Submissive Nanny part 2

Submissive Nanny part 2


Submissive Nanny part 2

I finally dozed off thinking about what had happened today.This was not so bad actually I was thinking.I loved children and taking care of them.I also was a sexual submissive and did not have anyone in my life at this time.Okay I was crazy thinking this way but hey we have to make a living.

I must have dozed when suddenly I am told to turn over and get the ass in the air.I do so with elbows on bed and ass in the air.He lines up and lubricates the hole as he suddenly spreads the cheeks for his entrance.

I can feel the thickness slide in and my head is buried into the pillow as he pounds my ass.He lets it go on the outside of my ass spreading it over my red ass like it was cream.He tells me to go warm a cloth and clean him and I up.I do as I am told and return with the cloth to clean him with.I do so and then he tells me to lick it again.I do so but he doesnt want me to get too intense just enough I guess to make sure I really cleaned him well.

Take the position again. I do so with my ass in the air and my head on the bed.

This is the position I want you in when I come to this room each time.If you are not awake then I will wake you and you need not question what I want but move to that position immediately.

Yes sir.

It is the position I will use most often and it makes for the spanking area to be best exposed also.I want you to plan with yourself and make yourself cum while I spank you with my hand.

It did not take long because I enjoyed the anal and was already hot.I stroked my clit and felt the fire let loose as he swung his hand and it seemed to make me more sensitive when I finally exploded.He spanked me more intensely as I came and I realized the intensity of the orgasm was increasing.I came again harder than the first.He stopped and felt my wetness and licked his fingers.Told me to suck the cum off his fingers.I did so and he dipped it again and again and I sucked my cum till there was little more to suck.

You like the taste of your cum, do you?

Yes sir.

Good to know you will eat a womans cum.

I started to say I liked mine and it did not mean I liked others too but knew better than to say anything.

I went back to a deep sleep and he left after the last good smack on the ass.

When the alarm went off for me to get up David was in my room again.He must have an insatiable thirst.Before your shower I want you to suck me dry and drink it down today.I knelt before his cock he had pulled out while sitting on the edge of the bed.

I did and sucked it with a gusto.

He zipped up and left for work and my day with Emily began.The weeks ran into each other as I continued the routine.Every evening he would ask me to go to my room while he put Emily down and I knew I was to assume the position and be waiting when he arrived.I would get a reddened ass then be used anally till he came all over my ass.Then I cleaned him up and he then would have me finger myself and eat my cum off of my fingers and his.Sometimes he rewarded me for something Emily had told him I did to make her happy and he would use some dildos on me as he administered a spanking.I would cum even more intensely.Nights too were pretty much the same with him interrupting my sleep at times and taking what he wanted then a blow job in the morning.The man was highly sexed and needed a lot attention but then so was I so it worked out nicely.

Then the weekends came when Emily would go to her moms for a visit and I had that weekend off.If I planned something and left then I did not have to service him but if I stayed at the house I was used several times and ways.Once while I was cooking I was told to put on only an apron to cook with and when I bent over the oven he pounded me.Another time while doing the wash he could not help himself as he shoved his cock deeply into my anal hole and pounded me as I bent to get clothes out of the dryer.I never knew where he would take me but he still wanted the ass hole and not the cunt.When we were without Emily I was told how to dress and what to do.

One weekend some of his guy friends came over to watch the game and I was supposed to be gone but my plans cancelled and I thought I would just stay in my room.Soon there was a knock at the door and one of his buddies came in.He said David told him he could fuck my brains out and I would let him.I saw David glaring at me from the hall behind his buddy.

I looked at him and knew not to refuse.I told him if David said it then it was true.The guy told me to strip and I did.He told me to spread my legs he was going to fuck me till I begged him to stop.I laugh now thinking about it because I never ask him to stop and he fucked me a good 20 minutes with me cumming a couple of times.He got up and thanked me for the good fuck.I was just getting off the bed when the door opened.David entered and several others came in with him.He told me to take the position.

I did as I was told with my ass in the air.He took the paddle and spanked me good and hard and told me it was for cumming without his permission.I stayed in the position and one by one men mounted me like I was some dog.I felt the humiliation of being used by all these men and not being able to release my tension that grew each time.If they said I was good then David said, next to fuck my slave step up here and do it.If they said I was okay then I got another spanking.They seemed to like it and some came back for seconds.When they were finished with the use, David said he had one more out side the room I was to service as wanted.I better do as told.A woman walked in and told me to stand before her.I did so.She walked around me and then told me to bend over the bed.I felt her hand on my ass as she slid it down even between my legs and she felt my wetness.She spanked me like David and told me I would begin submitting to her as well as David.

Yes mam.

I want you to suck each of my tits and make them perky.

I went right to it and got them hard and her breathing a bit heavier.

Now I am going to lay back here and spread myself open and I want that tongue of yours to make me cum and then I want you suck out my cum.

I crawled between her legs and did play with her clit with my tongue but it wasnt doing the trick so I also began alternating and fucking her cunt with my tongue.This seemed to do the trick faster.Soon she was bucking and holding my head to her musky cunt.Suck it dry, bitch.

I sucked and thought I was going to choke for lack of air with her holding me so tightly.

She pulled my head back and I knew I had cum running down my face at that point.She pulled me to her and kissed my face licking the cum off of me.Her cum.

Did you like that baby?

Yes, mam.

Good because David and I will be using you because we are in need a great deal and I am without my own slave, so David is going to share you.Do you understand that you will be serving two people.You will do as you are told by what ever we ask of you.David has precedence over me if it is a conflict.

My mind is whirling and I am confused.How can I serve both of them if I live with David and my primary care is to take care of Emily and David.I want to ask but know you dont ask questions.

Continued part 3

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