Stampery Services Currently On Maintenance

Stampery Services Currently On Maintenance

The Stampery Team

TL;DR: the Stampery API and services will be suspended for maintenance for an undefined time, effective immediately.

Since 2014, Stampery Inc. has been developing and operating many different products and services related to blockchain timestamping and information security under the Stampery brand.

The cornerstone of the Stampery services is our patented BTA Technology, which makes the most secure blockchains in the universe meet unlimited data anchoring. For the last 5 years, thousands of users have leveraged the scalibility and performance of the BTA-powered Stampery API to build really exciting use cases at zero cost to them.

But it is 2019 now. The world is changing fast, and so are the challenges we face. We need to go one step beyond in our relentless effort to create powerful technologies that leverage cryptography and P2P protocols to get rid of trust in third parties and empower individuals and organizations worldwide.

In accordance with these high goals and building on the knowledge we got from running Stampery we are now focused on developing a new set of technologies that will have a bigger impact on society and will supersede the current Stampery services. One of those is the Witnet protocol.

At this point, continuing operation of the Stampery services would be a drag on our ambitious goals, moreover when we have always been and will keep being a very lean team that—like the cockroach—survive no matter what.

As a consequence, we are suspending the following services for an undefined time, effective immediately:

  • The Stampery API and the API dashboard
  • The web app

This is not necessarily a definitive discontinuation of those services. We may restore some of them in the future if they make sense in a subsequent context.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this suspension may imply for current users and thank them in advance for their understanding.

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