Special developments for car dealers

Special developments for car dealers

CRM system for car dealerships and car dealers helps to attract customers and ends with the purchase of a car.

Manage your car base, increase the number of visits and average order check, and provide impeccable customer service with flexible mechanics using auto dealer service software.  Thanks to the unlimited capabilities of the system on the platform, you can consolidate all the necessary services and third-party applications to manage the complete customer journey: from acquisition to service and repeat sales.

Key features and benefits:


Unified customer base

Now you can consolidate information about existing and potential customers in a single contact database:

-Formation of a client profile

-Deep segmentation of the contact base and counterparties to determine the target audience

-Full history of relationships: visits to the salon, test drives, consultations, purchases, service calls with reference to accompanying documentation and invoices

-Data enrichment tools

Sales management

Use processes to manage sales:

-Management of cross-selling

-Planning, analysis of the effectiveness of employees, monitoring the implementation of sales plans

-Maintaining worksheets, scheduling and monitoring appointments, calls, activities

-Fixing discounts and special conditions of sales

-Maintaining commercial documentation, invoices, settlements with clients

Car catalog maintenance

Easily manage all the company's products, regardless of the complexity and size of the product catalog:

-Multilevel product catalog

-Accounting for cars and their individual characteristics: VIN numbers, configuration, condition, registration data

-Service history of the car: information on the number of owners, work carried out within the framework of warranty and post-warranty service, refurbishment, maintenance

-Faceted selection of products

-Import of catalog and price lists from other systems

Business process management

Use best practices getting the most out of your processes:

-Manage leads and sales

Automation of work with invoices and orders

-Finished service processes

-Visual designer of processes and cases

-Library of ready-made processes

- Log of the execution of business processes for monitoring the situation in real time

Improving Marketing Effectiveness

Define and nurture customer needs:

-Management of marketing campaigns and activities, budget planning

-Finished processes of attraction, development and retention

-Segmentation of the target audience by location, purchases made, needs, financial capabilities and other pre-configured parameters

-Management of relationships with contractors and partners

-Analysis of sources of leads

These and other functions can be ordered for your car dealer.  The world does not stand still, now everything is based on technology, so simplify your life now!

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