Subway Surfers or Temple Run- Who Wins The War?

Subway Surfers or Temple Run- Who Wins The War?

Thomas Shelby

When it comes to never-ending mobile arcade games, there are two names which cross our minds- Subway Surfers and Temple Run

Both the games start and end similarly but with different stories. 

Let’s explore the differences and similarities between the two and see who wins the war?

Temple Run

The game was launched by Imangi Studios and was accepted by all. The most beautiful thing about the game is it’s graphics scenes, just like the Indiana Jones adventures. 

The game starts as soon as you touch the screen. A boy runs out through the cave and tries to escape a big frightening monkey. 

You've got to run before that giant monkey catches you facing different hurdles in between, running and jumping from one way to other collecting coins

The game ends only when you’re stuck somewhere, and the monkey catches you, or you've fallen from your down from the broken path. 

The more you score, the more you enjoy being at the top of the high scorers in the game.

You've got to be awake when you play this game as with the time, the speed increases and you’ve to swipe left or right and jump or slide down to save yourself from getting caught.

If we talk about the average rating of the game, then it’s 4.0 out 5, which is quite impressive. 

Millions of people downloaded this game when it was launched, and many of them still play it in 2020 with the same addiction.

Subway Surfers

Back in May 2012, right after a year or so, a game with almost a similar pattern was launched but with a very different story with colours.

Kiloo and Sybo tried to bring in something new to the game lovers at the time when more than half of the population around the globe had already become addictive to smartphones. 

Especially the young generation. 

The game starts similarly, a small boy painting graffiti and as soon as you touch the screen he runs and chases by a policeman. 

The game is quite exciting as he runs on the track and you got to save him by swiping left or right or jumping and sliding down the hurdles in between. 

In between, you’ll get lots of coins, and you’ll wish to collect them all. 

The character flies in the sky on and runs on a skateboard, which looks awesome!

It gives you the feel! 

The game has the latest version 1.115.0 which gives a lot more to the fans. 

The best part is that there are a mod and the latest version available for Subway Surfers APK which will give you unlimited coins and keys and you can purchase anything you wish in the game. 

Isn’t it awesome?

Final Words

So, after going through all the points, our vote goes to Subway Surfers because it has got more love from the fans and we love them.

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