Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding, like any other sport, are associated with a risk to life. To protect yourself as much as possible you need to follow the rules of conduct on the ski slope and have protective equipment. First of all, this is a helmet on his head. Its use is already becoming mandatory in many alpine resorts.

In addition, areas intended for skiing should be as safe as possible and meet certain requirements.

Standard safety measures for ski slopes are:

Fencing of dangerous places;

Marking the boundaries of skiing places;

Marking of the complexity, avalanche hazard of the tracks and their status (“open”, “closed”), as well as notification of obstacles at the beginning of the slopes, numbering of all tracks;

The presence of rules of behavior on the slopes in an accessible place for all skiers;

The presence of nets, traps and mats in dangerous places;

Marking ski areas, the boundaries of the tracks. Skiing and snowboarding in Andorra ski resorts must have special services for the preparation and operation of pistes, an avalanche service, a rescue service.

High mountains are always associated with avalanche danger, so you need to be careful, monitor the state of snow and comply with all the requirements of the avalanche and rescue services.

Additional equipment for the safety of skiers in ski resorts

Fans of freeriding and riding off the marked trails should have additional equipment with them. It -

avalanche sensors that make it easier to find an avalanche

special probe

a small shovel.

A probe and a shovel are needed so that you can quickly find and dig out a person who has fallen into an avalanche.