SmartGold. News from Tanzania.

SmartGold. News from Tanzania.

The team of SmartGold project continues exploration and production processes at the Mezimoja field in Tanzania, in accordance with the road map of the project.

    Since then, mechanized works have been carried out in the licensed area: - an ore yard has been organized on the site; - a warehouse for gold-bearing concentrate was built; - explored an exploration pit depth of 9 meters, in the southern part of the field; - a gold-ore body was discovered in the form of quartz veins; - in the northern part of the site, the ore body is exposed by trenches every 50 meters.

    Using the method of gross, large-tonnage testing of gold ore material weighing from 100 kg to 1 ton, it was possible to obtain the actual contents of metals in the ore.

    The presence of several gold ore veins, instead of one, increases the gold reserves in the field. The analyzes of the ore showed a heterogeneity of the gold content, from 3-4 grams per tonne in the upper part of the vein and more than 50 grams in the lower part. With increasing depth, the metal content increases.

     At this stage, a set of research works on the permeability of ore cyanide solution, in order to prepare the process of heap leaching. Later we will present a report on the results to our esteemed project participants.

Photos and description:

Work of the Excavator.

Quartz gold-bearing veins uncovered by the quarry. View from above.

View of the side:

Manual cleaning of the lower part of the core:

In a career with local workers:

Loading of crushed ore into a mill for the purpose of gross testing for gold content:

Artisanal gateway for washing the ore material and to obtain gold concentrate: