Stepson Matt...One Hot Summer (P. 1)

Stepson Matt...One Hot Summer (P. 1)


It had been mouths since Id seen Matt. We still sent texts and talked on the phone now and then, but that was about it. He was just wrapping up his first year of college, so it was understandable that he was busy with classes and living the college life. As for me and John, hes still finding reasons to be out of town or at the office, but were still going through the motions of a marriage. Its kind of frustrating actually. John was still fucking me whenever he was home and being polite on the surface, so it wasnt like I had clear grounds to leave him. The mysterious phone calls from women John claimed were his secretaries continued off and on, but how could I use the excuse of him cheating as a reason to leave him when Ive been getting Matts cock for almost a year now? I tried to put all that out of my mind as I got ready to welcome Matt back home. It was just a dinner at the house, but I figured I would make the effort to make it nice. Matt and I have actually talked enough - outside of me moaning or commenting him on his enormous cock - that I knew his favorite foods. John had been home for the past few days and even gave me his usual quick fuck before leaving for work that morning, so there was a chance he would actually be around for dinner this time.

Matt texted and said he was on his way. I had a nice roast and all the related stuff cooking in the kitchen. Just then, John called to say that an emergency came up at work and he would be home late. He insisted that we start dinner without him and he would be home as soon as he can. Sure, dinners already on and Matts on his way, so Ill take care of things here, I said while wrapping up the call and trying not to let on that I suspected other motives. There was a knock on the door. I put down the potholders I used while checking on the roast and went to get the door. My mouth almost dropped when I opened it and saw Matt standing there. Even though it had only been a few months since Id actually seen Matt, it was clear that he had been working out in between studying and partying. Hey there, I said as Matt came in. Let me guess, dads not here, Matt said. He said to go ahead and start without him, I managed to say while watching Matt put down his book bag. He had on a light blue t-shirt that caressed his bulging muscles and a pair of khaki shorts. I swallowed as I caught a good glimpse of his ass when he reached down to move his book bag out of the way.

Been working out, I said as Matt turned around to face me. Yeah, pretty hardcore actually, Matt said as he stood there and flexed for me. I put on like 20 something pounds of muscle, Matt said while making his pecs dance through his t-shirt. Nice, was all I managed to say as Matt sat down on the couch. Dinner smells good. Smells like my favorite, Matt said as I wished his dad was as observant. Yeah, its all your favorites, I said as Matt stood up in front of me. Want a better view, he said with a sheepish grin. Your dad... I started to say out of habit. You know hes not gonna be anywhere near on time, Matt said while peeling off his tight t-shirt. I just stood there in awe looking at his pecs and bulging arm muscles - not to mention his well-defined eight pack abs. I bet youve been popular with the ladies, I managed to say as my eyes fixated on Matts amazing body. Ive been doing alright, Matt smile as he turned around and fiddled with his belt buckle. Enjoy the show, Matt said as he playfully shook his firm, round bubble butt and slowly eased down his shorts to reveal some tight white briefs.

Matt jumped up on the couch and shook his ass and flexed his muscles before turning around and jumping off the couch. I couldnt help but notice how his cock bounced in his briefs as he made the leap from the couch to the carpeted living room floor. I feel like I should be stuffing money down there, I said as Matt got closer and started grinding his rapidly growing cock against me. Thats part of my routine, Matt said. Routine for what, I asked. Dont tell me youre a stripper. Just call me Magic Matt, he said while lifting my top over my head. Serious, you strip, I asked. Yeah, Im fuckin serious. Its just a few nights a week at this club near campus, Matt said. I bet you get lots of things stuffed down your briefs, I said. Yeah, I do alright, Matt said with that sexy laugh of his. Did dad do the deed this morning, Matt said while reaching down to pull my shirt off. Yeah, he did, was all I could manage to say as I stood up against Matt in my white lace-trimmedbra and panties. Whens the last time you got laid, I boldly asked. I figured if he could be bold with the questions, I could do the same. This morning, Matt said while pressing his now rock hard cock against me. Really, I said. Just some girl that stayed the night at the dorm and wanted one more round before me and my roommate, Jason, got her out before security noticed she was there, Matt explained.

I see, I said while running my hands down Matts muscular back to the waistband of his briefs. Dont worry, she wasnt that good, Matt said with a smile as he reached around and unhooked my bra. Oh really, she didnt take care of all your needs, I said as I reached inside of Matts briefs and cupped his ass cheeks in my hands. Nope, she couldnt even suck more than half of it, Matt said as he picked me up and took me over to the couch. He kissed me on the lips and then slowly eased his mouth down my neck and over my tits. He took time to suck each nipple and get them nice and hard before easing his way down to the top of my panties. He used his teeth to take them off. I let out a gasp as Matt tossed my panties to the floor with one hand while burying his tongue inside. I was surprised that he kept it up until I had my first orgasm right with his mouth pressed over my dripping wet pussy lips. By now, I was dripping with sweat as I managed to grab the waistband of Matts briefs. He lifted his hips some so that I could start to push them past his hips and thighs. He shifted his body and managed to kick them the rest of the way off. Ready, was all Matt could ask as the tip of his throbbing cock hoovered above my pussy.

Go for it stud, I said as Matt rammed his cock inside of me. Oh fuck, I screamed as Matt shoved what felt like an even bigger and thicker cock inside of me. Scream my name, Matt demanded as he started going balls deep. I had no choice but to do as he requested. I couldnt believe how much he was filling me up. Its not like I wasnt familiar with Matts dick. There was just something even more manly about Matt. He was really built. His muscles rippled, even when he made no effort to flex. His thighs were so thick and powerful. His ass was even more round and muscular. I got even more turned on by the fact that sweat was dripping all over his body as he kept up a steady pace. Matt, I screamed as he went from the tip of his mushroom head right down to his balls in one thrust. I had already had about half a dozen orgasms before Matt finally gritted his teeth and said ready, with a husky sound in his voice that wasnt there before. I just managed to nod as Matt made a few more pumps before finally spewing his hot seed inside of me. He let out a series of loud groans.Oh, fuck yeah take this fuckin cum, he yelled between load grunts and groans with such volume that I was sure the neighbors heard. He kept pumping with such force that the couch felt like it was going to collapse. He gave me a deep tongue kiss before easing his still hard cock out of me.

I heard the buzzer going off in the kitchen, so I managed to get up and throw my clothes on and go check on the dinner. Matt grabbed his briefs and threw them back on and grabbed the rest of his clothes in his hands. Im gonna grab a shower, Matt said as he came around behind me and pressed his still hard cock against my back. Alright, was all I could say as I was still trying to catch my breath. I glanced over and caught another glimpse of Matts amazing body as he walked upstairs in his briefs. He was going to be nineteen soon and he clearly was already all man. I managed to gain my composure and get the dinner ready. Everything was ready when Matt came down in a fresh pair of khaki shorts and a red t-shirt. I was surprised that he helped me set the table and even proceeded to make some homemade gravy. You got some cooking skills, I said. Did you just think I had one skill, Matt asked as he playfully squeezed his dick through his shorts. Of course not, I said as I found myself playfully smacking his ass in return.

John eventually made it home and we had a pleasant enough dinner. Matt went out that night with his friends and John said he was too tired to fuck, so we ended up getting to bed early. I wondered if Matt was in yet, so I slipped on my robe and did some exploring. Matt wasnt in his room, but I did hear the living room door open so I started downstairs. I stopped when I heard Matt talking. I figured he was about to fuck, so Id sneak and enjoy the show. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of horny that night anyway. Im glad I ran into you, I heard what didnt really sound like the voice of a teenage girl say. I just need to havesome of that fuckin cock, I heard a familiar sounding voice say. Go for it, Matt said. As I was perched at the top of the stairs, I just saw Matts ass as he stood there with his shorts and briefs around his ankles with some girl in front of him sucking his cock. Damn, you really crave that cock, Matt said as his breathing increased. I was wondering who the cock sucking slut was, but I have to admit that I was fuckin horny as hell watching Matt squeeze his ass cheeks together while feeding his cock to that girl. Ready, I heard Matt declare about 10 minutes later. I only heard a garbled uh huh as Matts tight, muscular bubble butt back as he shot hot jizz down the girls throat. Oh fuck stud, I heard a female voice say. You want more, Matt said. I want you to fuck me, the female voice said. You sure, Matt asked as he kicked off his shorts and briefs. I was shocked to see that the cock sucker was Mrs. Miller.

Here, I heard Mrs. Miller say while fiddling for something in her purse. Will this fit, she said while ripping open what looked like a condom packet. Maybe, Matt said with a smile as he took the rubber and slid it down his huge cock. Jesus, you are so fuckin big, Mrs. Miller exclaimed as she took both of her hands and cupped Matts shaved balls. Im guessing your hubby doesnt have equipment like this, Matt said while stripping off his t-shirt as Mrs. Miller managed to get out of her clothes and lay down on the couch. Fuck no, she said as she fixated on Matts muscular body. I caught a glimpse of Matts huge condom-covered cock from the side as he pushed the pile of clothes on the floor out of the way. He lowered himself on top of Mrs. Miller and positioned his cock right above her. Fuck me you mother fuckin stud, Mrs. Miller said with such a determination in her voice. I was surprised that a 40-something woman was so turned on by a young stud. Matt slowly eased his huge cock into Mrs. Miller as she started moaning. Fuck me you fuckin stud, Mrs. Miller demanded as Matt eased the rest of his engorged cock into her. Oh fuck, it hurts, Mrs. Miller declared.

Matt stopped and she reached around and dug her nails in his back and said Keep fuckin going stud, as Matt started to pump again. Oh shit, I didnt realize you were this fuckin big, Mrs. Miller said as Mattworked his way up to a steady pace. Oh fuck! yes!, Mrs. Miller almost shouted as Matt picked up the pace. Cum for me you mother fuckin stud puppy, Mrs. Miller demanded as she dug her nails in Matts back. I was surprised when I heard her hands smack Matts ass as he bucked in and out. Yes you fuckin animal, fuck me, she almost shouted while smacking Matts muscular ass over and over. I was dripping wet just listening to the sound of her smacking Matts ass as he pumped away. Here it comes, Matt declared as he shoved his cock in and out a few more times before bucking his hips wildly. Oh fuck yeah stud, Mrs. Miller yelled as Matt shot his load into the condom. Oh my God you mother fuckin stud, Mrs. Miller said as Matt eased his cock out. My mouth fell open as I watched Mrs. Miller ease the rubber off of Matts still swollen cock and open her mouth and squeeze his cum into her mouth like she was rolling down a tube of toothpaste. Like that, was all an equally surprised Matt managed to say. Good to the last mother fuckin drop, Mrs. Miller said while getting her clothes back on. Matt slipped on his briefs and walked her to the door. You were fuckin amazing, she said as she smacked Matts ass one more time before leaving.

Damn, I said while coming the rest of the way downstairs. Did you like the show, Matt said. Impressive, I said. Dont worry, I still have some for you, Matt said with a smile. I couldnt help but glance down and notice that Matts hard-on hadnt even subsided. Im saving the best for you, Matt said while pulling me close to his sweaty body. Oh yeah, I thought maybe I had some competition stud, I said as I playfully smacked his ass. Youre not getting jealous are you, Matt said with a sheepish grin as he picked me up in his strong arms and carried back to the couch where the action just took place. Not at all. I loved watching you perform, I said while running my fingers over Matts muscular chest and washboard abs. I grabbed his briefs from the side as his mushroom head peaked out from the waistband.Before I pulled them down, I was cupped his huge balls with one hand as Matt let out a gasp. In a matter of seconds, Matt as on top of me with his huge cock buried balls deep in my dripped wet pussy. Even though I really did get turned on watching Matt fuck, I was relieved that Mrs. Miller made him wear a condom as Matt slammed his bare cock in and out of me.

Matt managed to cum three times, including one time while fucking me doggy style, before we ended up getting back upstairs. Even then, Matt pressed me up against the wall and French kissed me while pressing his rapidly inflating cock against me. At that moment, me and Matt locked eyes as he kissed me with such a force that I actually found myself getting turned on again.I reached down and squeezed Matts cock through his briefs. I heard Johns snoring as Matt picked me up. We cant do this here, I half-protested as I wrapped my legs around Matt. I reached down and pulled his cock past his briefs as I muttered something about the fact that John was just inside the bedroom. Shh, just go with it, Matt said with that now familiar husky sound in his voice. Matt managed to balance me on his huge cock as he pressed my back to the wall and eased his dick in and out of me. Oh God Matt, was I all I could say as Matt drove his big, thick cock in and out with an increasingly rapid-fire pace. I starred into Matts deep blue eyes as he gritted his teeth and came. He lowed me down as I stuffed his cum-covered cock back into his briefs. I could literally barely walk as I found my way back to Johns bed and fell asleep.

The next morning after quickly grabbing a cereal bar and some coffee, John informed me that he had to go out of town again for a few days. Big emergency at work, he said as he rushed out door. Love you honey, he muttered while giving me a quick kiss. I was fixing some bacon and eggs for myself and Matt when I got another one of those mysterious phone calls of some woman asking for John. Hes on his way to the office, I said as Matt came downstairs wearing sweatpants. Im making bacon and eggs, I managed to say while regaining my composure. Matt came over to me and just held me as I finally gave in and started to cry. I guess I knew something was going on with John, but I kept pretending it wasnt and it just caught up with me. Alright, lets have breakfast. Whats on the agenda for today, I asked Matt. He said that he started his summer job today. He was going to work on a construction site. That should be good for you, I said. Yeah, Ill be fuckin pumped, Matt said as he flexed his muscles and went upstairs to get a shower and change before leaving. I just wanted to think about something else, so I followed Matt upstairs a few minutes later. Matt was already in the shower and I let my robe drop and opened the shower door as Matt turned around and pulled me close. Sorry about my dad, Matt said as he eased his huge cock inside of me. Itll be alright, I said while grabbing onto Matts ass as he started to pump his ten inch monster in and out.

A couple weeks later, it was Matts birthday. He had been busy working on that construction site. Even though he was probably kidding about getting all pumped up, it did look like he was putting on some moremuscle from doing all that construction work. John was away at work more often and off on business related trips more often. I tried not to worry about it too much. How could I be too upset with Matt fucking me every night. Just this past weekend, John was out of town the whole time and Matt must have set some kind of fucking record. He fucked me Friday evening when he got home from work. He fucked some girl later that night and then fucked me after she left. We ended up going at it again Saturday morning before Matt left to go back to the construction site. He came home early and was especially horny and we ended up going at it for hours before ordering a pizza for dinner. He went out with friends that night and I watched him fuck two girls downstairs. I was amazed that after they left he came upstairs and crawled into my bed and went to town for a few more hours. Sunday was pretty much a day of almost non-stop sex. That night, Matt experimented with a bunch of different positions besides missionary and managed to cum five times before finally ending the night with missionary. So that was a total of six times he blew. By the time Monday morning rolled around, I literally could not walk.

After spending the night in my bed again and finished our morning fuck, Matt said that Mrs. Miller wanted his dick again. Shes been texting me and trying to figure out a time for us to fuck again, Matt said. Go for it stud, I said while laying next to Matt. You sure, Matt said. Yeah, I dont mind you fucking as long as I can watch the show, I said while tickling Matts chest. Alright, Matt said as he texted Mrs. Miller. How about now, he said. Oh, sure, I said kind of surprised that he had the stamina. I stayed upstairs as Matt slipped on his sweatpants and went downstairs to wait for her. I heard the doorbell ring as I watched from my secret spot at the top of the stairs. Wheres Amanda, I heard Mrs. Miller ask. She went to get some stuff for my birthday dinner, Matt said. Oh, happy birthday stud, she said while pulling the string on his sweatpants. So, hubbys gone, I assume, Matt said. Yeah, the prick left for work, now give me that fuckin dick stud, Mrs. Miller said as she yanked Matts sweatpants down. He had on a pair of tight white briefs that seemed to fascinated Mrs. Miller as she rubbed his massive bulge with her fingers. Damn, you put on more muscle, Mrs. Miller said while running her hands over Matts arms and chest. Youre fuckin ripped, I believe is the term you guys use, Mrs. Miller said as she pulled her top and sweatpants off, revealing that she had nothing on underneath. Let me at that dick, she said while dropping to her knees and pulled Matts briefs down to his ankles. Shit, your a horny bitch today, Matt said as Mrs. Miller swallowed as much of his swollen cock as she could take. I adjusted my position to get a better view as Matt glanced over at me and smiled while Mrs. Miller kept up her frantic sucking pace.

Cum you mother fucking stud cum, Mrs. Miller said while grabbing Matts cock with two hands as she licked his mushroom head. She wrapped her lips around his head and got about halfway down before Matt gave her what she craved. Cum was spewing out of her mouth and dripping down Matts shaft and balls. Damn, that fuckers still hard, was all Mrs. Miller could say as she smacked Matts ass and pulled him to the couch. Hang on, Matt said as he reached into his sweatpants for a rubber. Put it on, he growled. Mrs. Miller did as instructed. Fuck me now stud, Mrs. Miller yelled as Matt slid his huge cock into her. Oh you mother fucking stud, Mrs. Miller screamed as Matt pumped away. I was surprised at how loud she getting and how graphic she was. She always seemed like the perfect proper housewife. I guess getting some serious cock can do that to a woman. Tell me you love my fuckin dick bitch, Matt demanded as he went balls deep. I love your fuckin huge dick, Mrs. Miller screamed as Matt shifted his position some, which gave me a good view of his ass and bouncing balls. Going by the sounds she made, Mrs. Miller was in the middle of multiple orgasms before Matt finally came. They were both dripped with sweat as Matt pulled his condom-covered cock out of her. She grabbed the rubber and this time she squeezed the cum back onto Matts cock and got down between his legs to lick it up. Fuck, was all Matt could say as he leaned his head back with a look of total satisfaction on his face. That was great, Mrs. Miller said while getting dressed and heading to the door. Matt, still naked, got up and followed her to the door. Just fuckin amazing, Mrs. Miller said as she smacked Matts ass before leaving. How was the show, Matt said as he glanced up at me. Just fuckin amazing, I said with a smile.

Matt had to get to the construction site, so there wasnt time for him to take care of me again. I busied myself with getting stuff ready for what had become his annual birthday party. Only this time Matt didnt act like it was such an annoyance. Things really changed since Matt and I first had sex a year ago. It turns out that Matt is incredible person. He has a great sense of humor and he actually has a compassionate side once he lets his guard down. John, on the other hand, is often hard to read. He can be sweet, but other times he is distant and barely pays attention to anything. Which, to be perfectly honest, hasnt been all bad. Ive come to accept the fact that John is probably fooling around on the side. Its not like I can really complain since Im getting his sons cock on a regular basis. It just hurts to know that hes not willing to either come clean or go ahead and make me his next ex-wife. Ive learned to live with it, for the most part. Ive actually found myself confiding in Matt more and more. Matts 19th birthday came and went. John made it home for the dinner, but made an excuse about needing to get back to the office soon after dinner was over. He did come back later and fuck me real quick before falling off to sleep.

One hot May afternoon, I was driving home with Mrs. Miller. We did a little shopping and got our hair done. Just a girls day out. We were stuck in traffic as they were doing some construction on the road. I glanced over and noticed one of the guys had an amazing ass. After taking a second glance, I realized that it was Matt. Theres Matt, I said to Susan. Yeah, hes hot and legal, she said while practically licking her lips. Hes got an enormous cock, Mrs. Miller said while fixing her eyes on the bulge in Matts jeans. Excuse me, I said, pretending to be surprised. I mean, it looks like hes really packing something in those jeans,. Susan said while trying to cover up her slip of the tongue. Susan and I were transfixed on Matts ass as he bent down to pick up a bucket, revealing the waistband of his briefs for all to see. We heard a honk as the traffic started moving again and inched forward. I bet he fucks like a wild man, Susan said with an almost glazed look in her eyes. Susan, I said while attempting to change the subject. Dont tell me you havent noticed stud boy around the house. That ass alone should be cast in stone, Susan said while running her tongue over her lips. I shouldnt say anything, Susan said, but a few weeks ago, Matt and I had sex in your living room. I pretended to be shocked. You would be screaming if he rammed that meat into you. Its at least 10 inches and so damn thick. I swear he just about split me open with that mother fucker, Susan said just as we pulled into my driveway.

I could have just told her right then and there that Ive been getting Matts dick for a little over a year now, but I decided to keep that between me and Matt...for now. The hot pre-summer days continued. Matt and I kept fucking just about every night. I had one pregnancy scare, but it turned out I wasnt pregnant again. Matt ended up fucking Mrs. Miller a few more times as I watched from my perch at the top of the steps. One time, Matt was pounding so hard that his condom broke. He pulled out and she was so horny that she jacked him off with both of her hands until he shot streams of cum into the air. The other time she fucked him was when John was out of town and Matt pretended nobody was home and they fucked all over the living room in just about every position possible. Matt ended up cumming about five or six times before Mrs. Miller saw her husbands car pull up across the street and rushed out. Matt remained naked as I came all the way downstairs and we ended up fucking on the couch. Matt forgot to lock the door and about 20 minutes later Mrs. Miller came in to get her purse that she had left on the table. She walked in just as Matt was ramming his cock deep inside of me. I glanced up and saw her, but couldnt do anything to stop Matt from blasting his cum inside of me. Matt was dripping with sweat as I grabbed his shoulder to get his attention. Ill see you two later, Mrs. Miller said with a smile as she left. Me and Matt just laughed as we went upstairs naked and fucked one more time in the shower before dinner.

By Memorial Day, I was on the pill. I figured I wouldnt take a chance of getting knocked up, at least not right now. Now that Mrs. Miller knew I too was fucking Matt, we ended up talking about his amazing abilities whenever we went out to lunch or had a girls day out. John managed to find his way home for Memorial Day, but found an excuse to run to the office real quick in the early afternoon. Matt said he would handle the burgers and hot dogs. He had spent the last five days working double shifts to finish up a few construction projects that needed to be done before the unofficial start of summer. Matt was so tired from work that we hadnt had a chance to fuck in almost a week. As soon as John left, Matt came over to me in the kitchen while I was making potato salad. He was just wearing basketball shorts and a tank top. He started kissing my neck and I tried to brush him off, but it was no use. He grabbed me and carried me upstairs to my bedroom. We practically ripped each others clothes off as we got into bed. With just the sheet barely over us, Matt was pumping away in no time. Matt so damn horny that he just kept fucking me, even after he came. His dick stayed hard and he went for round two followed by a third round. It was almost 3pm when Matt and I finished up round four. We were both dripping with sweat and catching our breath as we heard Johns car door slam. Matt jumped up and grabbed his basketball shorts. I hurried up to throw my shorts and top on as Matt stopped me in the hallway and pressed me against the wall and shoved his tongue down my throat. Even as John walked in the living room and yelled that he was home, Matt pressed his muscular body against me. Matt, I said. I dont give a fuck, he said while kissing me one more time before saying yeah, dad, Im helping Amanda with something, well down in a sec. Alright, John answered. We were starting to head downstairs as Matt pushed me in front of him to hide his still hard cock that was bouncing around in his shorts as we went downstairs.

Matt did his best to hide his obvious erection the rest of the afternoon. Later that night, we ended up fucking in Matts bed after John fell asleep. He came two more times and I was ready to slip back into Johns bed when Matt grabbed my arm as asked me to stay his bed a while longer. I ended up cuddling up to him and falling asleep. Thankfully, I woke up around 4am and was able to sneak back into bed with John without being discovered. Matt was getting more bold with his actions. I think the risk of getting caught turned him on. It turned out to be the start of one hot summer. John continued to find reasons to either run off to the office or work out of town and things really heated up between me and Matt. He continued with his construction job throughout the summer. One hot day, John was out of town and the air conditioning wasnt working and me and Matt had the sheets drenched by the morning. Even though we were both uncomfortable from the heat, it was one hot night. He came eight times before we finally fell off to sleep. He went for an additional two rounds when we woke up the next morning.By the time the Fourth of July rolled around, Matt had packed on more muscle and things began to really heat up between us. (stay tuned for part 2)

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