Sissy Powers Ch. 05

Sissy Powers Ch. 05

I followed Clara's anxious gaze down my torso to my cock. Well, to where my cock had been. What was there now, standing rigidly upright and looking for all the world like a weapon ready to lay waste to a city (or my poor fiance) was a towering shaft of veiny, pulsing meat. It was, and I swear I do not exaggerate this, 18" long and as thick around as a Coke can. The shaft was covered in thick, bulging veins and the head was a swollen, dark purple helmet that looked as if it could dent steel. I froze, not certain what to do.

Yelping, Clara looked even lower and saw my balls. Whereas before they had been normal (maybe a bit bigger than average, but not obscene), now they were huge, about the size of small oranges and looking to be full of cum already.

"Oh, uh... Yeah, I don't... Um..." I stammered out, in shock at what had happened to my body - what I had done to my body!

"I fucking love it!" Clara gasped, her hands flying to my shaft and wrapping around. It's good both hands were moving together, because one would certainly not have been able to encircle me alone. "What did you think to make this happen?!"

I thought for a second, before remembering the last thought in my head: "I thought that I wanted my cock to be as big as you could possibly take inside of you, but that I wanted to stretch you out forever. I wanted to destroy your pussy, but without really injuring you... Maybe I went a bit too big?" I guessed, scared to hurt her.

"Honey, I know this is very new to us, but I really do get the feeling that we should 'trust the magic', don't you? Like if the Tantric magic thought I could take that, I think we should at least try!" She looked incredibly excited at the prospect, and licked from the base of my shaft to the tip in one smooth, but very long, motion to emphasize her point.

"Oh fuck... I mean, I guess..." she engulfed the bulbous head in her mouth, her cheeks puffing outrageously and drool running down her chin. "OH FUCK! Okay," I laughed deliriously, "If you really want to try it, I'd love to make your pussy mine permanently, but we are stopping if it gets too painful, okay?!" She nodded her head in eager promise, and I committed to the course of action we had just agreed to.

"Oh wait!" Clara cried out as I moved between her legs to eat her out and get her ready. I looked up questioningly, sure that she hadn't decided to back out now. "When you're done resizing my body to fit you, do you think Leah could come back to give me some TLC?"

I smiled and nodded yes, knowing that I would love some romance and affection after such a debaucherous act. Then, I lowered my mouth to her cunt and licked, not really surprised to find her already dripping wet and hanging slightly open.

"Uh, baby..." I trailed off.

"Am I still stretched out from the last time you fucked me, and then Leah eating me out?" she guessed, realizing that her pussy lips must be hanging open with her desire and the thorough fucking she had already received. I nodded confirmation, and she smiled, happy to already be a bit of a loose slut for her lover. "Good, then this should be easier! Just make me cum like a few times to get me completely wet and then we can try?"

I happily obeyed, and in no time she was squeezing my head between her thighs while squirting what had to be her hundredth orgasm of the day onto my face. Plenty dripped into her pussy, and after another 3 orgasms her hole was literally a puddle of erotic fluids.

"No time like the present!" she said suddenly, seeming to steel herself in her determination to take my outrageously large member. I smiled at her and moved to kneel between her thighs. Positioning the head at her opening, I looked at her for final confirmation.

"Do it," she begged, her eyes shining with need, "fucking fill me. Make me yours, and only yours, forever! Stick that monster in my - UUUNNNHHH!!" Her words died, to be replaced by guttural screams and ridiculously-heavy panting, as the first few inches of my cock speared into her silky depths.

I slid back almost all of the way out, leaving just the tip of the head inside of her, then pushed forward again and this time an inch further. "YES!!" she screamed, her body writhing like crazy with an intense, toe-curling orgasm and covering my shaft in her squirted liquid. "Oh Leo, I can feel my pussy stretching SO FAR! It feels like literally any more and you'd be tearing me open!" So the magic had gone to her very limit, then. Huh, smart magic!

"You like that, Clara? You like being stretched as far as you can? You like being filled so totally by my cock?"


On my next thrust, I slid in so that 8" of cock was inside of her, the full length of my natural penis. The next inch had only been fucke donce, but any further was virgin territory. When I pushed a full 10" into her, the part of her cunt that had never been penetrated before gave her what I can only describe, from looking, as a nuclear explosion of pleasure. Her eyes shot open and tears of joy ran down her face as parts of her that nobody had ever touched, or ever could touch, were filled and pleasured.

"Wait! Stop!" she called out, and I immediately froze. "How are you this far inside of me? How are you not damaging internal organs?" I heard her, and realized her point. She seemed to be fine, though, so I shrugged.

"Magic?" I offered, uncertain of the cause but very much enjoying the results.

"Works for me!" she agreed hurriedly. "Now, I know you're gentle and loving even with this actual monster of a cock, but I'm done going slow. I want you to put it all inside of me now!"

My eyes widened in awe, and she came again at feeling me tense slightly. I guess the fact that she had 10" of steel inside of her gets the blame for that one. "You're sure?"

"Yes. Do it! Make me yours forever!"

I pulled back, removing my entire cock from inside of her pussy, and held it at the opening. I looked Clara in the eyes, said "I love you," and leaned totally forward, plunging my entire cock into her depths.

18" of cock slammed into her, knocking all of the air out of her lungs and making her shriek like she was being murdered, which wasn't far from the truth.

"You like that, Clara? You're mine! Your pussy belongs to me, only I could even feel it now!" She writhed and moaned more, no words forming on her tongue just as no thoughts existed in her mind beyond the sensations of fullness and pleasure.

Now, I wasn't checking to see when her next orgasm started, because she literally had not stopped cumming since my first penetration. Once she had gotten as used to accommodating my new, massive size as she could possibly be, I slid out almost all the way and back in. I gradually ramped up the speed until I was pounding in and out of her, causing her tits to bounce obscenely and her eyes to squeeze shut. The pulsing of her pussy was driving me crazy on my hypersensitive shaft, and after a few more minutes I could feel my own orgasm building.

"I'm getting close, baby. Do you want my cum inside of you?"

That jarred Clara from her trance state, and her eyes shot open to stare up at me. "Oh my god, YES! I need it so bad, please Leo, please just fucking fill me! Empty those huge balls into me, so that I'm leaking you for days!" I smiled at her, and then picked up the pace of my pounding.

I continued until I felt a red-hot fire in my balls, and then sank all the way into her and released. "FUCK!!" I screamed, shooting jet after jet of cum into her cunt. I kept pumping, draining my impressive balls into her, and her belly seemed to bulge slightly outwards.

When both of our orgasms died down a bit, I settled myself on top of her in an intimate embrace, just holding her close while my cock still occasionally throbbed and her pussy squeezed me, milking the last drops of cum from me.

"That was..." I began, only to be silenced by Clara's finger on my lips.

"Shh, baby, just relax..." she whispered, her eyes closing. As she fell asleep, I pulled my softening length from her, thought of being Leah, and settled down to go to sleep as well. As I closed my eyes, I felt my breasts rub against her side and smiled. I was getting good at this!