Spicarium - A FileStore Telegram Bot

Spicarium - A FileStore Telegram Bot

@leetmind - Felix Höddinghaus - xefli.de

Hi, I am Spicarium!

Do you too have many files you have to store? And you have to share them with others?
And you also like privacy and the Telegram Messenger? Well, then you will like Spicarium!

"Spicarium" - as explained on the project-site - is a latin noun, meaning "storage".
You can contact the bot via Telegram under the username @filestorage_bot.

The bot can store your files and organize them with hashtags as keywords. This is especially usefull in large groups, but also for every group size. You can connect an unlimited amount of private and group chats to the same storage, so the groups conversation won't be bloated and you can store and get files in every connected chat.

Privacy: "Are my files save with you?"

I don't have your files, so yes, they are - on the Telegram servers.
The bot only stores the id of the message along with its hashtags and a few details like the data-type and file-name/caption of the message.
There is a possibility for me to forward the messages to myself - but I promise to don't do so. Why trust me? Do you trust Google or Dropbox? No? Good.

Your rights matter, because you never know when you're going to need them
-Edward Snowden

You can store almost every data-type telegram supports right now.

You can find more information and the whole documentation on the project-site: spicarium.xefli.de/#how-to

Thank you for reading and sharing!