Sooty Suzy Sucker

Sooty Suzy Sucker

Sooty had lived in this big country home in the forest of New Hampshire since she was a kid. Many lives in her life had taken place here. In the present one she was a divorced milf living in the middle of nowhere in the forest. Life was good, she had a beautiful daughter, a dog, a cat, a hundred plants, and one thousand crystals covering all the nooks in her furniture and house. 

There only was one problem. A small one in the big picture of things, but a gigantic huge monstrous black hole in the inside her very soul. You see, Sooty was a closet sex addict. Her pussy existed in one state and one state only and that was wet and needy. From the moment she woke up she could already feel her vagina getting angry at her for not allowing her to have a big hard hot cock inside it every morning. Her hands instinctually went to her pussy the very second she woke up every day, perhaps as a sacrifice to her vagina in the way the natives threw humans inside active volcanos as a sacrifice. 

Feeding her hungry pussy dildos and vibrators and fingers throughout the day, every day, all throughout the day was like trying to appease an angry fiery dragon. It was thirsty, it needed cock, it needed cum and it needed a lot of it for a very long time. Nothing else would do. 

Her pussy made sure to make her remember that even when she was not fucking herself and having to do something normal like drive to town, be a mom, cook dinner, or her absolutely favorite house chore to do...clean the pellet stove. 

Sooty Suzy Sucker was like Rambo. She did everything, chop wood, carry giant things, do electrical, plumbing. Bitch was strong, she was fit, she got shit done. Her house was old and fidgety. Everything was manual but nothing was more manual than the pellet stove that lived in Sooty's basement. This place was her hideout. Away from kids, dogs. Her me time. The basement wasn't much to look at but it was clean and functional. She had some storage, a fridge, a small gym and yoga corner. The biggest thing in the basement was the metallic pellet stove. A demon of a machine. It looked like a metal god with a transparent window of fire in the middle. As sacrifice it required what seems like bags and bags of pellets with Sooty was constantly feeding the fucking beast. The pellet stove warmed up the entire house from the basement up, but it needed a full extensive meticulous cleanup every other day. It was dirty and difficult and Sooty took it like a champ. She cleaned that motherfucking stove like an archaeologist digging a treasured ship. She left nothing behind. The stove was fucking clean like it had come off the shelf of the factory. And every time she finished cleaning and turned off the vacuum cleaner she could only help but feel that she wished she could clean a big fucking hard cock right now. She would clean it just like that, Sooty was so hungry she would not leave a drop of cum behind. The cum is her food, her reward, her every day birthday gift. 

The problem with Sooty is that she had cumulatively grown more frustrated year after year. She began rubbing herself desperately all day when she was a teen, and ever since then it's only gotten worst. Every night now she lies in bed stoned, completely out of her mind, stuffing all her holes with dildos or fingers desperately trying to not just masturbate but literally fuck herself as if she was being commanded. 

All she knew was that he told her to follow the pleasure. Who was he? She didn't know. She couldn't think very well when she was horny. It was as if he could control each and everyone of her thoughts and her pussy at the same time. Her horny time was her happy time, the most important part of her day, the most important part of her life. 

It was Friday night and Sooty was covered in soot and tired from adulting the house. Things were in order, her daughter was in bed and the pellet stove was finally running warming up the whole basement to a very cozy temperature. 

Sooty knew that it was time to give herself her reward. First it was time for a little drink. A nice gin and tonic with herbals. That helped relax Sooty and take off the edge. Signal her body that her private basement party was about to begin. 

Then, for the most important part, a really strong weed cookie that she baked herself. Sooty loved getting stoned but she was serious about it, she wanted to get so completely stoned that even joints wouldn't do. She loved getting absolutely stoned. Sooty knew that the place where she was going (her favorite favorite most favorite place in the world) was a place where she didn't need her brain. Nope. Brains not needed. You can leave that right here at the door. Remember if you ever need a reminder that is actually true, just put the big hard cock deep in your mouth and you will instantaneously each and every time know that you will do whatever it takes to keep getting fed more hard cock. 

Sooty hadn't been fucked in a week and she could barely function. It's not easy being a single mom when all you want is to get filled up with hot cum all day long. 

So every other day, on pellet cleaning day, Sooty did the ritual with the cocktail and the cookies and the many joints, as she privately celebrated her addiction. The moment she took a hit of the joint she would feel her pussy tingle. When Sooty got stoned, sooty got horny, when sooty got horny, sooty got wet, when sooty got wet, sooty took out her dildos and began fucking her holes as she opened her mouth and started moaning. You could hear the desperation inside her. She was practically begging the universe to give her cock, and not just regular cock, but God cock. She had so much frustration packed inside her, so many hours where she would have rather just have been stoned and fucked. Stoned and fucking, stoned and fucking, stoned and fucking. That's all Sooty really wanted. Sooty was a slut, a nympho cum addicted cock addicted, obedient little addict. She knew she was a whore. She was at peace with it now. She didn't need to feel guilty, because guilty got in the way of cock. 

In front of the pellet stove there was a giant camping chair. She had a super soft, thick and plush cover that was of a very tacky leopard pattern. It was in this chair, sitting here every other night, Sooty Suzy Suckers would spend hours after hours drinking cocktails, smoking joints, eating cookies and fucking herself over and over again.

When she was here she was home. This was her sanity. This was her happy place. Her eyes clearly showed she was here and there and nowhere as she fucked her pussy and her ass at the same time, brain dead by now. Pleasure and frustration were both dancing together on her face as she moaned a song of lust, a face that was happy and sad at the same time, she didn't want her playtime to be over. She always gets so sad when hard cock leaves her pussy because it means the countdown to cock has began. The more she got the more she needed.

Sooty's best asset was her yoga ass. She always showed it off because it was a very polite way of indirectly communicate to the world that she was a dirty little whore that needed cock all the fucking time.

Today, she was on her yoga mat on the floor, her shorts down, her ass completely up, her back totally arched. Her legs spread out. She was playing with herself but above all she was sending a message to the world. That she was ready to surrender. That she was ready to give up. That she wanted to admit that she was a cock addicted sex addicted cumaholic little whore. And she was so happy she was. She had spent so many years pretending this wasn't her. Hiding layers after layers. It took a lot of energy to hide her pussy's eternal hunger. She couldn't do that anymore. She had to feed her. And so in times of drought, like this winter, where there are no good cocks around, at least not the kind of cock she needs, which is a real man's cock. A God cock. A cock that would fill Suzy with so much delicious cum that every single thought, worry, future, past, present, nothing, zero, empty, blank, erase, nothing, zero, will, nada, what was I saying? Where am I? Who am I? What's my name? All Sooty knows is that she's only happy when she's a dirty little slut and getting stuffed. She knows she's there to be fucked hard and deep. She wants to be a fuck toy, right there in the basement. If she could only get the big cock right now. Oh how everything would turn so happy for her.

She no longer felt guilty about being like this. Sooty was happy in her happy dirty clean little house. The orgasms she had in front of that pellet stove were too many to count. If a camera had been set on the stove filming her and transcribing all her thoughts telepathically as she fucked herself for hours, it would have made a great porn channel. 

And Sooty didn't care. Cause she loved to be watched. It turned her on to think that people would see what a slut she was. Sometimes when she'd be stoned and wet and horny at the beach she thought of how nice it would be to be fucked right out in public. To be fucked hard and used and filled up and told what to do right out so everyone could see. It got her so wet. She wanted to moan loud what a cock addicted whore she was. She wanted to get it out. 

The energy that was released in that room between the pellet stove and Sooty must have been astrologically significant and have shifted some magnetic field somewhere because when Sooty came—when she exploded after hours of playing with herself—as she visualized all of her dirty fantasies over and over again, rewind, forward, play, brainwashing herself to fuck herself deeper she would cum moaning like an animal. 

That's what he would want. My lord. He would want me to get more addicted every day.

It seemed that when she was close to cumming the pellet stove seemed to get hotter and more fiery as if the demon himself is getting a hard on from seeing what an obedient little whore she's become. She knows it pleases him to show what a slutslave she's become. She's finally figured out that the smartest thing to do is to not think. 

So every other day Sooty cleans her stove with a vengeance. Leaving no cranny untucked by her ferocious vacuum cleaner. Sooty makes matters worst by wearing her sluttiest clothes when she's in the basement. Right now she had the shortest short shorts in the neighborhood on. They made it a very clear message to anyone that could see her. I'm Sooty and I'm a slut and I get happy when I get filled up with cock and spanked and told what to do. 

Sooty wished she could walk around like that in public. Sometimes Sooty would put a vibrator in her pussy inside her pants with a remote control, so she could go to the supermarket and fuck herself while shopping. 'If anyone could see the things I'm thinking about right now', she would tell herself as she edged in pleasure in the fruit aisle. She would save the big cum for when she got home. She wouldn't even be able to close the door and she she'd be on her bed relived to be at home fucking herself silly in that pellet heated basement in the wood house in the middle of the cold white New Hampshire winter. Snow. Ice. Pellets. Ice-rain. Heavy snow. Wet snow. Flurries. All that fucking cold. And inside that basement, was a sauna of sex. Waves of sexual energy emanating from Sooty's sex holes. The more she rubbed herself, the more she fucked herself dumb, the deeper she went, the more it seemed like her vagina was singing. She felt so much pleasure, so lost in bliss, the only thing in her brain was cock, and cock was all she needed to be happy. 

The last time Sooty had cock was a week ago. She had arranged for a local 20 year old muscled donor to visit her every week. It He unloaded his hormonal frustration on her and gave her a good spanking as well which she always thoroughly enjoyed. But the problem with Sooty is that her pussy spent all week reminding her that that wasn't enough. Everytime she went in the basement she was reminded of the loop she was in. Never leaving the house, just barely keeping it all together and safe and homey, but making sure she had enough time to dedicate to her pellet stove.

When she loaded the stove with the big heavy bags of pellets Sooty Suzy moaned like the whore that she was. She could feel the stove needed her pellets as much as she needed cum in her mouth, in her pussy and her sexy little ass. 

She spread out her pussy lips and used her very powerful vibrator right on her clit, edging herself, getting deeper and deeper. The wood stove firing her. She new her dark side was here, and she knew she didn't have any other option but to obey and give in. There was a succubus in her pussy and she was screaming for more. 

Sooty knew she was dirty, she knew she was moaning loud and she didn't care, all she knew is that she could feel as if someone was licking her pussy up and down and left and right, inside out, someone that was thirsty. She felt so good, maybe it was a sex goddess peeking in from the other side to come clean her pussy from all her sexy secret thoughts she's ever had. Oh so many, sooo sooo many. 

It was the point of no return. Nothing mattered. She was spread out and rubbing herself in complete desperation. The very moment she decided to take the plunge and give herself permission to cum she imagined a turquoise pool with a dive plank. She climbed and began to take the leap into the water. Things began to feel as if she was now in a slow motion film. The water was filled with beautiful girls with beautiful bodies, rubbing themselves, moaning together, licking their big delicious tits, spanking each other, kissing and fucking each other just like she knows he would have wanted them to do. They were waiting for her. They knew she was going to touch herself and jump in to take her turn riding that God cock. They were going to get her pussy ready for him. She jumped from the plank into the unknown feeling so much energy she could literally feel warmth in her chest. 

As she gets closer to cumming she can see herself smiling hard and opening her mouth wide as she let the biggest moan she ever could get out. She could imagine what it would feel to have the cock inside her. Once the tip would be inside she could feel the cock drilling her insides like a train going into her. It was miles of cock. Each trust felt deeper. She was floating in pleasure, shaking, convulsing, nothing mattered, thee was nothing else, as she felt the orgasm wipe out her brain she had a flashback of all the orgasms she's had all the way since she was a girl and she could feel how they all came back like waves so she could feel them all again, her legs and ass shaking as they went through her. 

Sooty's ass was pointed high in the sky, she was on the floor exhausted, lying on her arms with her back arched, leaving the ass high up facing the window of the pellet stove. The waterfall of wetness streaming from her cooling pussy gleamed against the fire. Sooty was finally a happy girl. She couldn't move, she couldn't think, she couldn't do another other than breathe and simply be alive. She knew that when she got a taste of a real man's cock one day she would only get worst. The cum would be a hard drug and the cock would be the dealer. She was Sooty Suzy Sucker and she was a happy horny girl. Her little secret world isn't so secret anymore.