Stripping it down to the essentials

Stripping it down to the essentials

Doug Belshaw

I'm currently away for a few days with my family in a log cabin in the Trossachs. This area of Scotland is known for its beautiful scenery - and terrible internet access.

Although there's a wifi connection in the cabin, it's painfully slow. It's reminded me once again how we get so used to fast connections and big, high resolution screens that we don't think about those accessing our stuff in regions less privileged than our own.

I'm posting this to, a service provides by the people who own Telegram. I've got an app on my Android phone, available via the F-Droid marketplace, that makes it easy to bash out posts on my smartphone. If I could self-host this, I'd use it all the time.

As it is, it's best used for this kind of ephemeral post that I'm posting in my Thought Shrapnel backchannel and on Mastodon.

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