Squats With Chair

Squats With Chair


What is Squat with Chairs?

The Chair squats are a beginner-friendly exercise great for building important leg muscles like your quads, hamstrings, and glutes while offering the support of a sturdy surface. Place a chair behind you. Stand up straight with a tight core and flat back. Fold your arms in front. Your feet should be shoulder-width and toes and pointing forward. Slowly descend by bending your knees and driving your hips back. Keep your chest and head up. Touch the chair with your butt then slowly rise back to the starting position. The chair squat is a compound strength exercise that targets numerous muscles in the lower body. While it does offer benefits, alone it’s not an effective way to lower your body fat and lose weight. However, it can be incorporated into a circuit workout that in turn burns a high number of calories and thus can help you with your weight-loss efforts. 

Another weight-bearing exercise that's easy to do at home is squats with a chair. During this exercise, you squat over a chair as if you were about to sit down, but don't make contact with the seat. Instead, you stand back up and repeat the process multiple times. Squats not only help tone your lower body, but they can also help improve balance. When you get started, you might find it's easiest to perform the exercise with your hands and arms extended out in front of you.

Benefits of Chair Squats

The benefits of Chair squats are a quality and safe way for those who are just starting out with strength training. When used alone, they won’t burn enough calories for fat loss, but they do help build strength and tone in your quadriceps, gluteus maximus and calves. Setting a chair behind you alleviates the fear of losing control and falling backward that you may have when performing the traditional squat. In addition, having a brief moment where your hips are in contact with the chair lowers the difficulty of the squat. Chair squats are 한국야동 often used when first learning how to properly squat. Beginners often do not push their hips back adequately, but having the chair behind you promotes proper hip flexion.