Ski Resort Part 1

Ski Resort Part 1


Sean was sitting there completely naked. His chest and biceps quivering as he stroked his cock. What a sight he made. She remembered changing this man’s diapers when he was a baby. She still could remember that night when his aunt and her had made love on the living room floor and when his aunt had her orgasm and bent her head back seen Sean sitting on the steps… Well, now the roles were reversed. Sarah and his Aunt never made love while he was there; they always went elsewhere for their trysts.

Sarah watched as Sean was really working his cock. The girls on the TV were getting ready to fake orgasm and Sean was so intent that he didn’t know Sarah was watching. Sarah felt herself getting wet and reached down inside her panties and began playing with her clit and pussy. She was so wet; damn it had been way too long since she felt a cock between her legs. She really needed to get into town more often.

Sarah, thought to herself, ‘well hell, why go into town when I have my own little stud muffin right here. She slowly made her way down the stairs. Sean was still intent on the TV and as Sarah came up behind him, she didn’t want to freak him out, but he had closed his eyes and was slowing down his stroking, going all the way down and then all the way up to the top of his cock and then back down. She came around to the front of him and knelt down and as he made his way slowly down to the bottom she opened up her mouth and put her lips firmly on his shaft.

His eyes flew open and he looked down and tried to move away from her. But she kept her mouth on him and looked up into his eyes and began slowly swallowing his whole cock, from tip to base she swallowed that cock. He didn’t say a thing. Just let out a slow moan. She started sucking in earnest and she put her hands down on his ball sack and gave a little squeeze. He yelped and then started gyrating his hips in rhythm to her sucking.

She used her other hand and grabbed his shaft and started pumping it faster and faster as she sucked the head of his cock and played with his balls. Then she moved her hand from his balls and began tickling that area between his balls and his asshole. His eyes shot open, he arched his back and shot his load into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah, swallowed the whole load, but she never released his cock, she started sucking and pumping his shaft and he didn’t even get soft.

Sean thought, my gosh, what is this woman doing. At first I was ready to shoot my load watching the lesbians on TV, then here she was sucking my cock and then she swallowed my whole load and now I’m hard again and still she is sucking me off.

As soon as Sarah realized he wasn’t going to go soft on her, she stood up and removed her night gown; she always slept naked no matter the weather. So, as she dropped her night gown on the floor. Sean’s eyes were on her tits and he said "they are just as I remembered them" and reached up and took one of them into his mouth. Sarah groaned as she felt herself get wet as he sucked on her nipples.

Sean took his hand and moved it down to her pubes, it had been awhile since he had a woman who wasn’t shaved and he just used his fingers and combed through her bush. Her legs were smooth and he put his hand on her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks. He moved his other hand through her bush one more time and then he inserted is long thick middle finger up into her pussy. It was so wet. He started fingering her and then inserted another finger and she came.

Sarah moaned out loud and started gyrating her hips standing over top of him, his mouth on one tit and nipple and then his mouth found the other breast and began sucking on that nipple. For a young man, Sarah thought, he sure knows how to please a woman. She felt herself working up to another orgasm as his fingers slammed again and again up inside her pussy. She thought to herself ‘I wonder if he knows…’ "Oh my gosh, she screamed….oh, Sean, Yes. Touch me there again, oh Sean that feels so damn good.

Sean started moving his middle finger up against that rough patch another woman had showed him. That little rough patch had turned more women on than he could remember. He kept moving his fingers in a "come hither" movement up inside Sarah’s pussy and he felt her body go rigid and start shaking. He went faster with his finger and then moved his thumb up to cover her clit and began moving that in little circles. Sarah leaned her head back, thrust her tits harder into his mouth and screamed out his name again and climaxed severely.

Pussy juice was gushing out of her pussy and Sean took his mouth off of her tits, picked her up and laid her down on the sofa. He spread her legs and went down on her lapping up that sweet pussy juice and then he started using his tongue on her. Sarah tried to push his head away saying "No, I want your cock, not your tongue, I can’t take it anymore, please fuck me with that cock".

Sean, just looked up at her and said "No, I watched you please my aunt this way and even though you have had a couple of orgasms, I’m going to please you how I want and I want to taste you as you cum again" and with that he went down on her. He moved his tongue from the base of her slit up and inside her pussy and then back out and continued climbing his tongue until he found her clit, swollen and sticking out of its little hood. He sucked on her clit and she gave a small cry. He then began again.

Sarah was beside herself, ‘oh my gosh, this guy is unbelievable, but I need that cock, when ooooh, my gosh, not again’ and she sat straight up and came again. Not minutes after he had laid her down. He kept licking her and she felt herself getting ready for another orgasm, when he quickly stopped.

I couldn’t believe she came so fast Sean thought… but now she’ll get what she wants and he stopped licking moved between her legs and put his thick, throbbing head inside her pussy, it was so wet, so hot. He was going to go slow as he entered, but she was so willing and it just sort of slid all the way in as soon as the head of his shaft made the entrance the rest of it just followed.

"Yes, yes, yes" Sarah screamed as she watched the whole cock slide right in. He’s so thick, so huge. It’s got to be at least 9" and all of it is inside of me. I’ve never had something so big and it feels so damn good. The longest I’ve ever had was that 8" dildo Patty his aunt used on me that one night in Louisiana the night of the Mardi gras. Does he even know what he’s doing to me? The sensation of his balls hitting my ass and that long shaft, I’m gonna cum again.

Sean couldn’t believe it this woman was twice the woman that he ever experienced before. The young college co-eds and their hot little bodies could never take all of him and here she not only sucked him off by taking his whole shaft into her mouth, but she’s taken my whole cock and she wants more. I’m fucking her as fast as I can and she’s got her legs wrapped around me, Fuck, I think she just scratched the shit out of my back. But that feels so damn good. Then to his amazement she sat upright and pushed him backwards.

‘Enough of this young whippersnapper taking control’ Sarah thought as she pushed him back and straddled him. She started gyrating her hips on top of him, his whole cock buried deep inside of her. I’m gonna make him cum, see how he likes it and she placed her feet on the sofa, grabbed the back of the sofa and started humping him up and down. He was sweating, his hands were on her hips, but he wasn’t helping her. All those years of Yoga, running and skiing had her legs in fine shape and she could do this for hours. She heard him gasp and his eyes snapped open and she felt him cum deep inside of her and yet she kept humping him.

Sean thought his nuts exploded. He never felt this ever before. Here she’s humping me and now I just shot my load, but I’m not getting soft. In fact it feels like I’m getting harder, she’s doing something with her pussy muscles that is massaging my cock as she fucks me. Oh my goodness, what the hell is she doing now. Sean watches mesmerized as Sarah pirouettes on his cock and is now facing the opposite way. She puts her feet on his thighs and is pushing off of them. He feels her toes dig in to gain purchase and then pushes off, going to the top of his shaft almost letting it out, and then she clamps those pussy muscles around his shaft head and slowly lowers herself down to the base. He sees and feels her orgasm as her pussy juices flow down and pool around the base of his cock, his pubic hair soaked with her pussy juice.

He reaches over and inserts a finger up her ass. She screams and cums again. Her ass opens up to his finger and he inserts another, so every time she comes down she get’s two of his long thick fingers up in her ass. He reaches around her with his other hand and finds her clit and begins rubbing that, she tosses her head side to side and continues to hump him fast up and slow down. He feels another ejaculation coming and let’s another one loose inside of her. His balls are on fire and he gasps out "Sarah, please I can’t do this again".

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve orgasmed and he’s shot at least 2 loads up inside of me. I can do this all night, but can he? So young, but yet, I think he’s got a few more in him that he doesn’t realize. Yet, maybe we ought to stop. All this goes through Sarah’s head as she pirouettes one more time and is now facing him. She stops humping but keeps him inside flexing her pussy muscles to keep him hard and aware.

She looks down at his magnificent body. Those six-pack abs, biceps, his pecs, that blonde hair and those piercing blue eyes. Why is this guy not married off to one of those college debutantes’s? She leans down, bending his cock with her and kisses him gently on the lips, then looks into his eyes and says "I remember not long ago, when I begged for your cock, you thought you could keep teasing me with foreplay, now that we’re actually doing the main event, you want to stop. Here I am 40 years older and I want to keep enjoying the night. It’s howling and blowing up a tempest outside and I want to fuck a storm on the inside, but you want to stop. To add to her point she increases the muscular grip her pussy has on his cock.

Sean looks up at her gray disheveled hair and then his gaze follows down to her luscious breasts, those nipples erect and hard and then his gaze is forced down to her gray pubic hairs as she really grips in with those awesome pussy muscles. "Well, sister if that’s how you feel and he muscles her onto her back and then while remaining inside of her he grabs her ankles and lifts them high in the air lifting her ass of the couch and he pulls back and rams inside her. She gasps for breath as he thrusts in and out. Then he puts her on her side and lifts one leg up and continues pounding her. He keeps that up until she is screaming his name over and over. She arches her back into him and they butt heads briefly as he cums at the same time as her orgasm. Her pussy gripping his cock and he lets out a scream at the same time.

They lay there panting and breathing hard. Sean has his hand on her breasts, softly caressing those nipples. Sarah leans back, turns her head and kisses him and he kisses her back. They lay like that for awhile and then as Sean goes limp he pulls out of her and she rolls over on top of him and puts her head on his chest. Sean reaches up and grabs the comforter that is on the back of the sofa covers them both. Then Sarah reaches over hits the remote to turn off the TV and says, "I don’t think you will need that type of stimulation while I am here."

"No, I sure won’t" Sean says as the room darkens as they fall asleep together the storm rages on outside, but the storm inside has subsided at least for this night…

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