Smith and Wesson J Frame Grips

Smith and Wesson J Frame Grips

Smith and Wesson J Frame Grip products are one of the most popular and widely used by law enforcement professionals, security personnel, sporting enthusiasts and civilians alike. They are designed to withstand years of abuse from quick-drawing, spring or double action pistol firearms. In addition, they are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable hold and support for a variety of hand sizes and hand weights. They provide the user with the ultimate hold for their pistol or other firearm that improves their accuracy, consistency and response time when performing their duties.

Smith and Wesson J frame grip products are manufactured in a variety of styles to meet the needs of any shooter. There is an assorted selection of butt plates, slides and Fore grips to customize your pistol and minimize slippage. They are also compatible with most calibers of ammunition due to the finger grooves located in the frame that holds the ammunition securely. The butt plate and slide assembly can be replaced to upgrade the functionality of your pistol.

Smith and Wesson J frame products can be purchased for general use or for use as a concealment holster for self defense and personal protection. There is a model of Smith and Wesson J frame with an extended magazine tube and an easy to draw holster on the front. Other models are the Altai model, which is a blowback design with a drum magazine tube and a side thumb break for easy access to your pistol; and the Evolver model, which is a straight blowback design with a magazine tube. Both of these models are designed with finger grooves to protect the user's fingers while they handle their pistol.

Smith and Wesson J frames also come in pistol and double action designs. The "extended magazine tube" models are loaded with a 10 caliber laser or double action pistol ammo instead of regular ammunition, making them ideal for indoor shooting ranges. For those who prefer to shoot at closer range, the double action trigger group is available in a tactical style for more reliable firing than the typical single action trigger group. The laser style is also available in an AEG style with an optic rail for laser aiming.

Smith and Wesson J frame Airsoft pistols have many new additions to the line as well. The standard super insert model can be changed into a double action model with a spring loaded butt pad. The "extended magazine tube" models can be changed from a standard magazine tube to an extended magazine tube with a spring loaded butt pad. Standard J frames can be equipped with a suppressor, if desired. The "smooth ride" frame can be configured for either right or left handedness.

Smith and Wesson Legacy Style revolvers are available in both stainless steel and black oxide finishes. The stainless steel models have all the traditional grip features, including an extended magazine tube, a rubber grip pad, and a rubber butt pad. The black oxide models are finished in a matte black finish to emulate the classic panels of older models. These newer grips have textured surfaces and rubberized grips, so they will be equally effective at resisting fingerprint fingerprints. Legacy style revolvers are designed to work in a variety of weather conditions.

Smith and Wesson models that feature the legacy style grip are not compatible with certain older guns that do not feature a standard magazine release pin. The newer grip is designed to work with legacy style revolvers by replacing the standard magazine catch with a magazine tube. This tube is designed to keep pressure on the pistol until it is released. The resulting design provides more reliable feeding and handling of a Smith and Wesson gun, even when using older ammunition.

Smith and Wesson are the preferred manufacturer for many people seeking a high quality handgun. With the company's long standing history in manufacturing firearms and accessories, it is no surprise that they continue to lead the industry in design and production of holsters, ammunition boxes, and other handgun accessories. Many professional holster makers, such as those found in the Smith and Wesson archives, prefer Smith and Wesson parts for many of their designs. For those who are looking for a concealable carry option, Smith and Wesson has a variety of options to choose from. From basic open sights to illuminated target models, there is a style of holster for every need.