Speculum A speculum is a medical tool for investigating body orifices, with a form dependent on the orifice for which it is designed. In old texts, the speculum may also be referred to as a diopter or dioptra.
A speculum is a medical tool for investigating body orifices, with a form dependent on the orifice for which it is designed. In old texts, the speculum may.
A vaginal speculum is a medical tool, usually made of metal or plastic, that doctors use to perform a more thorough exam of a woman's.
A speculum is a duck-bill-shaped device that doctors use to see inside a hollow part of your body and diagnose or treat disease.
Rather than having a two-part system that pushes the vaginal walls apart like an opening hand, these new devices are actually small tubes about.
What is a speculum used for? A speculum, or vaginal speculum, is used to open the vaginal walls. This allows a gynecologist to examine the.
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The current design of the speculum, fashioned by American physician James Marion Sims, dates back to the s. The device had two pewter blades.
A vaginal speculum is a medical device that allows physicians and health providers to better view a woman's cervix and vagina during pelvic.
The speculum is a familiar, standard gynecology instrument used in all pelvic exams. It has gone unchanged for over years.
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only-it is not considered a “pelvic exam”. • This module covers speculum only-not the full forensic exam. • Having a speculum to handle during review of.
A speculum is a device used to look inside in the vagina and observe the cervix. A speculum examination is often performed alongside a bimanual examination.
Specula are used by doctors during exams and procedures to open up the vaginal canal. While it's normal for the patient to feel pressure while a.
A vaginal speculum is a vital medical instrument that allows a health care provider to visualize the interior aspects of the vagina.
Speculum insertion can be associated with considerable discomfort during routine pelvic examination. Physiologically, vaginal entry requires lubrication.
The Greenberg speculum is a modification of a Graves speculum with an open side to allow for the removal of instruments while they are still in the vagina.
Current issues are now on the Chicago Journals website. Read the latest [HOST]um is the oldest U.S. journal devoted exclusively to the Middle Ages.
For the speculum examination, the doctor places a tool called a speculum into the woman's vagina. The speculum helps to open the vagina a little bit, allowing.
Objectives: To assess to what extent a speculum examination after a bimanual examination influences the accuracy of diagnosis and subsequent management of women.
Visualize the foreign body using a nasal speculum for the pediatric patient or a vaginal speculum for the adult. Consider using procedural sedation (see.
The vaginal speculum – that creepy looking metal device used to examine the vagina and cervix – has remained largely unchanged since the 19th century.
THE SPECULUM EXAM SHOULDN'T HURT! If you're the kind of gal who avoids going to the gyno because you're afraid of the torture device known as a speculum.
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speculum noun [C] (MEDICAL INSTRUMENT) · He picked up his speculum from a small metal tray and started his examination. · The inside of your nose may need to be.
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Vaginal Specula. A vaginal speculum is a medical instrument used to dilate the vagina for examination of the vagina and cervix. The most common type has two.
Speculum definition, a mirror or reflector, especially one of polished metal, as on a reflecting telescope. See more.
A guide to performing a speculum examination in an OSCE setting, including step-by-step images and a video demonstration.
How to redesign the vaginal speculum. The number of women going for cervical tests is at its lowest in 19 years. An all-women team at the US.
The history of the vaginal speculum helps us recognise some of the ways bodies have been analysed, policed, governed and understood.
The speculum is opened to widen the vagina so that the vagina and cervix can be seen. Perform a Pap smear. Your doctor will use a plastic.
Improved postpartum suturing of genital trauma · The Hegenberger Speculum enables a better overview of tears, better working conditions for clinicians and a.
Speculum maius (greater Mirror) was a major encyclopedia of the Middle Ages, written by Vincent de Beauvais in the 13th century. It was a great compendium.
The examiner should use warm gloved hands and a warm speculum. Each step of the examination should be explained in advance to the patient. Always do pelvic exam.
Open speculum slowly, exposing cervix. ▫ Tighten screw to hold in open position. Pap Smear/Other Screens. □. Obtain cervical specimen.
Review Editors, appointed by the Council of the Medieval Academy upon the recommendation of the Editor of Speculum, serve three-year terms.
speculum in American English · 1. a. a mirror, esp. one of polished metal. b. Obsolete. such a mirror in a reflecting telescope · 2. Medicine. an instrument for.
Speculum, published quarterly since , was the first scholarly journal in North America devoted exclusively to the Middle Ages.
speculum · 1: an instrument inserted into a body passage especially to facilitate visual inspection or medication · 2: a drawing or table showing the relative.
The speculum-based pelvic exam is performed for various reasons including: (1) cervical cancer screening, i.e. visualizing the cervix and.
(ornithology) A bright, lustrous patch of colour found on the wings of ducks and some other birds, usually situated on the distal portions of the secondary.
Speculum, vaginal: An instrument used to widen the opening of the vagina so that the cervix is more easily visible. "Speculum" is the Latin word for mirror.
The new self-retaining vaginal speculum is basically similar to the familiar Graves speculum, with modifications which are designed to make the instrument.
Other articles where speculum metal is discussed: coin: Ancient Britain: of small, cast pieces of speculum, a brittle bronze alloy with 20 percent tin.
The names of objects are important too, as with the speculum. This medical instrument is most typically used to dilate and hold open the.
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