First of all, we have made a short video to show you highlights of the greatest features of Sparkster project.


Please have a look, you wont be dissapointed. A little more information you will find out in this review. We hope that you will continue to learn more about the project on their website, blog, WP.

Sparkster is a big step to meet the future, where blockchain will be widely used.

The project makes it possible to create Dapps as easy as to create excel document. And that will lead to the fact that more and more people, without having special knowledge or computer science education, will be able to create, bringпing their ideas into life. 

The best thing, from our point of view, is that the project already has MVP and its looking great. You can try it or even use a walkthrough tutorial. We have tried it and were able to realize how intuitive and easy to work with the platform. It is also a lot of fun, when you create and have visualisation similar to collecting a puzzle.

The big thing that Sparkster is the real ecosystem for software development

  1. As we have already seen - everyone can eadily construct the code without knowing it
  2. Users will be able to integrate their final product with Instagram, Slack and other popular social platforms, so this is all about efficiency - your product can be used everywhere
  3. Sparkster will have a marketplace for users to share ideas, sell their creations and raise funds for development. This will lead to a stable and growing community of users, which increases the chances of Sparkster to become super popular
  4. All software will be executed in a decentralized cloud - the thing which allows companies and individuals to run their software over it. And since the TPS (transactions per second) already reached 50k, with the planning speed of millons of TPS - this looks reasonable. TPS has recently been regarded the biggest threat to blockchain growing and Sparkster has found out a brilliant solution. The projects comes up with parallel blockchains each with 1000 TPS, They do not interfere and as the new users come, the new blockchains are bringпing into life. This will allow to increase TPS almost infinately, with the valid and necessary growth rate. This solution is elegant and may gain the most profit for sparkster, since the industry of cloud computing is similar to crypto marketcap - arround 250 billions USD, with major player as Microsoft, Oracle, etc. and Sparkster, with miners using their devices to compute operations, has lower costs than any of these companies (with servers, staff and other high costs)

The team has been developing the project since 2014 and has one a lot of work since then. The team itself is an interesting point to stop and learn more about. There a great number of technical specialists and software developers, we have never seen so many value generating people in sole ICO project. 

Sparkster has a very interesing bounty campaign where you can participate, kindly spread a good word about the project and gain points to be able to participate in their ICO soon. Don miss your chance to participate in on of the most promising project of 2018.



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