Should You Take The Rice Purity Test

Should You Take The Rice Purity Test

Timothy Batchelor

There are Lots of ways for adults Experiences with each other, such as details that many would consider personal. But in the event that you really wish to know about a individual's sordid past, simply ask them to take the Rice Purity Test. Let's look a a few things you should know about the test before you choose whether to choose it.

There is nothing Incorrect with submitting the questionnaire out for fun, but taking the consequences too seriously can have negative consequences. Some people have shared their scores publicly, only to be shamed with their own pals. Therefore, if you or someone you know requires the exam, keep in mind that it can not really determine how great a person you are. Judging someone due to the score they get is not okay.

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Questions By the Rice Purity Test

· Held hands romantically?

· Been put on disciplinary probation or suspended?

· Played a drinking match ?

· Had the authorities called on you?

· Committed an act of vandalism?


Looking back on Your past experiences could be a form of personal reflection. And sharing your Score with buddies is a way to strike up conversations. Only be Careful not to take the test too badly or judge people based on their results.

Provided That you treat it as a form of entertainment, rather than an Accurate assessment of personality, there's no harm in seeing exactly how you fare on the Rice Purity Test.