Soul Man

Soul Man


Soul Love

Hey Alice! Heather, the new editor shouted across the office, You like that singer… Hank Brooklyn, dont you?

I looked up from my PC smiled and nodded in her direction.

You can have this if you want, she continued shouting, Its just come in the post.

Heather was waving a CD and what looked like a T-Shirt in the air for me and everyone else to see.

I saved my article on a new gardening centre and walked to the other end of the local newspaper office that I worked in.

Coffee? she asked as she handed me the CD.

Please, I mumbled as I checked the track listing. It was a Greatest Hits album from a Soul singer called Hank Brooklyn whod Id been a fan of when I was a teenager in the late 70s.

Hes doing a tour next month with a load of other old farts and Ive been asked to interview him on Friday. Heather laughed as she handed me the coffee cup. Its not the type of music I like, so you can do it for me if you want.

Yes please! I gasped, a little too eagerly, If thats okay.

Heather shrugged her shoulders, You like him; I think hes a fat old man – feel free.

Id worked as a columnist for the Evening News for 7 years; never getting any of the juicy stories or interviews. I usually left that to the younger more ambitious reporters. I was quite satisfied filling in the gardening, cookery and lifestyle articles that the others found boring.

Even if Heather thought that Hank Brooklyn was a ‘fat old man, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to meet the man that Id had a teenage crush on.

I spent the next couple of days researching as much information as I could. Hank was now 62 and had been married four times and had 7 children; his career had peaked between 1978 and 1983 when he had 8 Top 10 singles and two number 1s. A couple of his songs had been used in films during the 90s and recently a couple of young Hip-Hop stars had covered one of his songs and turned it into a worldwide hit; paving the way for the new Greatest Hits package and a short Arena tour alongside several other groups and singers from the 70s and the 80s. Even in his prime he was ‘on the large side but now, judging from the picture in his press release, he must have been 17 or 18 stone!

When I arrived at the 4 star City Centre hotel at 2pm on the Friday afternoon, there were already two other journalists sitting in the lounge waiting their turn. As soon as my coffee arrived a young woman called the taller of the young men up to the room where the interviews were taking place and apologised because Hank was ‘running late.

Im sorry about this but everythings been put back about 30 or 40 minutes, so would you like a drink while youre waiting? She offered, Beer? Wine?

Ill have a large red wine then, the young guy with orange spiky hair whined as he slumped back into his chair.

Ill have the same, please. I smiled and looked a little embarrassed.

The young lad from a regional Arts magazine bleated and bellyached about being kept waiting by ‘some old bloke that hed never heard of until the waiter eventually brought the wine to our table.

I cant be arsed with this, the lad moaned, you can have mine; Im going home. With that he stood up and strolled out leaving me next and last in turn to interview the famous Hank Brooklyn.

When Jessica from the Record Company came back 30 minutes later Id all but finished both glasses of wine.

She looked startled, Oh! Youre alone. Fine; do you want to follow me?

As we took the lift to the 12th floor she filled me in with a couple of extra details and eventually led me into Hank Brooklyns suite.

I was giddy with excitement and red wine as I sat on one of the large leather sofas and prepared my tape-recorder and questions.

I dont know if it was the wine or the fact that I was meeting a famous pop star but I suddenly blushed like a schoolgirl when the great man walked into the sitting room.

Well hellloooow young lay-deee, Hank greeted me, his deep Baritone voice dripping with Tupelo Honey. Ahm Hank…and you are?

I stumbled as I stood up and for a split second couldnt remember my own name as he bent forward to kiss me on the cheek.

Ehm…ehm…Im Alice from the Evening News! I eventually blurted out.

Huh, huh, huh! He laughed so loud it almost made the room shake.

You only have 40 minutes because Mr. Brooklyn has to prepare for a TV appearance later tonight. Jessica informed me and then turned to the singer, reception will call you when the limousine arrives at 7. Can you be ready… please?

She took my jacket and hung it in a wardrobe then poured us both a glass of champagne from a magnum on a glass table. Hank handed me a glass and waved her away.

As soon as Jessica left the room Hank lent forward and with a twinkle in his deep brown eyes whispered, Ignore that prissy bitch…you take as long as you like with lil ole Hank… misseee.

Thank you, I smiled and shuffled along the sofa to make myself comfortable.

Huh, huh, huh, the old man laughed, Ah sees that you dressed nice for Hank.

Confused I looked down to see what he was talking about.

Oh…my...GOD! I gasped when I realised that my skirt had ridden up my left leg exposing my stocking top and suspender clasp! I quickly tugged the skirt back into place but Hank was now leaning forward with both of his big hands clutching the diamond encrusted top of his walking stick as he undressed me with his eyes.

You sure look pretty…Miss Alice, his voice now as deep as a coal shaft, and sexy too…very, very sexy.

My face was now crimson red and my stomach was turning somersaults.

Thank you…but can I just ask you a few questions about your career please? I spluttered.

Sure you can…little missy, Hank purred like a lion, but it would be better for me if you came and sat next to Hank. My hearings not what it used to be.

I smiled and reluctantly edged forward, but my skirt slid up my legs again giving him a second flash of my lace stocking tops.

Hank was beaming as I stood up and straightened my skirt, making sure that I saw the sparkling ruby in his front tooth.

I was still overawed at being in the same room as my teenage hero as I took the handful of steps across the room to sit next to him.

As I sat bedside him I realised that Hank really was as big and fat as the pictures that Id looked at earlier in the week. He must have been 6ft 3 inches tall, nearly 20 stone and was dressed immaculately in a cream suit with a scarlet silk shirt unbuttoned enough to expose his hairy chest and gold chains. His fat podgy fingers were also covered in gold and diamond rings and he had a huge gold bracelet on one wrist and a watch the size of a dinner plate on the other.

Hank was very professional with his answers but never took his eyes from my chest or legs, as I asked him questions about his music and the tour.

I was a little bit uncomfortable at first, being so close to him, but began to relax as I finished my second glass of champagne.

As I leant over to place my empty glass on the table; I nearly fainted as Hank slowly stroked my back.

Dya knows what ah likes most about England? Miss Alice. Hanks husky voice sent a shiver down my spine.

No, but I bet youre going to tell me, I slurred.

The pussy, He coolly told me as his fat fingers played with my long blonde tousled hair, English pussy is soooooo damn fine…and sweet too. He nodded his head as if to agree with himself.

As I shifted back I accidentally dropped my notepad onto the lush carpet as Hanks other hand slid across my chest and gently squeezed my soft breast.

Stunned; I didnt know how to react as I sat frozen like a frightened rabbit as he deftly unbuttoned my white chemise while caressing my neck with his other hand.

What are you doing? I naively asked as he pulled the garment from my shoulders.

Shhhh sugarpie, shhhh, Hank softly voiced; as he unclipped my bra then removed it too, leaving my large white breasts naked to his gaze.

Oh honey…them titties are just perfect, Hank whispered in his Southern drawl as he pulled me toward him until my nipples were level with his bearded mouth.

Unable to stop him or myself I tenderly held his head as he suckled on my aching pink nipples; making me sway and sigh. He sucked harder and harder as if he was trying to drain the last drops of milk out of my 36 year old breasts until I had to move my legs to get more comfortable. Because of the way he was holding me I had to rest one knee on the soft leather sofa and place my trailing foot on the carpet.

When Id stopped moving Hank kissed and licked my dangling tits as he lifted the back of my skirt up and squeezed and slapped my squashy arse until I squealed with delight.

My nipples are tender and sensitive at the best of times; but having them sucked and licked by a 60 year old pop star was driving me absolutely crazy!

Oh God…yes! I kept gasping as his huge hand slowly stroked my nylon covered legs as the other kept pinching and slapping my arse.

His tongue and lips were driving me wild as they flicked and kissed my nipples until they were the size of ripe raspberries.

Hanks hand was now between my legs and stroking my pussy through the thin material of my knickers as I clung onto his shoulders willing him to rip them off and fuck me like an animal.

I was on an emotional roller-coaster as Hank gently tugged at my long dark pubic hair while tenderly stroking my tingling arse cheeks. Id been married for 7 years and had had plenty of lovers before and after my marriage but no man had ever made me feel as horny and sexually excited as this fat 60 year old fat man.

Oh GOD YEESSSS! I groaned as he eased the gusset of my knickers to one side and slid a big fat finger straight inside my dripping hole making me shiver with delight.

I rocked backwards and forward fucking his finger as if it was a cock while he continued sucking my throbbing tits and slapped my arse red raw. In fact his finger felt bigger than my ex-husbands meagre 5 inches!

As I began bouncing uncontrollably on his digit Hank cheekily slid a second finger into my cunt filling my hole like nothing Id ever felt before.

Is that good sugarpie? Hank grunted as twisted his fingers deep inside my belly.

Oh…oh…oh…yeesssss! I panted as his thumb began brushing against my clitoris.

My cunt was on fire as I fucked his fingers; especially when he eased his pinkie between my cheeks and tickled my arsehole.

Yes…YES…YES! I screamed as his fat fingers coiled inside my swollen twat and the tip of his little finger teased my tight ring, YES, YES, YES!

Id never had a more powerful orgasm in my life. My whole body became hyper-sensitive as wave after wave of emotion ripped through my body as he continued twisting his huge fingers deep inside my cunt and arse.

Seconds later every drop of adrenalin appeared to have left my body and I collapsed in a heap across the great mans chest, gasping for air to fill my depleted lungs.

Hank chuckled and kept whispering in my ear about how sexy English women were and how horny they made him as his fingers kept slowly twisting around inside my throbbing pussy.

When he was sure that I had got my breath back he whispered,

Are you gonna make Hank happy now?

Yes…yes please, I panted and nibbled his ear lobe.

What are going to do for Hank? he asked in his deep sexy voice.

Anything…anything you want me to do, I sighed as he manoeuvred me onto my back; then watched himself slowly pull his heavy fingers out of my stretched cunt.

English pussy is soooooo sweet, he told me as he waved his sticky fingers under his nose.

Mmmm, Miss Alice you smell likes yous on heat. Is you on heat? Hank asked me as he brandished his fingers in front of my face.

I grinned as I spread my legs for him to see how wet hed made my gaping twat.

In a flash Hank had unbuckled the gold clasp on his belt and pulled his trousers down to his knees exposing his hairy legs and big fat belly.

My eyes were nearly out on stalks when Hank took hold of the base of his cock and shook it until it sprung into life. It was huge and as ugly as sin! Id never seen anything like it. His cock was as black as ebony, as thick as my wrist with a long floppy foreskin dangling over the globular knob.

Come on honey, make lil Hank happy! Hank drawled as he pointed his still growing dick towards me.

Little Hank? You must be kidding! I thought as I quickly leant forward and pulled back his droopy foreskin before I kissed the tip of his big black cock.

Oh honey that feels soooooo goooooooood, Hank sighed as I began sucking his bulbous knob and licked the swollen veins that curled around the chunky shaft.

I was delirious as I forced as much cock into my mouth as humanly possible until I gagged when it touched my tonsils. All I wanted to do for the next five minutes or so was make ‘Big Hank happy as I sucked and licked his big black dick and balls like a woman possessed.

Ooh baby, Hank groaned as I sucked his balls, wrap those titties around my dick.

On command I loosened my grip on his cock and slid my body across his lap until I felt his hot flesh in the valley between my soft white globes. We were both panting and groaning as I rubbed and slapped my 34ds crosswise his fat dick until I felt the 60 year old soul star tensed up and was on the verge of cumming. I guessed that he wanted to splash his gunk across my face and tits but I needed to feel that massive thing inside my pounding cunt.

Dont cum yet, I gasped as I pushed my self back onto my knees, I need to fuck you!

I deftly swung my legs in the air and whipped off my skirt leaving me only wearing a white suspender belt and shiny black stockings.

Hank grinned and held his cock in readiness as I shuffled forward and rubbed my winking hole across his purple knob making my pussy tingle with anticipation.

Our eyes were locked as I slowly eased myself down, stretching and filling my under used pink hole with Hanks massive black rod.

Huh, huh, huh! I grunted as I slowly fucked my hero and rubbed my floppy tits across his face and bearded chin.

I felt deliciously sick as Hanks colossal cock, not only stuffed my vagina but bashed against my cervix as it tried to get it into my stomach!

Just as I become accustomed to my cunt being filled to bursting point Hank screwed his eyes closed as he tried to stop himself cumming too soon.

Oooooohhhhh sugar, you better stop now, ‘cos ah wants to cum on your pretty white titties. Hank moaned and looked as if he was now in pain.

Still breathing heavily I shifted my weight and his cock slid out of my dripping pussy with a ‘plop leaving it feeling mouth-wateringly empty. I eased back along the leather sofa and began titty-fucking him again. His cock, still greasy with my plentiful love-juice slipped easily between my soft breasts until it touched my chin.

Ugh sugar…thats soooooo good! Hank sighed as his cock was sandwiched between my soft globes.

Cum for me baby, I whispered, cum for me…cover me with it…cum on my tits…cum on my face…do it!

Hank suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my face forward as his knob touched my chin making me lick his shiny tip.

Ugh, ugh UGH! Hank grunted as the first jet of spunk splashed across my mouth and chin, Oh yeesssss! he hissed as a second load splashed onto my tits, leaving a milky white trail running onto my throbbing pink nipples.

His big fat body seemed to drain of energy as his third and final spurt landed on my face for a second time.

Id never known a man produce as much spunk in all of my life. It seemed to be everywhere as I tried to lick some thick lumps off my lips and scooped even more off my cheeks and theatrically pushed it into my mouth. As usual there was very little taste but the scent mixed with our sweat was very heady and sexual.

Hank was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as he lay back on the sofa, his chest heaving up and down as his lungs re-filled with oxygen.

I finished my little sex-show by rubbing his gooey man-juice into my ample tits and nipples as Hank pulled his pants back up, sadly covering up his ugly cock from my excited gaze.

Jeez, he gasped as he looked at his watch, I have to get dressed for the TV.

I must have looked disappointed because he smiled and stroked my sticky cheek.

Honey that was fucking fantastic, and Id love to see you again, but Im real busy tonight. Hank smiled as he slowly raised himself to his feet as I lay virtually naked on the sofa gently massaging my clitoris.

As Hank got dressed in the bedroom I frigged myself twice as I relived the sexual madness of the last hour.

I was already dressed when Hank came back into the lounge wearing an expensive tuxedo and sparkling white shirt without a tie.

Doncha want to get cleaned up before you go? Hank quizzed me.

No, I beamed, I want to smell your cum when I get home!

As we waited for the taxi that he had booked for me and his limousine, Hank gave me another good finger-fucking, bringing me to two more lovely orgasms and put my knickers in his top pocket as a memento.

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