Shari's "Bang Cock" Story Pt. 01

Shari's "Bang Cock" Story Pt. 01

The year is 2105, and owning a synthetic robot replica of any human you wish is normal. Shari Haley, a human, is the former President of the United States. She is Pansexual, as is her love, Roxane Saibogu, the CEO of Robotica Incorporated.

Roxane is a "Robokopia," and a human replica married to the President of Robotica, Julian Hawthorne, who is also a Robokopia. All male and female Robokopias come with a sexual VESVA function in which you will find out later what function this performs.


After a Friday morning workout New Year's Day at the NIB's exclusive executive gym, a sweat-soaked Shari and Rox decided to take a shower and meet up at Shari's quarters for brunch and mimosas. It was a strange, cold, and snowy three day holiday weekend in Cuba, so Rox and Shari decided to stay in and take advantage of the next couple of days watching movies, having sex, and ordering some great food.

Julian, Rox's husband, had to work on a mind-boggling project with Ray, so they were both swamped with work at Robotica Incorporated. An hour after the workout, Rox entered the electronic lock code and biometric eye scanner to Shari's quarters.

The door opened as Sheri yelled from the bathroom for Rox to come inside. She told her to grab the pitcher of mimosas from the fridge. Rox was shocked to find five bottles of champagne and four gallons of orange juice as she pulled the cold pitcher out of the refrigerator and grabbed two glasses that were sitting on the counter.

Walking into the living area, Rox set the pitcher and glasses on a tray on the coffee table. She poured both glasses and instructed SIS to power on the Vidscreen. "Show the DVR recording list, SIS."

"Yes, Rox."

"Wow, Shari loves her foot porn, holy crap. What else is on here? SIS, scroll up," the screen scrolled up, and the viewing selection went from toe and foot sex to gangbangs of all kinds. "Damn, she also loves her gang bangs. I am going to have to go with her next time." Rox said, giggling to herself. "SIS, shut off Vidscreen.

Shari came from the bedroom, entering the living room in a very slinky mood. Her toes were covered with every color chrome toe ring one could desire. There were chains attached to her toe rings wrapped around her ankles and calves.

She was wearing a black G-string that was just a "string." Dental floss was thicker than this material. Her t-shirt was cut-off at the bottom of her perky breasts. It read "Don't Push On The Back Of My Head I Know What I Am Doing," in a white script font with wide-open red lips in the middle. She was holding a pair of black worn-out leather flat shoes. Rox knew what to do next.

Rox took them from her sniffing them, inhaling a massive whiff of the inside of each shoe. "Wow, these things smell fantastic! They are so pungent and nasty. Whose shoes were these?"

"They were mine when I used to sit at my desk in the Oval Office. Rox, you are smelling the President's toes, baby."

"Oh, fucking yum, that is so sexy. These are YOUR feet, you little White House slut! Wow, and they are wet already!" Rox exclaimed as she put both of the leather flats on, wigging her small toes in the damp and waterlogged shoes. She could feel the moisture between her toes soaking in already.

"Yes, I pre-wet them for you, so we don't have to keep taking them off today. We both wear the same size, so this relationship is going to be fucking fun."

"Nice, very nice!"

"My love, you look so fucking sexy today!"

"Thank you, baby, so do you! I just love the shirt by the way. That saying is hilarious." Rox was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke Jean shorts with the center cut so small it is just a strip of material, and "the strip" is sitting between her visible puffy pussy lips making the "perfect" camel toe appear.

A two-inch wide black tube top is barely covering her breasts and rock hard nipples. All of her tattoos are lit up, including a new one on her taint. She said she would wait until later to show it to Shari, but Julian had a hell of a time installing it correctly.

"One of my fantasies is doing a European chick. You know, covered in long sweaty hair." Shari told her pouring another mimosa in both of their glasses.

"How much hair, and how far do you want to take this?" Rox asked, sipping her drink. "Damn, this tastes so good.

"Well, let me see, hmm? Long smelly armpit hair, a full retro bush, and leg hair about an inch long."

"What color?"


"What color hair? What is your favorite color?"

"Hmm, I like deep blue's almost bordering on purple."

"Close your eyes," Rox told her.

"Seriously, why?"

"Just do it!" Rox told her, smirking.

"Okay," Shari closed her eyes, covering her face with her hands.

"Now, if I do this for you, do you promise to tell me your glamping story before we do anything else?"

"YES! I promise, I promise!" Shari shouted, all excited by this point.

"Okay, open your eyes, baby!"

Shari peeked first through her fingers and then screamed, jumping up and down on the couch. "Holy crap! Wow, that is incredible!" Rox had her arms, fingers locked, behind her head. Her armpit hair was a fantastical deep cobalt blue, and it was at least four inches long. The hair on her head matched the color of her armpits.

The inch-long hair that grew on her legs was also deep blue. But what caught Shari's eyes most of all was her pubic hair, which resembled a 70s porno shoot. The beautiful blue pubic hair shot out from both sides of her camel toe, covering up her pussy lips, and the jean strip running down the middle. Shari stepped back to admire Rox with a mimosa in her hand. Looking her up and down, she asked, "Can I touch it?"

"Sure, go right ahead," Rox said, chuckling at Shari's amazement and wonder.

Shari sat next to Rox, running her hand up and down her toned leg, back and forth, feeling the long strands of hair customarily found on a hairy male from the Mediterranean. Shari ran her fingers through her armpit hair, stroking it, sniffing it. "Damn, it smells wonderful! It's as if you were working out for three days and never showered yum." Shari closed her eyes, inhaling Rox's musky sweaty armpit scent.

Next, Shari put her fingers on Rox's pubic hair, teasing it, pulling on it, and admiring it. "That, my love, is sooo fucking amazing. Does it go all the way up?"

"You will have to wait to find out my dear," Rox told her holding her empty glass out in front of her.

Shari was drooling as she filled Rox's glass, handing it back to her. "I have a question before I begin this story."

"Yes, my dear, what is it?"

"So, you can do that and change your body and stuff, which is fucking amazing. Can you do other things, like changing your voice?"

"Absolutely! What do you want me to sound like?"

Shari put her finger up to her lips, thinking. "I love British chicks, obviously, from the tabloid's account of the damn incident; I was the master of Miss. Williams. It was hardly a fair account coming from the Prime Minister's daughter. However, I know they made her say all of that shit. Anyway, I also love Australian chicks, which I might add, I have never done. Can you do that?"

"Well, Madame President, I think we should have a few drinks so we can get to know each other more properly," came out of Rox's lips in the perfect Australian accent.

"OH fuck, I am in sooo much trouble," Shari told her, laughing. "This is incredible!"

"If you want me to get nasty, just let me know. I love this voice myself." Rox told her in a thick and slow Scottish accent.

"HOLY fuck, that is so fucking sexy! Oh my God, we are in so much trouble!"

Rox giggled at her, wiggling her toes inside of the shoes. She crossed her legs, which were upon the coffee table. Shari made sure to keep an eye on those feet at all times.

"Hello, you two gorgeous sex queens; I have an incoming call from Julian. Should I put it on the Vidscreen?" SIS asked.

"Yes, please, SIS," Shari told her.

Julian's handsome face showed up on the huge Vidscreen hanging on the brick wall across from the couch. "How are my two lover girls doing?"

"We are good, baby," Rox replied.

"We are about to be even better, my love," Shari told him, "Do you want to come by and play?"

"I wish I could, babes, but I have got to finish this new coding machine, Ray, and I are working on for the new Robotica building. By the way, you both look so very slutty." he whispered into the screen, "Oh, and thank you for the other night! Holy shit, that one was in my top three, babes!"

"NO, thank you! You fucking stud." they both said at once, smiling wide.

"We wish you were here, but we will make sure you get the entire recording," Shari told him, smirking.

"I had better, or two girls are going to get spanked,"

"Ohh, well, we would not want THAT to happen," Rox told him, giggling.

"Have fun, have plenty of orgasms, and holy fuck babe, I love the new hair color! Make sure it stays on you for a while. Let the "love" begin SIS! Record this entire pussy fest from every angle."

"Yes, Julian."

"Bye, babe!" They both threw him a kiss. He puckered and kissed them back. He wrote, "I love Shari and Rox" on the screen with an erasable stylus. A red heart surrounded the words. "Aww," they both said as he waved goodbye to them.

"He is such a sweetheart," Shari said as Rox smiled.

"Yes, he is. Now, I would like a refill and a slutty story, my dear!" Rox said, holding up her glass again.

"Yes, ma'am!" Shari said, chuckling as she filled up their glasses and sat on the couch facing Rox. Laying her feet in Rox's lap, she began her infamous "Glamping Story," only heard up to now by the people who were there that weekend. "Okay, it was June 28th. It will always be June 28th in my head when June rolls around. Leading up to that day, I get wetter and wetter by the week before, making sure to never cum, but I can edge and tease myself, but I never orgasm. It just makes that day sooo much better. You know what I mean."

"Yep, I sure do."

"So the days leading up to the 28th, I am always working out and never watch a Vidscreen show. I wear myself out until I drop, exhausted, and not able to "go down south." The night before, I was so excited, probably more excited than the first time.

I am not sure why. Maybe now it was like more like a date than an impromptu gangbang. I took several sets of clothes with me and dressed down casually in a t-shirt and jeans for the ride. I wanted to slow down and take my time, enjoy some liquor, and talk, instead of just getting right to it. The drive was four hours to the Spruce Mountains in West Virginia, almost 5,000 feet up to the top!"

"The view was incredible, and the air was so clean and crisp, unlike Washington, D.C. Greg had downloaded directions to my Cruiser, so I let her do all of the work while I enjoyed the view. When we pulled up to the lot, Greg was standing there with Randy talking. A Cruiser-Van was just leaving the lot as I pulled in. The side of it read "Two Guys Construction Company." Randy and Greg smiled at me and waved. I got out and hugged them, and they carried my bags to my loft inside of the massive "Glamping House" that Greg had rented."

"The size of this place was unbelievable, and they told me it was for wedding parties, receptions, and reunions. There were other campers around the area, but they would not be bothering us."

"So, let me see if I have this straight, the married guy was Randy, and the guy who rented the chalet, the millionaire, is Greg?" Rox said, handing her empty glass to Shari. Rox was subconsciously rubbing Shari's toes, putting her fingers between them, gently spreading them apart. Shari just let it happen, never saying a word.

"Yes, that is correct. The beautiful guy with the muscles and blue eyes, Mr. Thong, is Steve; the bus driver is Sam, and the "other" rich guy that I did not even know about until this little second get together, is Rodney. But for all intense and purposes, and for reasons you will find out later, I called him "Rod" with a capital "R," baby!"

They both giggled like two schoolgirls who had just seen their first naked guy. Shari handed a full glass of mimosa back to Rox, filling up her glass as well.

"The fireplace in this "chalet" as you put it, was enormous and the chimney was grey stone as were the rest of the walls that went up to an "A" style roof. This place was a dream cabin. If I ever had a home built, this would be it.

In front of the fireplace was a beige pit group couch, two matching recliners, and a fucking massive tree trunk coffee table like the one in the NIB Director's office only five times bigger. I started thinking about how that coffee table was going to get abused at some point in time."

They both began giggling again. This time Shari told Rox how good it felt to have her toes played with and rubbed. Rox said the pleasure was all hers.

...the "Glamping Bang-Cock Club" Chalet - Friday Afternoon...

"Greg asked me what my poison was, and I told him "single malt scotch and two ice cubes." He and Randy laughed at me, telling me that I was moving up in the world. I told them that "I enjoy all of the finer things in life" as Randy, with a drink in his hand, sitting next to me on the couch, took my hand and kissed it.

I kissed his hand back and told them that I had missed them since the "bus" day. They said," missed you as well, Greg handed me my drink, and sat in a recliner and leaned back, sipping scotch

"Damn, this scotch is fucking good," I told Greg, "thank you very much. This is all too much for a little old college girl like me."

"Nonsense!" Greg replied, "After you gave all of yourself to us last year, it was the least I could do. I mean look at me, I am not married, I am forty-four, I don't have kids, and I make more money in a year than Warren Buffet. What else am I going to do but entertain one of the gorgeous creatures on the planet?"

He held his glass up in the air. "To Shari, may the wind always be at your back, and the future be pleasant and bright!"

The three of them saluted and drank a sip.

"Well, thank you very much, Greg. That is very kind and thoughtful of you. How is that I have never heard of you? I am a second-year law student in a very prestigious college, yet I have never heard of you?"

"I like to stay very low on the radar, my dear. I own many companies under other names as well as overseas accounts. I don't need the assholes barking at my door, especially the media."

"I understand very well; my father was the same way. Thank you for the wonderful sonnet, by the way."

"You, my dear, are very welcome. Now, I have a question for you two because I want to know if I am the only one who is crazy here." Greg said.

"Shoot," Shari said.

"Am I the only one who stopped cumming in June looking forward to this?"

Shari and Randy both smiled, sh

aking their heads at that question.

"Nope me too," Greg said.

"Guilty as charged!" Shari raised her hand in the air as a knock came from the door.

The three of them laughed as Greg got up to let Steve, Rodney, and Sam inside.

Shari leaned over and asked Randy, "How do you not fuck your wife during the entire month of June?"

"I do; however, I pull out and make sure to fake it. We do a lot of screwing in the dark in June."

Shari burst out laughing as she rose off the couch, hugging Steve, Sam, and Rodney tightly. "I am so glad to see you guys!"

"You too, baby, we missed you," Rodney told her, smiling.

"I missed you too, really bad," Sam told her.

"Let me look at you," Steve told her, looking her up and down, holding onto her arms with his massive guns. Oh, fuck, he is still so fucking hot. My pussy is beginning to quiver. I can feel it. They kissed, and Shari told him he looked excellent. She sat back down on the couch. Steve sat down next to her, and she could not help but notice the massive bulge in his jeans.

"You guys are so sweet!" Shari said as she sat back down on the couch. Now, Steve was on her right, and Rodney was on her left, "Look, I am surrounded by two studs!" Steve took her hand in his and kissed it. She kissed him on the lips unexpectedly to both of them.

"Sorry about that, oops!" Shari said, wiping her lips, staring into Steve's deep blue eyes.

"Okay, now people, let's settle down until we've had a few drinks, and discussed how this place works," Greg said as Shari saluted him as a cadet in training would. All six of them busted out laughing. "To get us started, I would like everyone to tell us who they are and what you do for a living."