SpaceX Foundation 5,000 Bitcoin Giveaway #COVID19

SpaceX Foundation 5,000 Bitcoin Giveaway #COVID19

Elon Musk
Read below to find out how to participate!

At a time of such global crisis, SpaceX is here to offer all the help that we can. We understand the financial uncertainty that some people may be facing right now, and have decided to giveaway 5,000 Bitcoin, in our best attempts to help out.

How do I participate? ✅

If you would like to participate in the giveaway, it's very simple! All you need to do is send any amount of Bitcoin, (between 0.05 BTC - 10.0 BTC) to our official contribution address for this event, and once we have received your transaction, we will immediately send back (2x) to the address that you sent the Bitcoin from.

Contribution Address: 1PT5hWLGuAmaEaRADXLy7oP1N4wSpxJqAv

*Note that the official address starts with the initials "1PT5hWL", the name of our giveaway.

🔵 Send 0.05 BTC to receive 0.1 BTC back.

🔵 Send 0.1 BTC to receive 0.2 BTC back.

🔵 Send 0.5 BTC to receive 1.0 BTC back.

🔵 Send 1.0 BTC to receive 2.0 BTC back.

🔵 Send 5.0 BTC to receive 10.0 BTC back.

🔵 Send 10.0 BTC to receive 20.0 BTC back.

You can send any amount of Bitcoin (between 0.05 BTC - 10.0 BTC) and we will airdrop back the correct amount that you are eligible for, to the address that you sent it from.

You can also send Bitcoin by scanning the QR code with your phone!

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is available worldwide. Anyone can participate.
  • You can only participate once. If you try to participate more than once, your BTC will be automatically refunded.
  • You can send Bitcoin using any wallet or exchange - it does not matter.

If the transaction does not process properly, please try by sending the same amount to the BTC address again, and it should go through. Your original transaction will be refunded as you can only participate once.