SubscribeStar Perks Info

SubscribeStar Perks Info


Perk Rollout Time

Movie and Game Night rewards are expected to roll out in June. I have contingencies in place in case I do not have a forever home by this point in order to fulfill these rewards.

These will only be delayed beyond June if a COVID-19 lockdown is ordered *and* I am still with a shelter.

Subscribing to this tier before June is appreciated but it will not result in additional movie or game nights due to my situation. Thank you for understanding.

Exclusive Chat Access

A Telegram account is required at this time. Access is a privilege and not a right; you MUST follow the rules or you WILL be removed, even as a paying subscriber. Contact me to gain access.

Everyone that not already in my chatroom for free on April 14, 2020 is required to join a tier for access to it. If you're not currently in it but were before, you still need to pay.

People who were grandfathered in for free and later removed for rule breaking will need to subscribe for access if I unban them later.

If I have a negative history with you I will not be adding you to my chat. This is not an avenue that you will be able to exploit in order to harass me.

Movie and Game Night Access

Access is given out through my Telegram chat and my SubscribeStar account. Sometimes (but not always) voting on movie or game nights will happen through the chatroom; Telegram will be required to participate in this voting process (in order to simplify it and keep votes secure).

Exlusive Content

Full HD uncensored content of mine (and/or old cringe art/files I post on my high tier) may not be re-posted elsewhere without my explicit permission. I may DMCA if you do this. This is to make sure paying subscribers are getting something for their money.