Сиде купить NBOME

Сиде купить NBOME

Сиде купить NBOME

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Temple Of Electric Love. Blood feels like jello legs stiff and sore Yet still I eat more and more But why should I care My mind is not there elvis has left the building set out to find the depths of his mind In the temple of electric love. Aug 11, We do not support eyeballing research chemicals as it is an extremely dangerous practice, especially compounds active in sub-milligram doses. Overview The 25x-NBOMe series are psychedelic phenethylamines which act as highly potent agonists at 5ht2a receptors. They elicit classical psychedelic effects similar to the 2c-x series of research chemicals. They where discovered by Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin for use in research as a radioligand to study the serotonin system. Many of the NBOMe series compounds act as full agonist as opposed to most well known psychedelics which are partial agonists. This likely explains the steep dose response curve these compounds have. The NBOMe series has been associated with many deaths likely attributed to its extreme potency microgram doses , steep dose response curve 1mg is not necessarily only twice as strong as micrograms , and irresponsible use users eyeballing powder. In overdose the NBOMes have caused seizures, vasoconstriction, multiple organ failure, cardiovascular incidents, and other side effects. Most of the fatalities have occurred when pure powder is administered intranasally. It is absolutely imperative that when working with these compounds one have an extremely accurate scale capable of measuring sub milligram dosages. These compounds will be discussed briefly later. This can potentially lead to problems when people are dropping multiple tabs. This could create some confusion and it would be catastrophic if someone confused an NBOMe compound for a 2c-x compound. Here is a list to the common names by which these compounds are referred to. Binding Efficiencies Ki is a measure of how strongly a compound binds to a specific receptor as either an agonist or antagonist. It gives us a good idea of which receptors a compound targets. Dosage There is no such thing as a universally safe dosage for research chemicals as we simply just do not know for sure, the doses provided are merely the most common dosages and are not meant to imply safety. Using research chemicals is an inherently dangerous practice and while proper harm reduction can reduce some of the dangerous it could never be anything remotely close to 'safe'. These compounds are very new and thus I do not feel comfortable providing original dosage information therefor the doses are copied from www. I am basing this section off personal experience and general consensus although some people find these differ. Euphoria 25C is the most euphoric, followed by B, and then I. Empathogenic effects Life changing spiritual experiences increased creative thinking Stimulation I and C are more stimulating than B Negative Vasoconstriction present with all NBOMe compounds although I is the worst nausea anxiety, panic overwhelming experience bad trip Inability to control body temperature I call it the hot shower cold shower effect. C is quite easy on the mind in my experience. I find that 25C is not very visual at all and any visual distortions even on high dose are relatively mild compared to 25B and especially 25I or any other pyschedelics. Some people find that NBOMes are not as 'deep' as some other psychedelics but I think this is all relative. While I find 25c to be very euphoric and difficult to get into a bad headspace although the physical side effects of them all can be pretty off putting in higher doses , I think 25b can be very spiritual and just as 'deep' as LSD or any other psychedelic I am sure they all could given sufficient doses. Its all dose, set, and setting dependent. Its also probably not a coincidence that it seems to have the most deaths associated with it. This is just my experience however and as with any psychoactives your mileage may vary. Blood feels like jello legs stiff and sore Yet still I eat more and more But why should I care My mind is not there elvis has left the building set out to find the depths of his mind In the temple of electric love c Ryan Feeback, all rights reserved note: Synthesis Information I am unable to find synthesis information for these compounds, we need someone to provide this information. If you would like to contribute to this guide please send me a PM with the synthesis information. These compounds are extremely new and reports on there recreational use are just beginning to surface. If anyone has any information on these compounds please start a thread in the RC psychedelics forum and send me the data in PM so I can add it to this guide. There seems to be more reports of deaths surfacing in a short amount of time with these compounds than with the 2c-x series of phenethylamines, or even the DOX series. This is cause for concern and in this section we are going to look at why. First many of these compounds are full agonists at the 5ht2a receptor. Most commonly used psychedelic drugs are partial agonists. As we saw with synthetic cannabinoids full agonism can create some effects and side effects not found with partial agonists. I suspect something similar is occurring here with the NBOMe series in that we cannot imply the safety of full agonists for the 5ht2a receptor from the safety of partial agonists. Second is the extraordinarily steep dose response curve. The effects of micrograms 1mg are not necessarily twice the effect of micrograms. This makes the NBOMe compounds more difficult to dose as apposed to the more well known psychedelics with a fairly predictable dose response curve. The third reason is that these compounds are active in the microgram range and it is impossible to eyeball doses that small. Eyeballing research chemicals or any drugs really is a dangerous practice but with many of the 2c-x compounds a miscalculation is not likely to be a fatal mistake because they are active in the milligram range. With the NBOMes if you just line up some powder and snort it with no idea how much you are taking in it could be a very dangerous mistake. There are other factors at play with the NBOMes than just psychedelic effects. They are quite stimulating and raise blood pressure and heart rate. There is the risk of peripheral vasoconstriction and inability to regulate body temperature like with MDMA. This could make for potentially deadly side effects when overdosed. Lastly because of the fact that they are not active orally instead of using them sublingually or buccally many people decide to insufflate them which tends to be the cause of most of the deaths. This causes peak plasma concentrations to rise instantly and all of the drug hits you at one. In higher dose it could cause quite a shock to the system. We recommend against this ROA and if one decides to try it you should start very low threshold doses and then slowly titrate up to a comfortable level.

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