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Once upon a time there was a horny girl. Her only desire was to massage a man and give him the pleasure he deserves. Every night she dreamed of a man coming to her and telling her that he needed a massage.

So, one day she made it her mission to find someone she could massage. She went out to bars, clubs, and anywhere else a man might be. She looked for someone she could trust and who could appreciate what she offered.

Finally, one night she found her man. His muscles were tight and there was instant chemistry between them. She knew this was what she was looking for.

He was willing to let her massage him and she began her work with great enthusiasm. She kneaded and caressed every muscle and he felt himself melting away into bliss. His body was so relaxed and he could feel his stress disappear.

The massage was complete and he thanked her with a passionate kiss. He told her he had never felt more relaxed or sexier in his life.

She smiled knowingly, proud of the erotic pleasure she had given him and knowing that she had fulfilled her dream.

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