Strategies Of Hepatitis Diagnostication

Strategies Of Hepatitis Diagnostication

Q: When it is necessary to make examination after unprotected sex?

A: It is vital to have polymerase sequence of events (PCR) in 10 days after having unprotected sex. Antibodies test will offer information only in 1-3 months.

Q: Can you really get recovered quicker if PCR detected virus in blood immediately after infection?

A: Test shows if you are infected you aren't, plus will help your spouse to vaccinate. However, for that treatment solutions are not important when diagnosis appeared - in many days or weeks after infection. It absolutely was proved that treatment delay even for several months never aggravates the result yet it's virulent to obstruct treatment many year.

Frequently, doctors choose waiting game when they meet hepatitis B. Acute hepatitis B in grown-ups without immune zero 95% cases ultimately ends up with autorecovery. And acute hepatitis C in 60-85% cases becomes chronic.

Q: How to know from test results whether treatment methods are needed or not?

A: Any type of hepatitis requires treatment if liver damage is important. Biochemical make sure biopsy, which detects fibrosis (when liver cells are replaced with connective tissue), will demonstrate it. In hepatitis B are looked at viral loads - the greater virus is within blood, the harder probability is made for the condition to progress.

When viral load is low and bioorganics indicators are common, you could live in security as soon as per year undergo examination. Do not forget that within this period you could infect people around you via blood or sexual intercourse that's the reason your relatives should vaccinate. The effectiveness of vaccination is 98%.

Q: Do you know the control of chronic hepatitis?

A: Hepatitis C may be given interferon alfa and ribavirin. Hepatitis B may be treated with interferon alfa or nucleoside analogues which can be build into virus structure preventing it from reproduction. However, tiny proportion of patients get recovered from hepatitis B. Stopping virus reproduction minimises significantly probability of complications.

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