She has sex with a friend.

She has sex with a friend.


Hi gang,

For those of you that dont know us Tammy and I have been married for 30 plus years. Those years have been a wild ride from 6 months before we got married till now. We met at a restaurant she worked at and I delivered to daily. After we got married, we lived in Tampa Fl for 3 or 4 years then we moved to Lake City FL where we still live. Tammy has worked at banks and insurance companies for the most part and I ran our small trucking company.

Tammy was 4 11 and 100 pounds when we got married and she has stayed between 100 to 125 pounds for the most part.For most of our lives we enjoyed sex several times a week when I was home.Being a over the road truck driver I would be gone for weeks at a time. Not a great idea for a young couple with high sex drivers but we figured out a way to make it work for us.

We had been reading Hustler and several other small magazines with stores about sex similar to these almost from the day we meet. I had a subion to 4 monthlys that came in the mail to my place. I had forgotten some papers at the restaurant and Tammy said she could drop them off on her way home if I wanted. Well I said yes of course one less thing to add it my to do list but then I forgot to put the magazines away. When Tammy showed up, I just yelled come in, I then thanked her for bringing the papers I needed as we walked into the living room. Thats when she saw them and asked about them smiling at me. I turned a little red but explained about the stories in them and how they could be a big turn on reading the stories alone or with someone. How they could make you think about things that turn you on that you might not ever find out about otherwise. Tammy surprised me when she asked if she could borrow one or two of them to read later. We were not dating yet but that did make me start looking at her in a different light.

Back to this story, we both had read about couples that played around when separated by work in the magazines. We were not sure about the idea at first but it did turn us both on thinking aboutit. We had read about couples that made rules to play by so we started working on a set of rules we could agree on to keep our marriage alive. We agreed to try it out first when I was home so Tammy made a date with a friend that was moving out of town and I went to a motel near the house for the night. This gave Tammy the privacy of the house in case she wanted him to stay overnight. I did not know him or what he looked like just that she met him at work and he was hot she said.

She was going to meet him at a lounge near the house for drinks and dinner then she was going to take him home for a night of wild sex. The plan was for me to stay at the motel till the next morning when Tammy was going to come over to tell me all about.

About midnight I drove by the house and there was a second car in the driveway and the bedroom lights were on. My cock was rock hard all the way back to the motel thinking about what she was doing with him. Around 3am I needed to know if he indeed was staying the night so I drove by again. His car was still there and there was faint glow from the bedroom windows. I was surprised at how turned on I was just thinking about it. Back at the motel I fell asleep with a blindfold and a hard on sometime after 4.

Tammy had a key to the room so she woke me up at 9:30 with a big wet kiss somehow her mouth tasted different. She worked her way down to my cock when she swallowed me down as far as she could, I almost came. She could tell I was ready to cum so she stopped and slowly took off her clothes telling me about how he had done it last night. Then she laid next to me and told me all about her night and her friend.I laid there with my eyes closed behind the blindfold listening as she told me about the evening.

This is how she told me about the evening from start to finish.

I had told him the neighbors didnt know about this side of our lives and I want to keep it that way. So, when we got to the house, he parked behind me then walked to the front door next to me but not reaching for me. As we walked in the front door and closed it, he reached for me and pulled me to him kissing me his tongue and mine finding out about each other. He had one hand in my hair and one pulling me to him so I could feel his hard cock through his pants pushing into me. As I kissed him back, I reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants and started to unzip him to get to his cock with my hands. He jumped a little when I first touched his cock and I could not wait to have him in my mouth I broke our kiss and smiled at him as I slowly sank down in front of him. I was holding him in my hand and I slowly pulled him free of his pants I reached out with my tongue licked the cum of the head of his cock. He moaned pulling me closer to him we both wanted him all the way in my mouth I open my mouth and let him have his way.

He leaned back on the door pulling me all the way down on his cock and it felt so good honey deep in my throat. I pulled Johns hands over his head telling him to keep them there and I licked his nipples and played with them. I was so horny I wanted to jump on Johns cock but I knew he would cum at the first touch of my hands so I kept telling him about my evening.

As Derick started to push his cock in my mouth, I held his hips pulling him into me I wanted his cum in my mouth now so he could last longer in the bedroom later. My pussy was on fire I was leaking all over my panties squeezing my legs together to put pressure on my pussy lips. I wanted his cum so badly I started sucking him deeply in my mouth using my tongue around his head on my up strokes. He did not last long he was moaning and talking to me when he warned me, he was going to cum. I moaned yes and pulled him in even harder and I felt his cock swell and get rock hard I pushed that lovely cock down my throat as he started cuming. After 3 or 4 jets of cum I pulled my head back to get the rest of his cum in my mouth to taste. It was a little salty but sweet at the same time as I sucked him clean, I smile up at him and stood. He had a look hunger in his eyes as we started for the bedroom.

He loved the lighting you put in our bedroom dear the way it lights up the room softly he told me about it much later he wanted my body for himself at this point dear and I gave it to him dear. He stood me next to the head board of the bed so I could lean on it. You know dear the same way you do it to me love. He slowly striped off my clothes kissing every inch of flesh that was available as the clothes came off. I had on my black silk bra and panty set dear you know the ones you love honey. I will never be able to wear them again without thinking about that evening and Derick I hope you dont mind dear. When he took of my bra, he held my breasts and lick and sucked on them as he massaged them it felt so good dear.

He finely laid me down on the bed a good thing to I was having a hard time stand at this point. He slowly slides my panties down I knew he could see how much I wanted him and how wet my panties were. He knelt on the floor like you do honey but his tongue was very different dear by the time he had licked and bitten his way up both of my legs I was quivering with lust and ready to have my first orgasm. When he first touched my pussy with his tongue, I came it was an earth-shaking orgasm dear. He nicely licked around me letting me come down from the orgasm but keeping me going. Honey he was a master with his tongue and finding his way around my body.He gave me 2 more orgasms before he came up for air my pussy was so ready for his cock, I needed his cock inside of me pounding away at me driving me to new highest. Honey I was in love with his cock, not him dear but that cock of his.

Honey you know your nipples are hard as little rocks and your cock is leaking cum all over itself its running down the side of your cock dear. I would lick it of but I know you would cum if I brushed against it and I still have a lot more to tell you about sweetie.

As Derick stood up, he striped of the rest of his clothes and what a body he has honey hes not all muscles but not an ounce of fat either. I had him lay down on the bed so I could play with his body his cock was a little bit curved this way. Just looking at it I knew he would hit my g spot full forces but first I wanted to lick and suck his whole body. I worked my way over his body till I finely reached his nipples and when I sucked one of them into my mouth he groaned loudly and his cock twitched he liked that just like you do dear.

I lick my way down his chest till I reached that lovely cock he was not as thick as you dear but he was longer love. I moved over him with one leg my pussy inches from his cock and took his nipple in my mouth. I slowly moved down till his cock touched my pussy lips he laid still as I moved to get it just right and pushed down to take the first couple of inches inside me! I slowly settled down on him till I felt him stretching me as far as it would go it felt so good dear. I felt between us and there were still a couple inches to go. I worked my way up and down several times taking more each time. My pussy and womb want him deeper I started to pound on him with my need to finish this I wanted his cum deep inside me inside my womb if I could. My pussy hurt every time we met but it hurt so good love. As I started to cum, he told me he was cuming also I pounded as hard as I could finding room for him inside me. As I spasmed through my orgasm I could feel him I think inside my womb! All I know for sure is when he came, I felt it in places I had never felt before and it started to hurt like hell. I think it was my womb closing up around his cock and his semen in my womb. I laid down next to him as he held me my orgasm still flowing through my body, I held his cock as he softened.I got up and turned the lights down and got us a towel and pulled the sheet over us as we talked and napped till morning. We had sex again in the morning before he took a shower, I made him some coffee and just before he left, I gave him a blowjob this time I took all his cum in my mouth dear not down my throat. You may have tasted it when I first got here dear. LOL

As she finished telling me about her night of fun, she slowly swallowed my cock and I exploded as she got it down her throat. We talked some about our feelings and how much fun we had before we took a shower and she gave me a hand job in the shower. She was a little too sore for fucking, deep inside she told me I could not reach really sore spots anyway.

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