Step by step guide to use

Step by step guide to use

Step 1

Decide the subdomain you want to use and the source webpage link.

In this example we ll be using subdomain and source

Step 2

Go to your DNS management dashboard and add CNAME record value for this subdomain to

Make sure you user DNS only by turning of the Proxy status.

Yes, its Cloudflare screenshot

Step 3

Login to your dashboard and enter your subdomain, click verify.

It must turn green, it verifies if you have added the CNAME record value for that subdomain.

Green is good

Sometime it can take some time to DNS change.

Step 4

Enter your source link and click "Add"

Step 5

Test it with, but again it can take few minutes.

Clean your DNS cache and try again of better test it with

Step 6

Check for more details.