She's Bad!

She's Bad!


Copyright 2003

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Her perfect ass resting upon the sofas cushion, dark-haired Jane moved the cigarette to her lips and took a puff, her knee high leather stiletto boots stretched out on the livingroom table, the hot looking jean clad lady taking it easy with some trash novel, reading away all day in her apartment. Wearing nothing but a bra under her black T-shirt, Jane continued to absorb the pages when all of a sudden her apartments buzzer rang.

A frustrated expression on her attractive face, the woman placed the book to the side, removed her feet from the table, and then raised her terrific butt. Strolling over to the intercom, she pressed a button and asked,Yea...whos there?

Happy birthday Jane..., its me, Kelly!

Surprised to here her sisters voice, the twenty eight year old brunette, her mane raised to her heads top, replied,Oh hi Kell..., ok, come on up!

In a joking way, the lady downstairs answered,Kell? know I hate it when you call me that...its Kelly!

Yea, yea...just get up here.

After she pressed the button, Jane just stood there by the livingroom door and waited. A few moments later, she heard footsteps and finally a knock. Quickly, the brunette pulled open the door and was greeted by the pretty face of a sandy-haired lady two years younger than herself.

Dressed in a business skirt suit and pumps, Kelly stepped inside the suite, holding a box approximately a foot wide, long, and deep.

Good to see you Kell..., oh...Im sorry, thats ‘Kelly. So what the hell brings you to this town...I havent seen you in over a year?

I know we live hundreds of miles apart, but I was on a business trip this week, the companys got us going here and there..., then I remembered todays your birthday..., so guess what...I decided to stop by..., I mean...Im in the area anyway...may as well say high.


So how are you doing...havent heard from you in a while.

Im ok...pretty much stay to myself.

I know..., thats your whole spend your whole life alone..., no friends..., youre single, no kids, what do you do with all your time anyway?

I read...and ofcourse I got my job.

Your job...youve been at that store for some time now...dont you wanna do something better?

Im all right.

Well..., I got something for you., said Kelly as she strolled over to the livingroom table and placed the box to the oak surface.

Whats that?

Your birthday present...go ahead, open it...just pull up the lid.

Curiosity on her face, her dark eyes glowing a little, Jane bent down somewhat and did as suggested, opening the lid. Suddenly, to her surprise, she looked straight down at a puppy, a light brown colored animal, the thing looking real cute and nice.

Not knowing what to say at first, Jane eventually asked,,What the fucks this?

Its for you..., someone to keep you company..., a friend...aint he cute?

Using all her strength and will, Jane held back her disappointment and forced out a smile, saying to her sister,Oh yes..., hes nice....nice little doggy, what kind is it?

Its a baby shepherd.

Nice...what do I feed him?

Dog food...what else? Ill buy some for you when we go out in a few minutes...any good cafes or restaurants around here?

Ah...yea..., I think theres something a few blocks from here.

You think?

Kelly..., I really dont get out much...I stay to myself pretty much.

And dont I know it...thats why I got you the youll have someone to talk to.

Nodding her head slowly in a sarcastic way, Jane killed her cigarette in an ashtray and picked up the dog, pretending she was intrigued with it, making it look like the gift made her happy. After petting it for a minute or so, Jane set it down to the floor, watching the thing start exploring the room, searching around, smelling this and that.

Nice..., hes sure getting himself situated, aint he?, remarked Jane to her sister.

He sure is.

OK..., we can go somewhere...Ill take you to the mall...I know where that is, they also got a pet shop there...we can buy his food and a few other things for him...well eat at Chi Chis...they serve booze as well...itll be perfect.

All right...then lets go.

Jane fired up a fresh cigarette and grabbed the empty box, walking with it into the kitchen and placing it down to the floor under the sink. She returned to the livingroom and said,OK...were off.

Kelly opened the door and stepped out into the hall as her sister followed, locking the door behind her. Both attractive young ladies strolled downstairs and out of the structure, walking over to a new dark blue Mustang parked in the lot going with the complex.

I thought Im gonna take us there?, asked Jane

Thats ok...Ill drive...well use my car here.

Cool..., nice car, a Mustang., said Jane, looking next over at her old Topaz parked nearby.

Hey..., thats what happens...I got a real job, thats why I wear a skirt suit to work...not jeans like some other people I know.

Very funny, Kelly...did you come all this way just to put me down?

Its just a joke..., you know...a birthday joke.

Sure., replied Jane as both women parked their asses into the two front seats of the neat looking car.

Following Janes directions, Kelly drove to the mall where the ladies went to Chi Chis and had some dinner together with a few drinks, bullshitting about this and that. Finished, they left the restaurant and strolled over to a pet shop where Kelly bought the dog food and a bowl. With the purchase made, they returned to the car, parked their butts, and left, going back to Janes place.

Up in the suite again, the women talked for a while, watching the puppy as it began eating some of the food after it was placed in the new bowl, causing Kelly to say,Look at him..., hes got an appetite...that means he likes it here with you...Im sure you twoll be great friends.

Yea..., I guess so.

Ofcourse..., why dont you pick him up again...say hi again.

Only to please her sister, Jane bent down and raised the animal to her chest, holding it like one holds a baby.

You should really get married and have some kids., said Kelly.

Who knows.

Yea..., Im serious...Jeff and Ive been married for two years now...I love it.

Like I said...who knows.

You need alone and isolated isnt right...its no good.

Well see.

Another half hour went by and Kelly finally remarked,OK Jane..., I gotta go..., gotta get a few more things done in this area before I head a long drive ahead of me.

OK...and thanks for the puppy.

Embracing her sister, Kelly answered,No problem Jane...just take my advice..., Ok..., find some guy...theyve got a bunch of good ones out just gotta go out and look.

Rolling her eyes, the dark-haired lady replied,Yea...right.

They do...not all men are jerks.

I know...those who aint jerks are fuckheads...thats about all youve got.

Laughing, Kelly said,Oh Jane, Jane..., whats wrong with you...youre so afraid of attachment...whats scares you?

Nothing...I just like to be alone...thats all...

With a friendly sigh, Kelly hugged her sister a second time and then went for the door, saying,Well...good luck...I hope you like the dog...what are you gonna name him?

Dont know yet...Ill think of something.

Ok..., by...Ill give you a call sometime next week or so.

All right.

Once Kelly left the apartment, Jane simply stood there in the errie silence holding the cute looking and helpless animal. After she heard her sisters car pull out of the lot, Jane just continued to stand there and stare at the wall, breathing in the stillness that echoed from every corner of the suite.

As she stood there, Jane suddenly said,What..., whats this..., whats that weird and warm feeling flowing over my arm?

Next, she burst out,Fuck..., damn it...damn you, you stinken animal, you pissed on me!

Quickly, she placed the creature to the floor and looked down at herself, yelling,Fucken mutt, why the hell did you do that?

As a loner, Jane really had no use for anyone, all she wanted out of life was to be by herself and read books or take walks; she didnt care in the least for companionship, not even a pet. Furthermore, the woman was in some ways a little off, she had a few screws loose, being somewhat paranoid, thinking the whole world was out to get her, making her read the wrong message in her sisters visit, causing her to yell out,Kelly..., you fucken just came here to make fun of off your fucken car...put me down..., you fucken bitch...why dont you die!

Again, Jane looked down at herself, seeing the wet spots on her clothes. A second later, the woman ran over to the wall and started pushing at it with her fist, over and over, kicking it as well!

Why cant they all leave me alone...why...I hate ‘em all, I hate ‘em all..., fuckheads and bastards...!

Furious, Jane quickly turned around, seeing the puppy cowering in one corner of the room, her noise and yelling scaring the poor creature.

You little good for nothing piece of shit...garbage..., why the hell did she give you to me...make more trouble for me!

Jane darted over to the animal and kicked it, pushing the toe of her boot into the dogs underbelly! It let out a loud high pitched yelp, obviously indicating it was in pain. Again, the dark-haired woman kicked the helpless puppy, this time causing it to run away, running as fast as it could into the kitchen.

Under the kitchen table it went. Jane followed the dog and yelled,Piece of crap..., I aint gonna keep you, what the fuck do I need you for...youre nothing but trash and extra work...I dont need a fucken pet!

The psychotic lady squatted and peered under the table, seeing the puppy, saying,There you are...lousy shit dog...youll pay for that..., no one pisses on me and gets away with it..., no one!

Down on all fours now, her perfect ass arched up somewhat, determined Jane reached forward, finally grabbing the dog by one of its hind legs.

Yea..., got you, thats it...theres no escape...non whatsoever!

Despite the small creatures efforts, it was obviously no match for her. To the puppy, she was a goddess, a superior boing that loomed way above, in complete control of its fate. Jane pulled the dog from under the table and frantically dragged it over to the box under the sink, the same carton in which the animal was delivered. Like a maniac, the brunette ripped the container open and raised up the puppy, finally forcing it down into the box, closing the lid afterward. The woman took up the box holding the creature and carried it out to the livingroom. There, she placed it on the floor next to the door, taking up a nearby stool, turning it upside down, and then lowering it on top of the box, making sure the frightened animal doesnt push up on the lid from the inside and escape.

Quickly, she ventured back into the kitchen and opened a drawer, removing some duck-tape. Back by the box again, she wrapped some of the tape around the same container, securing it, doing this so the dog cant obviously get out. With the stool replaced to its original position, Jane looked down at herself for a second and remarked,Like I said..., no one pisses on me and gets away with it!

Jane took up her cigarette pack from the livingrooms table, placing it in her T-shirts pocket, and then grabbed her lighter, placing that in her jean pocket. Her house and car keys already in one of her pants pockets, the heartless woman took up the box and left her suite, locking the door behind her.

Down by her car, Jane placed the box holding the dog upon the front passenger seat and then circumnavigated the vehicle, finally parking her gorgeous and shapely ass behind the wheel. Before starting the engine, she fired up a cigarette using the cars lighter. That done, the unholy wench turned the ignition and drove off.

Less than ten minutes later, she pulled into a gas station. Raising her ass from the drivers seat, Jane stepped out of the car and went to the rear of the thing, opening the trunk. She produced a red plastic gasoline container and strolled over to one of the pumps where she quickly filled it up, buying a gallon of the flammable stuff. Next, she entered the small structure going with the place and paid for it, giving the clerk two bucks, getting thirty five cents in return.

Back by her car, the brunette returned the container to the trunk and again parked her posterior behind the wheel, firing up a fresh cigarette. The engine started again, she put the thing into gear and took off.

With the cigarette between her lips, Jane looked down at the box now and then as she steered the vehicle and remarked,You just wait..., oh yea, you just wait, motherfucken piece of shit!

Jane drove on and on for the next twenty minutes until she reached the entrance of the nearby state park. After pulling into the entrance, she drove along a two lane road, the street flanked by trees on both sides. Finally, she decided to pull over along the shoulder, not seeing any other cars since the moment she pulled into the park, the place quite deserted of most people, especially today, a weekday.

After the dark-haired lady cut the engine, she went to the back of her car and opened the trunk, removing not only the red container full of gas but her fifteen foot long jumper cables as well. The things in hand, the woman strolled a few feet from the roads edge over to the forest line, the place where the trees and thick growth began, the area between the forest and road being only grass. Taking note of one of the trees right at the edge, Jane went up to it and tied one end of the jumper cable around its trunk. Next, she dropped the cable and went back to her car, opening the passenger door. She retreived the box holding the helpless puppy and ventured back to the jumper cable, squatting down next to the free end. With a little effort, Jane pulled the ducktape from the box and opened the lid, taking the creature out of the thick cardboard prison. As the dog wiggled about and struggled, totally frightened of the lady, Jane tied the same free end of the cable around the puppys mid section, making it as tight as possible, finally securing the creature.

A smile on her face, Jane stood up and lowered her right boot down on top of the cable section less than twelve inches from where it was tied to the dog. She bent over and took up the red gas container, opening its nozzle afterward. With a sick and twisted delight, she started pouring the stuff down on the animal, soaking it with the strong smelling liquid until the red thing was empty. She then reached into her shirt pocket and produced a fresh cigarette and stuck it between her lips. Afterward, Jane took up her lighter and lit the white thing, returning the same lighter to her pants pocket.

As she exhaled a cloud of smoke into the air, Jane said down to the creature,Give me one reason why I should let you live?

Obviously, it didnt respond to her question, it only whined and whimpered, trying to free itself from the cable.

She gave you to me to persecute me...youre her way of making me feel bad, inferior..., I know it..., yes....I know thats why she dropped you off!

For the next three minutes, Jane cussed down at the dog, blaming it for her misery. At last, the cigarette was about down to the filter. With no feelings whatsoever, the cruel bitch dropped it, watching it fall from her hand! The moment it struck the dogs wet coat, she quickly jumped back, seeing the creature explode with a burst of light, the animal now engulfed in flames!

Back and forth it went, not knowing what to do, the pain driving it mad! In vain, it ran toward the road but was stopped short by the cable. Desperately, it rolled itself around on the ground, not knowing what else to do. And all the while, it screamed and screamed, filling the nearby forest with a high pitched echo, the sound of complete agony and despair!

Burn..., burn! Thats it...feel what hells fucken piece of garbage..., burn, yea..., burn baby...burn!, cried Jane, getting off at the scene, the flames turning her on!

For a brief moment, the sick bitch felt something between her legs, a sense of pleasure, the creatures death pangs giving her a burst of ecstasy! If the sensations wouldve lasted a few more seconds, she was sure shed cum in her pants! At last, the dog was dead, the animals fur all consumed by the fire, its skin all black and charred now, the poor helpless animal laying on the grass about five feet from the roads edge, the cable still wrapped around its immobilized frame.

Full of herself and voloping in what her twisted mind reasoned and rationalized as a justifiable form of revenge against her sister, Jane ventured over to the dead thing and stopped in front of it, saying down to the piece of burnt flesh,So you thought you could piss on me..., yea, about this...?

Her mind focused on revenge, Jane slowly turned around and opened her pants, pulling her jeans and underwear down to her knees. Her head turned back, the woman squatted over the dead puppy, hanging her hairy cunt right over it. Three seconds later, she pissed, peeing right down on top of it, her yellow fluid causing some white smoke to emerge from the dogs hot and crisp flesh!

Her fresh piss came out with a steady and strong gush, spraying downward, flowing over the puppys body and finally dropping down on the ground. As she peed away, her mind was focused on getting even, totally oblivious to her surroundings, her deranged state causing her to momentarily forget that she was doing her business in a public area. While she continued to piss, her perfect ass exposed to the outside world, Jane turned her head to the left for a second, toward the road. To her horror, another car was now parked along the shoulder, a few feet in front of hers on the same side of the road. With the last drops of pee dripping from her slit, surprised Jane quickly stood up and pulled her clothes back in place. Inside the car, its engine running, was some mid aged guy. Through his open passenger side window, the man behind the wheel yelled, Youre one sick lady...I just saw what you did to that burned it alive and then urinated on it...what the hells wrong with you?

Fuck you..., asshole...get the hell outta watched me take a piss..., pervert!

Pervert? Youre the pervert...I got your license plate number, lady, Im reporting this...they got laws against hurting animals...especially a small puppy like that one..., man..., are you sick!

Before she could respond, the man put his car back into drive and took off.

While she was enjoying herself and burning the dog, she didnt notice the guys car pull up, the man watching everything she did. If she wasnt so introverted, she never wouldve picked that spot in the first place, her desire to burn and kill the animal messing up her faculties.

Quickly, as the man drove away, she ran to her own car, dropped her ass behind the wheel, turned the ignition, and went after him. Like a nut, she almost floored the peddle and went faster and faster, taking the old thing well over seventy miles an hour! At last she caught up with him. Since there was no other traffic, Jane pulled up along side of him then hit the accelerator as hard as she could, passing him. Before he could react, the bitch pulled her car to the right, cutting him off. Having no where to go, the guy hit the brakes and went off the road, his car going into a shallow ditch. After he came to a halt, he put his vehicle in reserves and tried to back out. However, his tires only spun around and around, the guys car stuck in some mud.

Wasting no time, Jane pulled to the side and got out, going to her trunk and grabbing a crow bar. The thing in hand, she went toward his vehicle at a steady pace, getting closer and closer.

Seeing the beautiful but dangerous lady come toward him, the man realized he was in trouble. Frantically, he tried to get his car out of the mud, shifting it into forward, then reverse, rocking it back and forth. Nothing, the thing was stuck. Afraid, he rolled up both windows and continued with his efforts, trying to get the car to budge. Less than thirty seconds later, the woman stood before his drivers side door.

OK, please..., I wont tell anyone..., cmon, I cant believe youre acting this way!

Fuckyou, you youre gonna tell the cops about me, yea...?

Im sorry...I wont tell!, replied the man through the glass, trying to talk some sense into her.

It didnt work; she raised the piece of iron and swung it against the doors window, shattering the glass. She struck the window three times before the glass finally fell apart. By this time, the frightened occupant crawled over to the passenger side and opened the door, jumping out of the car. With lightening speed, she went after him, the guy headed for the woods.

Thump! Jane struck him over the back of his head with the thing, knocking him out! He fell to the grass like a sack of potatoes, losing consciousness.

There, asshole...thought you could get away from me...did you?

All excited now, Janes mind didnt even realize the seriousness of what she just did, her brain intoxicated with the moment. Quickly, the diabolical lady returned to her car and dropped the piece of iron back into the open trunk. She walked back to the unconscious individual and bent over, stopping before his head. Jane reached under his arm pits and dragged the guy over to her car. Using all her strength, she pulled him up and dropped him into the trunk. After closing the rear hood, the brunette went back into her vehicle, lowering her ass behind the wheel. Off she went, making a U-turn and driving back to the place where she killed the puppy, leaving his car on the side of the road, abandoning the thing.

Back at the original spot, happy to see no one around, wicked Jane untied the jumper cables from the dead creatures body and tossed the dogs charred remains into the woods, concealing it from view. That done, she took up the empty gas can and placed it on her cars floor board before the front passenger seat, not wishing to open the trunk at this precise moment. With the jumper cables and the cardboard box tossed to the back seat, the dark-haired lady again parked her perfect denim covered ass behind the wheel and drove away, this time driving for a few miles, staying in the park nevertheless, going over to the primitive camp area, hoping no one was using it now.

To her satisfaction, the place was empty as she pulled into the old gravel lot. After she cut the engine, all she heard was the chirping sound of birds, a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, in total contrast to the heinous act she just committed.

She lit up a cigarette and raised her ass, getting out of the car. Back by the trunk, the lady opened it, seeing that the guy was still knocked out. Placing the cigarette between her lips, Jane again put all her strength onto moving the guy, this time she pulled him out of the trunk, dragging the man a few feet away from the vehicle. As he laid there, Jane quickly stripped him, removing all his clothes, throwing the attire to the back seat of her car. Next, she grabbed the jumper cables and went back to the man, rolling him to his face, and finally securing his wrists behind his back with one end of the cable pair, using the other end to tie up his ankles, rolling him to his back when she was done.

Looking down at the naked and bounded man, Janes cunt started pulsating, she just had to do something with him before hes done in for good! Slowly, the sick bitch squatted before his waist and removed the white stick from her mouth. An evil smile on her face, Jane moved the cigaertes lit end down to the guys dick, pressing it to the organs head! Suddenly, his frame jerked. Moments later, his eyes went wide open and he let out a loud cry,Ahhhhhh..., no, what, what are you doing!

The cigarette back in her mouth, Jane took a drag and then replied,Fuck you..., fool, as you can didnt get away from did you?

OK...OK, please...lets talk!, answered the man, trying to work something out on his own behalf.

Im gonna do most of the talking here..., asshole!

Please, like I told you before...I wont tell anyone, please...just let me go!

The only place Ill let you go to is hell, jerk!

Cmon, its not right...please!

Get it up!


You heard...get it up!

But..., I, I hurt me!

You dont know what ‘hurt is...Ill show you some real ‘hurt if you dont do as youre told.

How can I think of sex in this head hurts like does my dick!

Grinning, Jane stood up and started opening her trousers, pulling both her pants and panties down below her knees! She turned around and then slowly lowered her butt, finally parking it right on his face, saying,There...hows that...Ive got the best ass in the world...dont you think?

The full weight of her frame rested on his head, the back of which was already pressed to the ground. Since it was already swollen from the previous impact with the iron bar, the increased pressure did nothing but increase his displeasure, hurting the guy more than ever. From under her butt, she heard his muffled noises, the man begging for mercy, trying to tell her to get up.

Sarcastic indignation in her voice now, Jane said,Whats wrong...dont you like my insult me...I wanna see an erection from you..., Im hurt by your lack of prides been wounded!

He continued to mumble away.

I said I wanna see a hard on...what the fucks wrong with you, you fuck!

Quickly, her sarcasm turned to anger as she suddenly stood up and pulled her pants and underwear back into place. Turning around, dark-haired Jane next stepped into his face, doing so with force!

No, please...dont!, cried the man.

Fucken piece of shit..., creep..., youre not gonna tell me Im not good fucken asshole, bastard!

Now she kicked him in the side of his head, the black leather boots toe striking his temple at least ten times, causing blood to emerge!

Cmon..., no, please..., why?

Because..., you make me sick..., fucken shit head!

Despite his extreme fear of her, he found the courage to yell up at her,Youre sick all sick bitch!

Yea..., well..., how about this...thisll fix you for good!

She went back to the trunk of her car and retrieved the crow bar again. Turning it around, she held tight to the tapered end of the thing and returned to the guy, quickly bringing the thicker end of it down fast upon his chest!

Please..., maam..., please, no!:, cried her victim, having the wind knocked out of him.

You fuck...Ill kill you...fucken kill the life right of you!

Her attention directed toward his crotch now, Jane brought the iron stick down fast upon his balls, striking his nuts over and over!

No..., no..., youre hurting me!

No shit, asshole...thats kind of the idea...wouldnt you say so!

Jane gave him over fifty whacks with the thing, taking note of his facial expression as he slowly fell into some kind of semi-conscious delirium.

After tossing her cigarette to the ground, Jane began pounding away at his head with the deadly instrument, doing it again and again, eventually splitting his skull open! As parts of his brain oozed out, she knew by this time that the guy was dead. Out of breath, Jane dropped the bar to the side and lit up a fresh cigarette, finally shifting her weight to one side and just standing there for a while, staring down at her handy work.

On and on it went, the sick pulsations inside her pussy, egging her on for more action. As she continued to stand there and inhale smoke, she let herself absorb the dead mans image, his head all bashed in, his frightened eyes open and petrified. Looking down at his dick, everything was still intact despite the severe beating she dished out to his balls. She just continued to look down at him, realizing more and more that his dead frame was a turn on. Her twisted brain also working overtime, Jane got an idea, perhaps it would work; she decided to try it out.

After her cigarette burned itself most of the way down, the lady squatted before his immobilized body and removed the jumper cables, untying both his wrists and ankles. She left the cables momentarily at his side and went back to her car where the woman parked her ass behind the wheel and started the engine. With some extra care, Jane drove the car over to the dead man, finally parking its grill only three feet from the expired individual. The motor turned off now, the lady got out and opened the hood. Peering down into the engine well, she said to herself,OK..., lets fucken see...see if I can remember something from my highschool science classes.

Looking the stuff over, Jane recalled that theres supposed to be a huge power surge through the battery terminals when the cars engine is cranked by the starter. As a result, the young lady went over to the cables and took them up. The things in hand, she attached them to the battery and then ran the other end over to the corpse. For the next few moments, she did some thinking, trying to figure out the best way to do what she had in mind. At last, the foxy brunette squatted and clipped the cables positive lead to the head of his penis, attaching the negative lead to one of the fingers on his left hand.

A grin on her face, she mumbled to the air,All right...lets see if thisll work.

Back by her car, she stuck her right hand through the open window and turned the ignition, leaning over and looking down toward his naked body.

Yea..., yes..., all right, it fucken magic!

Before her eyes, his dead cock came to life! Its erectile tissue going to work, swelling his dick to its full six and a half inches!

She cut the engine and quickly darted over, removing the clips. Taking the now hard organ in her hand, she laughed, saying,Hey...he couldnt get it up when he was alive..., but I can have some fun it before this thing shrinks back to nothing again!

Wasting no time, the pervert quickly lowered her pants and panties. As fast as she could, Jane mounted his corpse, lowering her hairy crotch right down over his cock! A second later, his dick was swallowed by her pussy!

Oh yea..., yesssss, oh..., great!, yelled Jane, moving herself up and down, rubbing his shaft against her clit! She went faster and faster! Less than a minute later, it began to loose its stiffness. Frantically, she increased her pace, making sure shed get off before it became spongy again.

Her teeth clenched, she screamed,Cmon, cmon! Suddenly, Jane arched her head back and hollered up into the sky,Yesssss...!

The sick woman did it! She came all over his crotch! Exhausted, the brunette slowly raised herself, watching his cock finish imploding, the thing falling to the side, completely defeated and beaten by her tight and voracious cunt!

When her pulse was back to normal, Jane pulled up her clothes and took up the cable, taking it back to her car and throwing it to the rear seat. She returned to the corpse and dragged it into the nearby woods, pulling it at least twenty feet from the forest line. Realizing that the ground was soft, Jane started to dig a shallow grave for her victim, doing it with her bare hands. Twenty minutes later, Jane dropped him in and covered the naked guy with dirt. With her hands all filthy, the lady went back to her car and removed a rag from the trunk, wiping herself clean somewhat. After she tossed the rag back into the trunk, she closed the thing and then set her beautiful ass behind the wheel, firing up a fresh cigarette in the process. Slowly, she nodded her head and remarked,There..., thats perfect...think Ill try this again sometime..., its fun, sure beats playing with myself all the time!

The cigarette still in her mouth, she started the engine and drove off, returning home. On her way back to the apartment, she stopped along side the curb of some deserted side street and disposed of his clothes, throwing the stuff down a nearby sewer. Finished, she parked her butt back in the drivers seat and left, going back to her isolated existence, no one to keep her company except her own twisted thoughts.

The End

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