Stretching with Chuen

Stretching with Chuen

Sara Amido

Chuen is truly inspiring! First and foremost, his passion and unavoidable enthusiasm for Resistance Stretching is contagious! To observe him, how he moves and lives, gives me confidence that we do not have to give up our elasticity as time goes by, much like we’ve been brought up to accept. Chuen has motivated me to be as bodily conscious and emotionally aware as he is, to listen carefully to myself without falling into compulsive ways. To find a healthy and harmonious balance between all aspects of myself (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual).

Since practicing RS on a more regular basis I have noticed physical changes such as improvement of my posture, both relief from and prevention of shoulder pain, and my biggest priority is currently to regain full range of motion of my hamstrings and get rid of the many symptoms of malfunction they have a tendency for. I have felt, especially on the right leg, a lot of tightness for several years now, and with RS there is a component of instantaneous relief, but also a gradual process to release the fascia and make the muscles more flexible, the body more elastic.

I have also noticed a considerable change in my mood and attitude. Whereas before, I feel like my default way of engaging with the world (beyond my personal space) would’ve been quite a serious and cynical outlook, I feel as I leave my house these days that my mood is more positive, less indifferent. I find myself smiling more frequently (often for no apparent reason), and laughing seems to come very easily lately!

To become familiar with RS takes time: I am so grateful for Chuen’s infinite patience, persistence, and dedication. As he discovers more stretches, uncovers more knowledge, and finds more connections, I feel very lucky and proud to follow in his footsteps.