Some useful knowledge

Some useful knowledge

Alex the Great Magi of the North

Note: this is a work in progress, please feel free to contact me here on Mastodon with questions


Hi, I'm Alex. Since the bio field in my profile was hardly lengthy enough to talk properly about myself and my practice I felt I should explain further. I am a 20 something gay masculine-identifying non-binary person. My practice is near eastern (Arabic) magic as taught to me by my boss's late mother.

So you want to learn about my path?

First of all, parts of it may be a bit strange and downright seem made up, bear with me because they're not. There's many spells in four broad classes: Weak Defensive (Class 1) Strong Defensive (Class 2), Weak offensive (Class 3), Strong Offensive (Class 4). While the path is open and used by people of all genders it is important to note that the gender differences in how magic is cast is rooted in your biological sex (sorry, can't change that)

So, moving on from that, I try to keep the following on hand for spellcasting:

  • Fragrances like frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood
  • Gold and silver foil (it'll do, but not as powerful) or a small gold ring if needed
  • Sand from a desert
  • Candles (black, gold, and red colors)
  • a stainless steel or silver small blade
  • Lamp oil

Bedrock Spells

The Call of the 7 Hands (Class 2 if unbound, Class 4 if bound)

Materials suggested (not required):

  • a photograph or a drawing of the person if you intend to target it at a person, this is known as the "bound" form
  • A gold and a black candle, the black candle should be facing behind you, the gold candle in front of you, it should align with the center of your body
  • a small amount of sand in a dish or tray

Instructions before incantation:

  1. Place a small amount of sand in a shallow dish or tray
  2. Place the candles but do not light them yet
  3. Place the photograph or drawing in the sand, make sure it is standing at least partially upright (if it is facing down it is a curse)
  4. Light the candles and close your eyes with your right hand or an opaque cloth

The Incantation

O ageless spirits beyond mortal comprehension, I humbly request aid. Grant unto me your spirit and power. I call the seven hands of the Great King Solomon to aid me.
(if using the unbound form, skip the following paragraph and steps)

(Bound form continues here, use only if you intend to focus on someone)

May the seven hands of the ageless grant their power to my will.

Uncover your eyes and stare directly at the image, as if seeing into their inner nature. Feel the flow of your energy.

As I ask, so shall it be done

Wait a moment (generally a few seconds) and blow the black candle out, cover the image (if focused on someone) with the sand and feel your energy flow from your hands to the image. After 1~2 minutes (go with what feels right) take the photo from the sand and burn it with the gold candle.