Скилы силкроад

Скилы силкроад

Скилы силкроад

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Скилы силкроад

This guide is intended to help clarify the issues and any misconceptions about how the skill point system works in SRO. I hope to keep this an evolving article with the contributions of everyone on the forum. Let me know if anything needs more clarification. The link below takes you to a chart that describes how many skill points you need to go up to the next skill mastery level. Note, that this these values are for skill masteries only, not actual skill levels. In order to determine the amount of skill points needed to level up a skill, take the required mastery level, add one, then look it up on the table. You are currently Lightning Skill Mastery To level up to Skill Mastery 12, look up 12 in the table. From the table you need 12 skill points. Now, that you meet the requirements for Wind Walk level 1, you want to get it. Since you needed a skill mastery of 12, add one to it to get 13, then look up that value in the chart. For skill mastery level of 13, you need 15 skill points. Therefore, Wind Walk level 1 requires 15 skill points. Note that SXP skill experience points is equal to 1 SP skill point and this remains constant across all levels. There is a fixed cap of a total of mastery levels. What this means is between your 7 main masteries, you can distribute however you want, levels between them. This affects only skill mastery levels and not the skills within each mastery. You can have as many skills given enough skill points and skill mastery requirements. Note that although the level cap is currently 70, there may be plans to raise this level cap. As the level caps are raised, the skill mastery caps are not raised as well. Keep this in mind when planning your character. For every 10 that you collect, you can turn it in for a skill resuscitation potion. In addition to needing the potion, each skill you remove will also cost a significant amount of gold. I have no idea how much it costs, any help would be appreciated. After getting Heuksal mastery, you want to change to Pacheon mastery, so you want to remove all your Heuksal mastery points. Your Heuksal mastery is 11 and you have 1 level in Cheolsam Force. You can reduce your Heuksal mastery as low as you want as long as you do not reduce it below any skills required mastery level. Therefore, you can reduce it to level 10 since Cheolsam requires a skill level of In order to reduce your Heuksal mastery to 0, you need to remove the Cheolsam mastery first. Having a skill mastery gap means that you keep your highest skill mastery level below your character level. You are level You have 10 levels in Heuksal, 15 levels in cold, and 25 levels in force. Your skill mastery gap is 0. You have 22 levels in Bicheon, 22 levels in Fire, 22 levels in Lightning, 22 levels in Bicheon, 22 levels in Force. Your skill mastery gap is 3. How many skill masteries you have do not matter. It is only the highest skill mastery that determines your skill mastery gap. Skill point farming often refers to having a skill mastery gap of at a low level killing over and over again to obtain many skill points. The magic number appears to be k by level There are other more detailed articles on skill farming that this article is not intended to address at this point. Now that Ive gotten all the basic material out of the way. The age old question is. How many skill points do I need for my build and given that I know, what skill mastery do I need. What is SP farming and how much of it do I need? There are three main factors that determine what skill mastery gap you need and how much skill point farming you need to do. The number of skill points you need for your build 2. The amount of patience you have 3. How quickly you want your skills. This article is intended to address the first point. The last two will vary from individual to individual. If you are someone with a lot of patience, skill farming early can mean an easier time down the road where you have your skill mastery equal to your character level, thus sp farming may be your thing. If you want to get all your skills quickly then perhaps leaving a gap of 1 or 2 and not skill farming may be the most fun for you. Earlier I talked about skill mastery gaps, but what does this really mean? As your skill mastery gap smg increases, you gain more skill points and less experience per kill. The amount of sxp and xp you gain vary with the gap, but it is not a 1: These values are made up. So that means regardless of the mob you kill, you will get the same ratio of sxp and xp per kill. This rule breaks down when you fight mobs who are much lower level than you due to how rounding works in this game. Note that many values are interpolated because I do not have data for it. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. This is described in the next section. I take no blame for anyones head who gets hurt by this section. This is intended to be a mathy section, but really only requires arithmetic. If you do not care for the relationships, go ahead and skip to the next section. All values in this section are approximations. Due to rounding errors and lack of data, I am unable to perfectly replicate the actual values involved in the calculations. The table below shows the factor thats applied when you increase your skill mastery gap. What does the table above mean? It puts everything on a relative basis. As a few examples, it appears that having a smg of 0, vs 19 means that youd gain experience about 19 times faster than if you were smg 9. What this also means is you would gain 19 times less skill points than if you were smg 9. These values increase dramatically as you approach smg 8 and 9. This makes leveling at smg 8 and 9 very painful and long which may be what you want. It just shows the effects of increasing or decreasing your skill mastery by a single level. Looking downwards, that is keeping smg constant and increasing character level, there is much more of a fuzzy line here. This value is much less important however and is used only for extrapolation purposes. Alright, so Ive given you all this information, but what does it mean and how does it affect me? Im getting to it, keep patient: People are often saying that keeping a skill mastery gap to increase your SP gain is whats important. Well, that is true, but its a very minor factor in the bigger picture. The difference between a smg 0 and smg 3 is about 15 skill points. You need , xp to level. But what causes this? To a small effect it is the extra sxp that you gain per kill, but to a much much greater effect, it is the reduced amount of experience you get per kill. Lets go back to an earlier example. The increased of kills combined with the increase in sxp is what allows you to gain so much skill points. Divide this number by and we will get the number of skill points we get at each level. This is exactly like we did in an earlier example, but just extending it to every possible value. I will have a table up for this soon and will edit this to include the link. This allows us to then trace a path to calculate the skill mastery gap that we would require in order to obtain the number of skill points we need. Ive done the hard work for you below. The below shows the amount of sp that you will gain at certain levels if you keep your skill mastery gap constant at every level. So, lets say you need SP for your build by level There are many options you can take to obtain that amount of SP, but here are two sample ones. You can either leave a gap of 4 your entire career, or you can SP farm about 20k in the first 20 levels, then leave it at a gap of 3 for the rest of your career. Note that these assumptions do not take into consideration quests you complete and deaths. This is an alternative to SP farming, albeit a bit slower and annoying since you need to go out and die to reduce your XP to increase the amount of SP you gain at each level. Also, quests give out a fixed amount of XP and SP, so this disrupts the ratio quite a bit. I hope this helps to clarify the sp system in SRO. Its taken a while to compile the data and I still dont have a fully confident model!! Any additional data you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. I hope to expand this guide and modify it as needed for everyone with FAQs and other findings. If you have any other questions, please post it or give me a pm. Retrieved from ' http: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This page was last modified on 2 April , at Content is available under Unknowncheats Terms of Use unless otherwise noted.

Скилы силкроад

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