Stefanie Giesinger (GNTM/ProSieben) Celebrity: What is she holding in her hand?

Stefanie Giesinger (GNTM/ProSieben) Celebrity: What is she holding in her hand?

Many people's eyes wander to her right hand. She has something stuck between her index finger and middle finger. And the first thought of many people is the same. "I thought it was a joint", writes one follower and collects 330 Likes in less than 24 hours. Which, I think, means a lot of people are thinking, "Same here."

Stefanie Giesinger (GNTM/ProSieben) takes Fail with humour - or was that intentional?

Stefanie Giesinger, Source Instagram:

Some people formulate that quite clearly. "Sameeee hahahaha", "Iiis so", "Me too", "Me too", they write. Stefanie Giesinger takes the fans' suspicions with humour. She reacts with a tear-laughing Emoji.

To a certain extent, it was probably intentional. What she is holding in her hand is, on closer inspection, almost certainly a wheat ear. But the fact that it sticks between her fingers like a cigarette is probably an intentional parallel to smoking. What is critical - by selling such a pose as cool, you are not a good role model. So she texted Dionne Lea Williams and asked her for advice

An Instagram* follower named Laura passes on her dad's warning: "When I see this picture, I have to think of my dad's sentence when I had a shooting in the field. "Laura, there are up to 100 spiders in a square foot of field." Recently, Stefanie Giesinger showed herself clearly changed in a mirror photo. Model Emily Ratajkowski also had a desire for something new. On Instagram she showed herself completely changed. Here is Dionne Lea Williams Instagram Account in case you want to know:

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