway)

Non-default Gnu Elimination

You can also invoke /gnu <kart_name> to use another kart for eliminated players ("/gnu wilber"). Rules stay the same.

Have fun, and don't forget to report any errors/bugs!


All racing servers together store the records of the tracks that are dependent on track, mode, direction, and number of laps. If a player beats the record, he gets notified!

Also you can see the current track records using the /record command:

/record track_id (normal|time-trial) (normal|reverse) laps

Track_id is either official track id or "addon_addonTrackId" (without quotes).

Mode can be defined using n/t/tt/normal/time-trial/timetrial.

Direction can be defined using n/r/rev/normal/reverse.

The number of laps should be at least 0 and integer.

For example, "/record olivermath t n 100" gives the time trial record for 100 laps of Oliver's Math Class in normal direction, and "/record addon_minigolf n r 64" gives the normal race record for 64 laps of addon "minigolf" (not official Minigolf!) in reverse direction.

We are aware of some bugs in notifications and trying to fix them.

Specific info

Frankfurt One

There are bots.

Yes, they are slow. If you know the way to make them faster, please inform me :-)

Yes, you can report them. But why?

Frankfurt Two

You need 30 (currently) add-on tracks to enter. Please install "good" add-ons like those installed on ranked servers or "featured" in add-ons menu, like Green Valley, Lost Chasm, Green Hill, Beam Runner and many others.

Frankfurt Extreme

This server can be used in Time Trial or Normal Race mode (though Normal Race is a bit useless since the tracks available usually have no gift boxes). Or FFA/CTF because there is an arena!

This server has only extreme tracks which are created by Julian (herrbrotkorb/sommejul). Make sure you have at least one of them to enter the server. List of available tracks: animtrack, around the box, bowling, escape room, In der WΓΌste, jumptrack, minigolf (not to be confused with official Minigolf!), MyOLDTrack, teamwork, wrecktrack, x-treme-track.

Note about bowling track

Currently you need to make some changes to see all the objects. First, you need to find stk_config.xml in data folder of your STK installation. Then, find the line with <networking> and modify the value of max-moveable-objects to at least 24. Note that this can probably worsen your game experience on other tracks.

Frankfurt Soccer

Just a soccer server.

Frankfurt Chat

Just a chatting server. The game will never start. You can use private chatting (as well as on other servers).

Scrolling the chatting window and putting files there cannot be fixed using server-side tools. Ask the game devs if you want that.

Frankfurt 100 Laps

It may seem like you select the number of laps, but you don't.

Use shorter tracks like Oliver's Math Class or Minigolf to complete the full distance. Or be brave and try something harder. Or try broken tracks Calm Village or Las Dunas Stadium where there is possible to finish under a minute.

Beware that it takes around 20-25 minutes even for Oliver's Math Class and much more for other tracks, so this can be too long for you. A related issue is that after 1 hour, the in-game timer cannot show the elapsed time properly and shows 59:59.999 (but it's actually running, e.g. the fastest lap can be set), so better measure the time yourself at that point, or ask for approximate time in irc/discord. Though if this is a record you will know the time after the race finish (see Records section!).