Sparkster Platform

Sparkster Platform



Short description: The ability to make applications, without knowledge of code, in a system with millions of transactions per second

Date of Token Sale: soon

About the project

Sparkster is a software tool which allows you to create Dapp with Drag and Drop Interfaces and Plain English instructions

The unique thing is that it is 100x Faster and Cheaper than Traditional Decentralised Software Development. It gives the whole new scope for creating Dapps, making the future of blockchain market penetration closer than ever before.

Sparkster Cloud

Sparkster is building the world’s fastest decentralized cloud, which is already able to execute tens of millions of transactions per second.

Executing small software components on mobile devices has very low costs (comparing to physical server costs, backup power, maintenance staff, physical security, cooling, etc. traditional cloud providers) and hence as more of these miners join the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud, the cheaper it becomes. The future of Cloud Computing is decentralized for sure.

Technology behind Sparkster

Think of separated blockchains which operates as independent cells. Blockchains that can operate this way, can eliminate communication overhead, parallelizing transactions that result in linear increases in throughout with each additional cell. 

Each cell supports more than 1,000 TPS, and so, two cells results in 2,000 TPS. This means the Sparkster Decentalized Cloud is architected to support millions of customers, and hence, support mainstream blockchain adoption


Sparkster Marketplace

It helps you to sell your ideas, find investors and fans to help you with the projects you create and to attract paying customers.

Token Sale:

Token: SPARK

Price 1 SPARK = 0.15 USD

Emission: 290,000,000