Сиде купить Метамфетамин

Сиде купить Метамфетамин

Сиде купить Метамфетамин

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Methamphetamine is an addictive drug that stimulates the central nervous system. This drug is a pure form of amphetamine, and has become a drug of abuse in the United States. It can be snorted, smoked, injected or taken orally. People who are completely dependent on methamphetamine, are at a great risk of losing their ability to cope with stress and work. As soon as the drug is administered, the immediate side effects of this drug include decreased appetite and increased activity. Serious side effects of this drug are as follows: Suicidal tendencies Heart palpitations Chest pain Shortness of breath Uncontrolled movement of the mouth, arms, neck or head Restlessness Symptoms of an allergic reaction such as itching and unexplained rash Increases Release of Dopamine Methamphetamine is known to increase the production of the brain chemical dopamine. As certain regions of the brain get flooded with dopamine, it produces euphoria a feeling of great joy and excitement. Repeated use of this drug can lead to dopamine buildup in the brain, which can have an adverse impact on the human behavior. Sleep Problems Sleep deprivation is the most common side effect of this drug. This eventually leads to excessive tiredness and depression. Disturbances in Dopamine Levels Dopamine imbalance in the brain can cause: Hallucinations the perception of something that is not really present Extreme paranoia Bizarre, violent behavior Mood disturbances Methamphetamine being a powerful stimulant gives a feeling of increased energy. An intense sensation or rush is experienced for a short time when the drug is injected in the body. This happens because high levels of dopamine is released into specific areas of the brain that control the feelings of pleasure. Short-term effects of this medication are as follows: Increased alertness Feeling of extreme happiness Decreased fatigue Decreased appetite Increased respiration Hyperthermia Side effects as observed in clinical trials, in which a group of people were given this drug, have been studied and documented. They are as listed below: Headache Increased blood pressure Dizziness Unpleasant feelings Insomnia Shakiness Abnormally good mood Change in sex drive or impotence the drug may destroy sex drive People who often use methamphetamine are at a great risk of damaging their brain cells. The drug can also cause a number of cardiovascular problems, such as irregular heartbeat and rapid heart rate. Although the drug initially gives pleasurable effects, long-term use can cause the following side effects: Seizures Damage to the blood vessels situated in the brain Excess fluid accumulates in the brain tissue, skull and the lungs Hyperpyrexia the body temperature is higher than degree Fahrenheit Internal bleeding; normal blood flow is disrupted which can cause damage to other parts of the body Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert. Effects of Methamphetamine on the Body. Causes of Bad Dreams. Examples of Narcissistic Behavior. Different Fields in Psychology. Psychology Behind Why People Lie. Blood Type and Personality. Type B Personality Traits. The Power of Colors and their Meanings. How to Stop Being Jealous. Why Do People Lie? What Does it Mean when you Dream about Snakes? Group Therapy Activities for Adults. Symptoms of Abandonment Issues. List of Human Emotions. Controversial Topics in Psychology. Effects of Music on the Mind. Ten Ways to Cope with Anxiety.

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